Canary Islands & Balearic Islands – The 7 Most Popular for Digital Nomads

Canary Islands & Balearic Islands – The 7 Most Popular for Digital Nomads

The Canary and are some of the most popular places for digital nomads to move to, especially those looking to enjoy the warm weather while working remotely. Living as a digital nomad in the Canary and Balearic Islands has many perks.

The Spanish archipelagos are among the sunniest areas in Europe and are home to stunning beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes. While some islands are a bit touristy, you'll find many tranquil places to experience a laid-back island lifestyle. In addition, the cost of living in both archipelagos is much cheaper than in mainland and other major European cities.

Aside from the gorgeous beaches, great weather, and affordability, the Canary and Balearic Islands are a haven for nature lovers, with many scenic trails taking you to stunning national parks.

If you're interested in moving to the Canary or Balearic Islands, here are some of the most popular islands for digital nomads.

Canary Islands for Digital Nomads

1. Gran Canaria

Canary Islands for Digital Nomads - Gran Canaria

Lying on the northwest coast of Africa, Gran Canaria is a fantastic place to live if you want to enjoy longer days of sunshine and mild winter weather. It's the third-largest island in the and is increasingly becoming a popular hub for digital nomads. As a digital nomad in Gran Canaria, you won't be far from many beautiful beaches. In fact, you can rent a beachfront villa, so you can walk to the beach while taking a break from work. Gran Canaria is also famous for its stunning natural attractions that you can explore on a hike.

The cost of living in Gran Canaria will depend on your lifestyle. However, it's still generally cheaper than many other places in Spain. You will find villas and apartments that are affordable to rent long-term. These accommodations have all the amenities you need as a digital nomad, including high-speed internet. And if you want to work outside of your apartment, you will find cafes offering free access to the internet. There are also co-working spaces with comfortable working desks and high-speed internet.

The best thing about living in Gran Canaria is you'll find plenty of fun things to do when you're not at work, allowing for a healthy work-life balance. You can visit beautiful beaches in Playa del Inglés, Puerto de Mogán, and San Agustín. Some beaches offer facilities for water sports, such as snorkelling and diving.

2. Tenerife

Canary Islands for Digital Nomads - Tenerife

Tenerife is another popular spot for digital nomads in the Canary Islands. As the largest island, it offers plenty of things for digital nomads to enjoy. The island attracts digital nomads for its sunny climate all year round and excellent coworking opportunities. Of course, it also has beautiful beaches that the Canary Islands are known for.

Most digital nomads in Tenerife are in Santa Cruz, the island's capital city and the largest city. It's a residential area, so you won't feel like you're on holiday despite the increasing number of tourists. What's great about living in Santa Cruz is you'll find plenty of accommodation options, from to . Some of these you can rent at low prices, especially for long-term stays. Another great thing about living in Santa Cruz is you'll find many coworking spaces where you can take up work and connect with other digital nomads.

While living in Tenerife as a digital nomad, you will find plenty of fun activities to enjoy during your free time. Aside from hanging out at the beach and enjoying water sports, you can stroll around the island's charming villages, such as Masca, Vilaflor, and Taganana. Tenerife has a bustling nightlife, especially in Santa Cruz, where you'll find the island's best bars and restaurants. These are the best places to chill out after a day of working.

3. Fuerteventura

Canary Islands for Digital Nomads - Tenerife

Fuerteventura is another ideal place to live for digital nomads in the Canary Islands. It has a warm climate and breathtaking landscapes – a true paradise for digital nomads. In addition, Fuerteventura has some of the Canary Island's most beautiful beaches, with most of them ideal for .

The resort town of Corralejo, which lies in the northern part of the island, is a popular hub for digital nomads. Here, you'll find excellent restaurants, cafes, and stunning beaches. In terms of nightlife, Corralejo offers fantastic bars and clubs to party to and enjoy a drink or two when your work is over.

With more and more digital nomads moving to Fuerteventura in the past few months, there's an increasing number of accommodations that cater to those who want to live longer on the island. Depending on your budget, you can stay at apartments, hostels, or villas.

Fuerteventura is a popular spot for surfing. For digital nomads who come here to surf, you should stay in the surfing town of El Cotillo, where you'll find some of the best surfing beaches in the Canary Islands. El Cotillo also offers plenty of accommodation options, such as beachside properties, where you can walk outside your apartment and jump right into the water if you feel like taking a break from work.

As the second largest island in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura offers plenty of fun attractions you can explore during your downtime. If you're into nature and wildlife, visit the Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura or the Parque Natural de Corralejo.

Balearic Islands for Digital Nomads

4. Mallorca

Balearic Islands for Digital Nomads - Mallorca

has long been a favourite holiday destination in the Balearic Islands. It's now becoming a popular hotspot for digital nomads looking to live and work in a stunning island paradise. Aside from its numerous beaches with crystal-clear waters, Mallorca offers an inviting mix of vibrant culture, history, cuisine, and nightlife.

Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca's capital city, is a popular base for digital nomads. Aside from the abundance of accommodations that cater to digital nomads, Palma has a lovely seafront promenade to enjoy a relaxing walk after work. It's also home to bohemian shops, cosy cafes, and numerous cultural and historical attractions.

There are many great things to love about being a digital nomad in Mallorca. The locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors. As a popular tourist destination, the locals in Mallorca are used to the presence of foreign visitors. Mallorca has a thriving digital nomad community, so you'll find plenty of opportunities to network and connect with fellow digital nomads.

As a digital nomad in Mallorca, you can live a simple life or indulge in luxury. If you're on a budget, you'll find many affordable accommodations to rent. But if you prefer something more luxurious, you can rent oceanfront villas with a private beach!

When you're not at your work desk, you'll find plenty of fun things to enjoy in Mallorca. Visit the 13th-century Santa María Cathedral and Bellver Castle. Explore the stone-built village of Pollenca and check out its museums and art galleries.

5. Ibiza

Balearic Islands for Digital Nomads - Ibiza

is the most famous island in the Balearic Islands, with a reputation for being the party island of Spain. While most digital nomads would come here for its vibrant nightlife, there's more to love in Ibiza while living there as a digital nomad.

Ibiza has gorgeous beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters, perfect for diving and snorkelling. When living as a digital nomad in Ibiza, you could spend most of your time at the beach. Aside from relaxing, you'll find plenty of water sports to enjoy. Some beaches are home to beach clubs and bars, where you can experience the island's iconic nightlife scene. Ibiza also boasts stunning natural scenery and charming villages that you can explore on a hike.

As a popular tourist destination, Ibiza is often full of tourists, especially during the summer season. Despite that, you'll find many quieter areas to stay in Ibiza if you prefer to enjoy more laidback island life. You can stay in Santa Eulalia, a small town on the island's eastern coast, famous for its idyllic beaches. Depending on your budget, you'll find villas and apartments to rent here for long-term stays.

You will find coworking spaces and cafes in Ibiza that offer comfortable working desks and fast internet, perfect for catching up on work outside your accommodation. After work, explore the Old Town, where you'll find a Gothic cathedral and renaissance defence walls.

6. Menorca

Balearic Islands for Digital Nomads - Menorca

is another beautiful island in the Balearic that's increasingly becoming a popular destination for digital nomads. There is a lot to love about Menorca. The gorgeous island was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its unique variety of flora and fauna and diverse landscape ranging from beautiful beaches to incredible caves and wetlands. Compared to Ibiza and Mallorca, Menorca is much quieter, so it's ideal for digital nomads seeking a tranquil and safe place to live in the Balearic Islands.

You'll find many great places to live as a digital nomad in Menorca. However, most nomads are in Ciutadella, the island's largest city, boasting a rich culture and history. In Ciutadella, you'll find many affordable accommodations geared towards digital nomads and a growing number of coworking spaces. You will also discover a thriving ex-pat community in Menorca and various opportunities to meet fellow digital nomads.

Like the other islands in the Balearic, Menorca has many beautiful beaches for relaxing. You'll find the best beaches on the south coast, such as the Son Saura and Bellavista. These places exude a very peaceful atmosphere, so you're guaranteed a relaxing time here. If you're someone who prefers to spend your free time hiking, Menorca is the perfect place for you. One of the most popular hiking spots is Camí de Cavalls, a 185-km trail that circles the island.

7. Formentera

Balearic Islands for Digital Nomads - Formentera

Formentera may be the smallest island in the Balearic Islands, but it has plenty to offer for digital nomads. It's the perfect place for those looking to live and work on a quiet and serene island while enjoying the beach and doing cultural activities during downtime.

While the accommodation options for digital nomads in Formentera are somewhat limited, you can find apartments and villas to rent at reasonable prices. One of the best things about Formentera is that regardless of where you will stay on the island, you won't be too far from the beach. The beaches here have a calming vibe, perfect for relaxing after work.

Formentera has a rich history that goes back to 2000 BCE, giving you plenty of historical sights to explore. Check out the Far de la Mola lighthouse, the Torre des Garroveret watchtower, and the historic chapel of L'Ermita de Sa Tanca Vella.

You'll also find plenty of open-air markets to stroll around in Formentera. If you want to cook in your apartment, these markets are the best places to shop for fresh produce. Exploring these markets is also a fantastic way to soak up the local culture and get a peek into the local's way of living.

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Gives Long Stay Access

For non-EU (European Union) and non-EEA (European Economic Area) citizens Spain has the option of a Digital Nomad Visa coming for 2023. This will allow digital nomads to work up to 5 years in Spain and their islands and pay a reduced rate of tax at 15%.

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