Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa Explained – Work From Bermuda

Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa Explained – Work From Bermuda

Unlike a lot of Caribbean nations, is not too dependent on tourism, with it only making 28% of its GDP. Even though here the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt and the Bermuda government felt the need to create a Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa to counter the loss in tourism revenues with long-stay freelancers and remote workers. The visa is called the Work From Bermuda Certificate.

Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean 1035 km away from the coast of the United States. It consists of 181 islands whereby the major islands are connected via bridges. The English speaking nation has a population of 71,000 Bermudians. Bermuda has a subtropical climate with mild winters and summers.

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What Are the Requirements For the Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

You need surprisingly little to apply for the Work From Bermuda Certificate. You can apply online and it will take you less than 15 minutes. The official website is:

  1. Proof of employment or for students proof of enrollment in Research, Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctorate Programme.
  2. A colour scan of the bio-page of your passport. Plus passport validity for the duration of stay.
  3. Colour scan of visa – United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union do not require a visa to enter Bermuda.
  4. All documentation should be in English.
  5. Have valid health insurance with coverage for Bermuda.
  6. Have no convictions of crime in Bermuda or elsewhere.
  7. Have substantial means or a good continuous source of annual income.

All applications are individual. If you apply for a family you need one application for each dependent. All applications for a family need to be logged on the same day.

What are The Income Requirements For The Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

There are no minimum income requirements for Bermuda. But be aware this is the most expensive country in the world so you will need a good income to support yourself. You will need to show some proof. Check out Numbeo to get a feel of the cost of living. A kilo of apples is about US$10 and a bottle of mid-range wine is US$23.50

What Are the Covid-19 regulations with Regards to Bermuda?

All visitors 18 years or older to Bermuda must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. You must purchase a Bermuda Travel Authorisation. You will also need to show the result of an Antigen test or PCR test.

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What Are the Fees for The Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

There is only an application fee which is only $263 and is non-refundable.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

The turnaround time is five business days. If approved you will have your residential certificate sent to you via email. After that, you will land in Bermuda as a resident and not as a tourist.

How Long Can I Stay With The Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

You can stay a maximum of 12 months on the Work From Bermuda Certificate. The 12-month time period starts at the moment the certificate is issued.

It is renewable but on a case by case basis and will require you to submit a new application.

Are There Any Tax Benefits with the Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa?

You will be no or other taxes in Bermuda during your stay under the Work From Bermuda Certificate. You will get a $200 customs allowance per person, per trip.

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What is Life Like As A Digital Nomad In Dominica?

Bermuda's Internet is connected via three subsea cable systems and the country has fibre to home which allows for internet speeds of 500 Mbps. Also, the 4G services have 99.8% coverage on the island so there is no need for spotty Internet connectivity. But this being Bermuda it will come at a price. A 150 Mbps Internet home connection cost $130 per month.

There are a total of three coworking spaces in Bermuda and they can all be found around the City of Hamilton. Check out here for the full list.

There is plenty to do in Bermuda not to get bored on your 12-month stint on the island. From exploring amazing beaches to rock climbing to watching the humpback whales. It is a major destination for sailing, Bermuda held the America's cup final in 2017. Culture wise you can explore the 400-year-old British colonial and maritime heritage.

Food-wise a lot of it revolves around fish, the codfish breakfast, fish chowder, Bermuda Fish cake, and the famous fish sandwich. Or you can try the non-fish specialities like Hoppin' John or the black rum cakes.

National Museum of Bermuda - Royal Navy Dockyards

National Museum of Bermuda – Royal Navy Dockyards

Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa

Other Caribbean Islands with Digital Nomad Visas

Bermuda is not alone with a Digital Nomad visa. It all started with  and a few other islands followed quickly with their Digital Nomad visas. Most Caribbean islands are heavily dependent on tourism and saw a new niche market appear of offering Digital Nomads extended long term visas and the possibility to do work remotely.

These are the other Caribbean destinations offering remote work visas:

Some other nearby countries with Digital Nomad Visas that offer long stay beach access to the Caribbean Sea are:

Alternative Tropical Islands With Digital Nomad Visas

If you fancy tropical island life there are a few alternatives not in the Caribbean that offer a Digital Nomad Visa:

Nomad Girl has created an extensive list of Digital Nomad visas that is updated regularly.

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