Malta Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements, Processes and FAQs

Malta Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements, Processes and FAQs

If you're a digital nomad looking to move to Malta, you might be interested to learn more about the  digital nomad visa. With this visa, you'd be able to live in Malta as a , stay and remote work for up to a year.

Malta is a small island nation in southern Europe, famous for its warm climate and idyllic sandy beaches. The southern European country also boasts spectacular landscapes, ideal for outdoor activities like , cycling, and rock climbing. Thus, it's not surprising that Malta is becoming a popular hub for digital nomads in Europe.

To lure more nomads into the country, Residency Malta Agency has recently launched the Malta , which they call the Malta Nomad Residence Permit. It allows remote workers to move to Malta and live there for a year.

Of course, like any visa, you must fulfil some requirements and meet the eligibility to be qualified for the Malta digital nomad visa. If you're interested, here's everything you need to know about it.

About the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Introduced in June 2021, the visa allows individuals working remotely using telecommunications technologies to enter and stay in Malta for a year while keeping their current employment, even if the company is from another country. If you've got a work contract that lets you work remotely, you might be qualified for the Malta digital nomad visa.

Once your digital nomad visa is approved, you will be issued the nomad residence permit valid for one year. But if you only plan to stay in Malta for less than a year, you will be given a National Visa that will allow you to stay in the country for 91 to180 days, depending on your purpose of visit.

The Malta Digital Nomad Visa is for non-EU citizens because as an EU (European Union) / EEA (European Economic Area) citizen you have the right to stay and work in Malta anyway.

What Are the Requirements and Qualifications for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

Below is a list of requirements and qualifications to be approved for the nomad residence permit in Malta.

  • Third-country national
  • Is working for a company registered in a foreign country.
  • Must present a work contract.
  • Earn a monthly income of €2,700 and above.
  • Is a partner or shareholder of a company registered in a country outside Malta.
  • Provide freelance services to clients who are permanently established in a foreign country and with whom you have a work contract.
  • Possess a valid travel document.
  • Have to cover medical expenses in Malta.
  • Can provide a rental or purchase agreement.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Nomad Residence Permit

Applying for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

If you are interested in the Malta digital nomad visa, the first step is to send your application to the Residency Malta Agency. Make sure you attach the required documents to your application. Also, you need to specify the duration of your stay. You need to inform them if you want to stay in the country for 91-180 days or 181-365 days.

If you stay in Malta for up to 180 days, they will give you a National Visa. But if you want to live there for a year, you will receive the Nomad Residence Permit if your application is approved.

Step by Step Process of Applying for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Malta digital nomad visa is quick and easy, as long as you have all the required documents. It should take up to 30 days for the permits to be processed.

  1. Fill out the forms – you need to fill out two forms, the Visa Application Form (N1) and General Data Protection Form (N4). It should be typewritten and don't forget to attach your signature.
  1. Prepare a letter of intent – you need to write a letter of intent to go with your application. Explain the reason why you are moving to Malta and why you are applying for the Malta digital nomad visa.
  1. Prepare the following documents
  • Copy of your passport, including the blank pages.
  • If you work for a company, you must submit a copy of the employment contract and tax documentation showing your obligation to the company and proving that you can perform your tasks remotely.
  • If you own a company, provide a copy of the certificate of incorporation, articles of association, memorandum, share register, and register of directors.
  • Europass CV
  • Bank statement showing your source of income for the past three months.
  • Lease or Purchase Agreement in Malta – if you're not yet living in Malta, you can submit this once your application is approved.
  • International health insurance policy – if you are not yet living in Malta, you can submit the insurance after you receive your permit.
  • Health declaration – sign a health declaration that states you will pay for any medical expenses not covered by the health insurance policy.
  • Marriage certificate – if you are moving to Malta with your spouse, you must include a copy of your marriage certificate. The marriage certificate has to be apostilled.
  • If you bring some family members, submit a copy of their birth certificates. These must also be apostilled and legalized, if necessary.
  • If you include a dependent over 18 years old in your application, you must attach an affidavit of dependency.
  • Award of guardianship or custody, if applicable.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Nomad Residence Permit

Family Inclusion

Malta allows applicants for the Nomad Residence Permit to include dependent family members. You can include your spouse and minor children in the application. You will need to fill out form N2. If you have adult children who have medical conditions and depend on you economically, they can also be eligible.

