You will only be reading this if you are contemplating leaving not only the country but your job behind to travel the world. Now I can only urge you to take the plunge and do it, but if you're showing any of these 10 signs, it might just push you over the edge to do it and quit your Job to Travel.

1. You spend more time researching destination and airfares than actually working

If you find more than 40% of your time in front of the computer is taken up by looking at destinations around the world you want to travel to next, or looking for the next best deal on your favourite airline website, it may be a sign.

2. You struggle to get out of bed on weekdays

You spent the majority of the night trying to get yourself to sleep because you knew you had to go to work the next day. Then your alarm goes off, and you feel like you haven't gotten a wink of sleep and you're really not ready to take on the world of work today. It may be a sign.

3. You refrain from buying a coffee so you can save $4.00 daily to get out of there sooner. (But can you really live without coffee to get through this…)

This is a daily struggle, do I buy a coffee today and spend a few dollars that could probably add up to a beer or two in Europe or South East Asia? Five coffees a week at $4.00 each equals $20.00. But how am I going to function without my daily coffee, or two… now we're up to $40.00 a week with two coffees a day. It may be a sign.

4. You drink so much water you have to a) keep going to fill it up and b) go to the toilet

To break up the time spent at your desk, when you're not searching for holiday destinations, airfares and buying coffee, you are filling up your water bottle, hanging by the water fountain, drinking more than your 8 glasses a day, and visiting the bathroom more than the average human. It may be a sign.

5. You check your annual leave daily expecting to find an extra day pop out of nowhere

You check your payslip, your online account and payroll to calculate how many vacation days you have. And then how many you may have for 12th March 2015 and when you realise it is only 17.93 days and equates to only 3 weeks away from work you cry yourself to sleep at night. It may be a sign.

6. You're more than happy to eat 2-minute noodles for dinner most nights… and then for lunch

You know the struggle, when you can't drink your coffee you resolve to binge on 2-minute noodles, daily, even twice daily. Maybe because you can't cut out the coffee so instead of spending money on gourmet groceries you settle for $1, 2-minutes noodles (that is only 50 cents for each minute you prepare them). It may be a sign.

7. Not one day goes by without you wondering – What the hell am I doing here?

You struggle to get out of bed, you spend your car ride in traffic saying why, why, why to the other drivers, and when you arrive at work. Sitting at your desk mindlessly asking yourself why, why, why? You could be out with your cousin's best friend who is posting pictures of jumping off a yacht in Croatia. You could be eating sipping on Margherita's with your Aunty and her new boyfriend in . Or you be creating your own journey, wherever you want to go. Ask yourself. It may be a sign.

8. If you have the slightest tickle in your throat you contemplate chucking a sickie

There is a tickle in your throat. You're seeing spots, oh no a migraine is coming on. You better get to your doctor for these easy to diagnose illnesses that are in your own mind so you can get out of work for the day. Why not make it two. If you're flaking out on work, it may be a sign.

9. Your lunch break is spent sitting at a desk with a travel agent

You have a designated break time, and your travel agent is free and ready. You find yourself rushing to see them, then going over all the ins and outs of spending a ‘reasonable' 10 days in , only to find you have just spent you're entire lunch break with them and haven't even had a chance to heat up your noodles. It may be a sign.

10. You open a spreadsheet to make it look like you're being productive but really your holiday planning.

You're combatting the reasons why. You're fighting off an unknown throat tickler. You have just finished your third coffee for the day (OMG that is $6.00 now). You have the stench of the 2-minute noodles resting in the bin beside you. You have all there is to do in 10 days in Los Angeles from your trusty travel agent. You are busting to go to the loo. You have another day to get through work being a Thursday and know a restless night is ahead. You've done your research. You know you have 17.93 days in March, but an unknown period of time is right in front of you. You know what you have to do.