Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa Explained – NDR Visa

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa Explained – NDR Visa

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth dual island nation with two namesake islands and a few smaller ones. It is located north of Guadeloupe not far from and St Kitts & Nevis. This English speaking county has a population of 97,000 of which 94,000 live in Antigua and around 3,000 in Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda was quick to capitalise on the Digital Nomad visas when it created the Antigua Nomad Digital Residence Visa also known as NDR visa.

The country is highly dependent on tourism which contributes almost 80% of GDP. With the rise of Working from Home and the demise is tourism revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital nomad visa is seen as a new source of revenue.

Antigua Digital Nomad Visa - tropical island

What Are the Requirements For the Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

The application process can be done online through the official website:

  • Passport photo of each applicant
  • Full colour copy of passport bio-page for all applicants. Passport must be valid for 2 more years.
  • Birth certificate of applicant and dependents.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage of applicants for the period of intended stay.
  • Police clearance for each applicant (and dependents) over the age of 16.
  • Notarized letter of relationship (for non-married partners), proof of guardianship of dependent.
  • Proof of employment or self-employment
  • Proof of Funds
  • Proof of payment of application (all payments are non-refundable)

What are The Income Requirements For The Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

You need to sign a declaration that you have an expected income for the main applicant of no less than USD 50,000 per year. This is for each of the 2 years in Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua Digital Nomad Visa

What Are the Covid-19 regulations with Regards to Antigua and Barbuda?

Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This requirement does not apply to minors below the age of 18. Also for all travellers, a PCR test is needed. For full information check this official website:

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa beach

What Are the Fees for The Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

There are no separate application fees and visa fees with the NDR Visa. You pay the amount stated below via credit card.

  • $1,500 for an individual application
  • $2,000 for a couple
  • $3,000 for a family of three or more

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa - tropical island

How Long Will It Take to Get the Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

Once you filled out the application, approval will take about 14 days. Once approved you pay the non-refundable fee for the NDR visa via credit card. Afterwards, you will have to email the credit card receipt to a special email address.

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa application

How Long Can I Stay With The Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

THE NDR Visa is valid for two years from the date of arrival in Antigua and Barbuda. It is not known if the NDR visa can be renewed.

Are There Any Tax Benefits with the Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa?

There is no income tax payable in Antigua & Barbuda for successful applicants and dependents of the NDR visa. There are also no other taxes to be paid in Antigua & Barbuda.

You are expected to keep on paying income tax in your place of residence.

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa beach

What is Life Like As a Digital Nomad In Antigua and Barbuda?

When it comes to Internet connectivity the average speeds for fixed broadband in Antigua and Barbuda are around 24 Mbps according to Speedtest.

There are an insane amount of beaches, and all of them have pink or white sand. In Antigua alone, there are 365 beaches so you can enjoy each one of them for 2 days on your NDR visa.

The sister island Barbuda is surrounded by protective reefs and has a large lagoon and Frigate Bird sanctuary. It is only a 15-minute flight or two-hour ferry ride away from Antigua.

The Islands are great if you are into activities, you can explore the rainforest, swim with stingrays, bike, kayak, dive, snorkel, sail and fish. On land, you can hike, horseback ride, bird watch and do island safaris.

An event not to miss is the two-day Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival. You can treat yourself to the best mango treats like jams, pepper sauces, smoothies, pastries, wines, ice-creams, scented candles and soaps.

Located in Saint Paul Parish and surrounded by yachts there is the Unesco World Heritage Nelson's Dockyard.

Nelson's Dockyard

Other Caribbean Islands with Digital Nomad Visas

Antigua & Barbuda are not alone with a . It all started with  and a few other islands followed quickly with their Digital Nomad visas. Most Caribbean islands are heavily dependent on tourism and saw a new niche market appear of offering Digital Nomads extended long term visas and the possibility to do work remotely.

These are the other Caribbean destinations offering remote work visas:

Some other nearby countries with Digital Nomad Visas that offer long stay beach access to the Caribbean Sea are:

Alternative Tropical Islands With Digital Nomad Visas

If you fancy tropical island life there are a few alternatives not in the Caribbean that offer a Digital Nomad Visa:

Nomad Girl has created an extensive list of Digital Nomad visas that is updated regularly.

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