What initially started as a single person blog back in 2014 recording travel adventures in Asia and Europe inspiring others to do so, has over the years turned into a multiple writers blog full of inspiring Nomad Girls.

Our writers are seasoned travellers and most work as digital nomads which allows them to work whilst travelling or experiencing a long term stay in a country or city.

Nomad Travellers


Nomad travellers love to go from county to country, some take a gap year before joining university and some others start later in life by taking a sabbatical period within their jobs. You have saved money to fulfil your travel dreams or in other cases, you will take jobs at the many destinations you visit.

Nomad Girl inspires you with travel-related content from our destination reports, travel tips and what to pack and bring on your long term trips. Nomad Girl also has guides on jobs that you can take abroad to fund your travels.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomad working on beach

With the spread of Wifi in cafes and restaurants and the many coworking spaces around the world, it has become easier to do remote work whilst travelling. For some becoming a digital nomad is a way to get travel funds and for others, work comes first and destinations can be explored after work, at weekends or on work breaks.

Nomad Girl shows you how you can become a digital nomad, and the challenges and rewards that come with being one. Last but not least there are the many digital nomad destinations around the world that want you to come and be experienced.

Enterprising Digital Nomad

Enterprising digital nomad

This type of digital nomad wants to build his/her/them enterprise and uses the destination for inspiration, like-minded people, bootstrapping, low-cost setup (living & taxation), and developers/workforce to get business off the ground. Some others already have established businesses and try to incorporate working from multiple destinations.

Nomad Girl has interesting content to inspire digital nomads to go onto the enterprising digital nomad route. How to earn more, how to run your business, where to base yourself, where to incorporate etc.

Nomad Families

Nomad families

Nomad travellers can’t seem to shake the travel bug and once children come along they want to continue or go back into travelling. Others later in life decide to travel and take a year or a few years out on the road with their families.

Nomad Girl helps you with content regarding homeschooling, online schooling and world schooling and the challenges and rewards of nomad families.

Nomadism is Evolving

With the Corona Pandemic working from home has become much more acceptable and some companies now do allow their employees to work remotely in other countries. This has opened up the door to a much larger and wealthier pool of people that can now experience the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. Lots of countries now seem to target this new type of digital nomads with the creation of Digital Nomad Visas.

Nomad Girl gives you the most up to date information regarding these new types of digital nomad visas.


Tracey – Enterprising Digital Nomad