It's also worth noting that Malta recognizes same-sex marriages. So, if you have a same-sex spouse, you can include them in your application for the Malta digital nomad visa.

Living as a Digital Nomad in Malta

There are many good reasons to consider Malta if you are a digital nomad looking to move to another country. The island nation has spectacular landscapes, including bright blue beaches where you can relax after working for the day. Outdoor activities are abundant – from hiking to cycling and rock climbing. So, if you're outdoorsy, you will love living in Malta as a digital nomad.

Visit the beautiful old sandstone capital of Valletta with its many wooden balconies, and eat freshly caught fish at the fishing village of Marsaxlokk with its many colourful boats. Then there is the mediaeval village of Mdina, Malta's capital in the mediaeval period. The Mediterranean archipelago of Malta consists of 3 islands and if you are after some peace and quiet then go to the island of Gozo or the uninhabited island of Comino with its famous blue lagoon.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Nomad Residence Permit

Compared to many other European countries, Malta offers a considerably low cost of living. The cost of living for digital nomads in Malta is $3,219 per month, and you can rent a studio in the city centre for an average of $692 per month. These prices are in Sliema which is where the hustle and bustle of Malta is. You will find a lot cheaper accommodation in quieter parts of Malta and Gozo.

The weather is another great reason why many ex-pats are moving to Malta. The country enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, strongly influenced by the sea. Summers can get very hot and dry, with the sun shining up to 12 hours each day. Winter in Malta is not as harsh as the other countries in Europe. While and freeze during winter, Malta remains mild with occasional cold winds.

Getting around Malta is easy, another reason you will love living as a digital nomad in the country. Malta is a member of the Schengen countries, so there are no border controls between other countries as part of this treaty.

The stunning Italian island of Sicily is only 93 km away. In fact, you can travel to Italy on a ferry, which should take only about 90 minutes. Many European cities are only an hour away by plane, allowing you to travel within Europe with ease.

Since Malta is a small island home to only half a million, transportation options can be limited. While there are no railway lines, buses are cheap, and the bus network spans many routes, with some taking you to the country's top attractions and beautiful beaches. When living as a digital nomad in Malta, your best bet is to rent a car or scooter, which is a more convenient way to get around the country.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Nomad Residence Permit

The ease of communication is also a bonus when living in Malta as a digital nomad since English is spoken widely in the country. As more and more digital nomads are moving to Malta over the past few years, there is an increasing number of coworking spaces in the country, where you can take up some work and meet with fellow digital nomads.

While the coffee culture is not huge in Malta, you will find great cafes to take up work, eat pastizzi and jump on free Wi-Fi Internet access. Malta has a decent Internet speed, so you will not have any problems working remotely in the country. The mobile network is quickly adopting 5G internet speeds.

Malta is popular among expats from around the world, and the digital nomad scene in the country is growing. You will find meetup groups online, such as Expats Malta. If you are approved for the Malta digital nomad visa that allows you to stay in the country longer, Internations would be a great option to connect with other ex-pats and join some ex-pat events.

What are you waiting for it is time to enjoy the Mediterranean island lifestyle.

FAQs on the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

The application fee for the Malta digital nomad visa is €300. If you plan to add dependent family members to your application, you will pay €300 for each member.

Does a Malta Digital Nomad Visa holder need to register his/her employment?

You will only be required to register your employment if you are offering services to a company in Malta or working for a company based in the country.

Can Applicants for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa Include their Dependent family members?

Yes, the Residency Malta Agency allows applicants to include dependent family members, but make sure you provide the required documents.

Does Malta Have a Good Internet Speed?

Yes, high-speed Internet is available all over the country, with average speeds of 169 Mbps for fixed internet and 84.29 Mbps for Mobile Internet.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa - Nomad Residence Permit

Malta one of Europe's Many Digital Nomad Visas

Malta is not the only country with a digital nomad visa in Europe, countries like , , Italy, and are all offering digital nomad visas. Check out the full list here.

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