6 Affordable European Cities to Fly Into from Australia

6 Affordable European Cities to Fly Into from Australia

Europe is full of popular tourist attractions pulling people from all over Australia, so if you're dreaming of rich culture, delicious food, and an abundance of history to immerse yourself in, know you're not alone. But the journey from Australia to Europe can be a long, tiresome effort, not to mention expensive, we have some useful tips.

So, before exchanging Australian dollars for euros, let's settle on a destination that'll offer excellent value for money for less on the flights and on what is out there to see. Let's see what makes certain destinations cheaper on the cost of flying.

London, England

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London can be a relatively affordable destination to fly to from Australia for several reasons:

  1. Major International Hubs: Both London and major Australian cities like and are significant international hubs. This high traffic volume often leads to more competitive pricing among airlines.
  2. Airline Competition: Numerous airlines operate on the routes between Australia and London, including Qantas, British Airways, and various Middle Eastern and Asian carriers. This competition can drive down prices, especially during sale periods or when airlines are looking to fill planes.
  3. Various Transit Options: There are multiple routes and transit options available. Flights can transit through various hubs in Asia, the Middle East, or even the United States, offering a range of prices and travel times that can suit different budgets.

The best news about heading to London is that you can visit any number of other European cities much easier thanks to cheaper and quicker flights. Alternatively, you could simply enjoy the rich culture London and the British Isles have to offer. Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Big Ben are just a few of the things to enjoy here as well as closeby gems like Oxford and Cambridge..

Madrid, Spain

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Madrid

Madrid is a wonderful city for football fans, so if you're following the European league, this might be right up your alley. Not only that, but Madrid also offers plenty of museums and history to marvel at. Madrid is almost smack-bang in the middle of Spain, too, making it a great place to start when exploring the country via its high-speed rail network.

You can take a quick trip to the likes of Barcelona, , and to see some of the most cultural and vibrant beach destinations in all of Europe.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 8 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in The Netherlands 1 Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport close to is one of the major hubs in Europe making it a competitive destination. Amsterdam with its canals and many museums like the The Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum is only a 20-minute train ride away. Many other Dutch destinations like The Hague, Rotterdam, and Delft are within one hour travel, you get similar canal views but with way less tourists and tourist pricing.

Schiphol as well as Amsterdam are also directly connected to the European high-speed rail network, making cities like Brussels, Paris and London only a short ride away. Again some careful paliining ahead and these fares are very reasonable, like €35 for a ticket to Paris.

Istanbul, Turkey

blue mosque istanbul

Turkey is one of the closest European countries to Australia, so it makes sense that the flights are cheaper. There is some debate as to whether Turkey should be considered part of Europe or not, but it technically is part of the continent. You can also use it as a stepping stone to visit deeper into Europe, with cheap flights from here to Greece and Croatia. Turkish Airlines has done a lot to connect the world to Istanbul and it is now the second largest in Europe when it comes to passenger numbers.

Istanbul is well worth the visit, too, so don't miss out on visiting the popular Hagia Sophia or Süleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul is also one of the more budget-friendly European cities, so you won't need as much spending money. Many people go to Istanbul for medical or dental tourism, so to keep costs down this may also be an area worth considering.

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Athens, Greece

Athens Greece

Athens is one of the few European Destinations that is served by a long haul  low cost airline that operates from . Scoot connects various Australian cities via its hub in Singapore to Athens. This keeps pricing low as other airlines will have to adjust their pricing.

Athens is gorgeous for several reasons, including its crystal clear waters and pearly white buildings. The sunsets here are to die for, and the cost of flights from Australia isn't enough to make your eyes water. Plus, Greece is another great starting point to venture from if you want to fit more cities into your European trip or why not visit some of its famous islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, and Istanbul? Some of these Greek islands are very costly, however you can still holiday on the mainland very affordably.

Rome, Italy

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Another incredibly popular European destination is , Italy. We were both surprised and pleased when we checked the flight prices from Australia because Rome and also are actually one of the cheapest cities to fly to! One of the reasons is that that long haul airport taxation is still very low in Italy compared to other European destinations like London.

From Rome, you will find that Italy has a great rail network that connects other cities in a fast and affordable way. Rome is a gorgeous city full of incredible architecture and history, so you'll never be bored. Some must-see spots include the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel.

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Paris, France

Alone in Paris - Nomad Girl Travel Tips

When considering a trip to Europe, Paris is always a tempting destination thanks to its beautiful tourist attractions and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Luckily for us, Paris is one of the more affordable European cities to fly to from Australia as again it is a major hub with lots of connectivity options and competition between airlines.

Also, the airports in Paris can be significantly cheaper than the ones in London when it comes to air passenger duties. There is some uncertainty with flying to due to disruptions from frequent strikes, from Pilots, air traffic controllers to baggage handlers. Also, be aware that this coming summer is the Paris Olympics unless you want to specifically be there for this event, this summer might be the best to avoid it.

France has the best high-speed rail network in Europe, from Paris yo could venture out to many of its wine-growing regions like Reims for its Champagne or the city of Dijon located close to the famous Burgundy wineries. The centre of London is also only a 2-hour ride away on the Eurostar fast train, Brussels is less than one hour and a half. Book in advance and you willfind the prices very competitive.

Located so centrally you will find that Paris in France makes an excellent starting point for your European trip.

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