Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements and Process

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements and Process

In April of 2021, the visa was launched as part of the Workation Retreat Program of Seychelles. Employees and self-employed individuals who can work or do business remotely can apply for this visa.

Seychelles is slowly gaining popularity in the digital nomad world. Located off East Africa, surrounded by the stunning waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is home to gorgeous white sand beaches with rich flora and fauna, making it a haven for digital nomads who are nature lovers.

Digital nomads looking to live on a tropical island with easy access to the beach should consider applying for the Seychelles . The visa allows digital nomads to live up to a year in Seychelles while working remotely. That should give them enough time to soak up everything the archipelagic country has to offer.

If you find Seychelles an attractive place to live, here's what you need to know about the Seychelles digital nomad visa.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

About the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

The Seychelles digital nomad visa will allow digital nomads to live in the country for one year as part of the country's Workation Retreat Program. It is open to employed individuals and freelancers who can work remotely and self-employed visitors who own a business outside Seychelles. The Seychelles digital nomad visa gives you the privilege to live in the country for up to a year while working remotely.

When your application for the Seychelles digital nomad visa is approved, you will be issued a workation permit, which will serve as a temporary residence permit, allowing you to live in the country temporarily.

One of the benefits of living as a digital nomad in Seychelles is tax exemption. You will not be required to pay personal income, local income, or business tax while living in the country as a digital nomad. In addition, you are not obliged to pay tax and customs duties on personal effects or work equipment.

Applying for Seychelles digital nomad is pretty straightforward, as long as you meet the eligibility and have all the required documents.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility

Here are the eligibility requirements of the Seychelles digital nomad visa:

  • Self-employed individuals – if you are self-employed and run a company outside of Seychelles, you are qualified for the digital nomad visa.
  • Employed individuals – employed individuals and freelancers who can work remotely can apply for the Seychelles digital nomad visa.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

Documents to Submit When Applying for the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

If you are eligible to apply for the Seychelles digital nomad visa, the next step is to prepare the following documents as requirement for the application of the visa:

  • Valid passport – you need to submit your passport. Make sure it is valid for at least six months from your date of application.
  • Letter of self-employment or employment – for employed individuals, you must have a letter from your employer stating your employment with the company. Self-employed individuals have to submit recent bank statements. 
  • Certificate of good standing – employed and self-employed applicants must submit a certificate of good standing. 
  • Proof of income – applicants must show proof they are earning a regular income. It can come in the form of recent bank statements.
  • Proof of accommodation – applicants must submit proof of accommodation such as a lease agreement or hotel booking.
  • Onward ticket – you must submit an onward ticket to prove that you plan on leaving the country once your visa expires.
  • – you need to have health insurance to cover the medical expenses in case you will get hospitalized while living in Seychelles.
  • Negative PCR test certificate – as of October 2022, all travellers entering Seychelles will be required to submit a negative result for the Covid-19 PCR test. 

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

If you believe you are eligible for the Seychelles digital nomad visa and you have all the requirements mentioned above, it's time to apply for the visa. Here's how: 

  1. Send your application online – what's great about applying for the Seychelles digital nomad visa is that you can send your application online. You don't need to visit the embassy or consulate of Seychelles for this. Here's the link to the website for the application for the Visitors' Workation Permit. Send in your application at least 60 days before entering Seychelles.
  2. Apply for the Health Travel Authorization – once they validate your Visitors Workation Permit application, you must apply for the Health Travel Authorization (HTA), which is a requirement to enter the country.
  3. Pay for the application fee – next, you will have to pay for the application fees for the Visitors Workation Permit and Health Travel Authorization. The combined fees will cost you €45.
  4. Receive a unique THA document – once your application for the Seychelles digital nomad visa is approved, they will send you a THA document. The document contains information about the Seychelles Workcation Retreat program. It will also include your ID number and a colour code in amber.

Note – if you are from a country that requires a visa to enter Seychelles, you must first apply for a visa. Once you are in the country, that's when you can receive the Seychelles digital nomad visa.

Paying Taxes in Seychelles as a Digital Nomad Visa

Citizens of Seychelles are required to pay a personal . The rate will vary depending on the source of income, such as dividends, interest, pension, or labour. Those who earn up to SCR 8,555.5 per month will not pay any tax. However, those who earn SCR 8,555.5 to 10,000 per month will pay a 15% tax. Meanwhile, those earning SCR 10,000 to 83,000 per month will pay 20% and those earning over SCR 83,000 will pay 30%.

So, what about a digital nomad in Seychelles? The good news is that digital nomads living in Seychelles under the Workation Retreat Program will not pay any tax, whether personal income or business tax. In addition, digital nomads are exempt from paying customs duty and tax on work equipment.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

Living as a Digital Nomad in Seychelles

Anyone who has been to Seychelles will agree that it is, indeed, a paradise on Earth. The beaches of Seychelles are so beautiful, making them one of the world's best destinations for a beach holiday. Digital nomads who dream of living in a tropical paradise should take advantage of the Workation Retreat Program of Seychelles.

As a digital nomad in Seychelles, you will enjoy many privileges. Aside from being surrounded by stunning views, you can enjoy great weather. If you love to explore the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to hike through the lush jungles. The islands enjoy an average temperature of 27⁰C, and the weather is sunny and humid with the occasional rain showers. If you want to escape your country's cold weather, you should consider moving to Seychelles.

Most digital nomads in Seychelles live in , the country's capital city. The charming capital is home to many beautiful attractions giving you plenty of things to explore when you're on a break from work. You can explore the stunning National Botanical Gardens of Seychelles, visit Hindu temples, and wander around the narrow streets of Victoria, lined with beautiful, colonial buildings. If you feel like going to the beach to relax on the weekend, there are plenty of stunning beaches you can visit. The best ones are Anse Georgette beach on Praslin Island and Petite Anse on the southwest coast of Mahé.

Living in Victoria could cost you an average of $4,916 per month while renting a studio in the city center costs an average of $1,400 per month. While the cost of living may be a bit expensive, it's still cheaper compared to many major cities in Europe and the .

Digital nomads will not have difficulty connecting to the internet while working in Seychelles. The country was ranked first in Africa in terms of Internet speed. In Victoria, you will find many cafes offering free internet access and where you can work if you want a change of surroundings. What's more, if you work as an influencer or vlogger, you will have plenty of gorgeous sites to share with your followers. For writers and bloggers, you will find plenty of inspiration to write about in Seychelles. A post about Seychelles is sure to be read by many.

Adjusting to life in Seychelles should be easy for most foreigners since the locals are friendly and welcoming. Moreover, English is widely spoken, allowing you to easily interact with the locals and ask for help if needed.

Seychelles is generally safe for most tourists. The crime rate is low, although there are a few cases of petty theft. Traveling around the islands is safe since the roads are in good condition.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

FAQs on the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa?

When you apply for the Seychelles digital nomad visa, they will ask you to pay a one-time processing fee of €45.

How Long Will It Take to Process the Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa?

The processing time for the Seychelles digital nomad visa will vary, although it generally takes several weeks. To avoid delays, ensure your requirements are complete and that you provide the correct information on the visa application form.

How Long Can You Live in Seychelles Using the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Seychelles digital nomad visa will allow you to stay in the country as a digital nomad visa for one year, and you have the option to renew it for another six months or longer.

Seychelles Digital Nomad Visa

More Countries with digital nomad visas

Seychelles is one of the few countries in Africa offering a digital nomad visa, the others are Cape Verde, Mauritius and . Outside Africa there are a lot more countries with digital nomad visas check out the full list.

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