Spain Digital Nomads – The 14 Most Popular Places to Stay and Work

Spain Digital Nomads – The 14 Most Popular Places to Stay and Work

Spain is one of the top digital nomad countries in Europe. As Spain digital nomads, you can live in stunning tropical islands, vibrant cosmopolitan cities, or sleepy mountain towns!

Since Spain is part of the Schengen area, digital nomads from the US or can stay in the country for up to 90 days within 180 days. That should give you enough time to explore the country's top attractions. Depending on where you will choose to base yourself in Spain, you can spend your free time exploring parks and museums, chilling out at the beach, hiking scenic trails, and discovering vibrant culture and history.

For those that want to stay longer, there is good news as Spain is launching a digital nomad visa in January 2023 which allows digital nomads to stay up to 5 years in the country.

Spain has the best internet speeds in Europe, another reason why many would want to become Spain digital nomads. While the cost of living in big cities can be on the higher side, you'll find many small cities and towns in Spain where you can enjoy a lower cost of living.

If you're wondering where you should live in Spain as a digital nomad, here's our list of the top places to stay and work in this gorgeous European country. Nomad Girls covers in this list mainly mainland Spain, we have covered the Spanish islands in a separate article.

1. Barcelona

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Barcelona

Barcelona often tops the list of the best Spain digital nomads cities, not just in Spain but around the world. It has everything that every digital nomad seeks – fast internet, excellent transport system, best coworking spaces, unrivalled networking potential, and many more.

Barcelona is a fascinating city with rich culture and history, giving you plenty of interesting sights to explore while living in the city as a digital nomad. You can spend the entire weekend exploring the modernist landmarks of Antoni Gaudi, such as the La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló.

The city is also famous for its bustling neighbourhoods, such as Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. If you want to unwind after working the entire day, discover the city's vibrant nightlife scene, from sophisticated cocktail bars to nightclubs with live music and DJs.

When it comes to your accommodation, you'll have plenty of options. If you want to live in the city centre, expect to spend around $1,500 per month. You can stay on the outskirts, where you'll find more affordable places to rent. Barcelona has an efficient transport system, so getting around is easy, regardless of where you will choose to stay.

2. Madrid

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Madrid

Madrid is the bustling capital of Spain and one of the top Spain digital nomads hotspots. Sitting on Spain's central plateaus, at 650 metres Madrid is Europe's second-highest capital after la Vella. It also has one of the world's highest numbers of urban trees, which means living as a digital nomad in Madrid will give you plenty of greenery to explore. If you want to live in a modern city while still being able to enjoy the outdoors, Madrid is a great place to consider.

Aside from the greenery, there are many other things to love about Madrid. The city is very safe, the internet is fast, the weather is mild even in winter, and there's a growing community of digital nomads.

Head to El Retiro Park to enjoy some fresh air while on a break from work. The gorgeous park offers a wealth of fun activities. You can go for a scenic walk, boating on the lake, admire the lovely gardens, or have a picnic.

When evening comes, and you need to unwind from work, hit up the bustling districts of Chueca and Malasaña. These neighbourhoods are home to the city's best nightclubs, open-air terraces, and rooftop bars. If you want to indulge in mouthwatering tapas, head to Barrio de Las Letras, where you'll find Madrid's top tapa bars.

3. Seville

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Seville

is another beautiful city in Spain that's a popular destination for digital nomads. It offers a wealth of historical attractions to explore, allowing you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Between working, you can spend your days exploring the Real Alcazar, Plaza de España, and the Catedral de Sevilla.

Compared to the other major cities in Spain, Seville has managed to maintain its authenticity. If you're interested to learn more about Spain's local culture, Seville would be a great place to live. You can try flamenco dancing or learn how to cook traditional Andalusian dishes.

Living as a digital nomad in Seville is cheaper than in many other cities in Spain. You'll find affordable accommodations to rent. A studio apartment in the city centre will cost you an average of $600 to rent per month.

The locals in Seville are very welcoming to foreigners, and you'll find a community of ex-pats and digital nomads. Due to its excellent location, Seville is a great base for exploring the Andalusian region, such as Cordoba and Malaga. You can rent a car and spend your weekend road-tripping.

4. Valencia

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Valencia

Valencia is another Spanish city loved by digital nomads in Spain. It's one of the largest cities in Spain, with so much to offer to digital nomads. Featuring a unique combination of a laidback atmosphere and bustling city centre, Valencia offers a variety of things to enjoy between work.

Valencia has everything that most digital nomads need – fast internet speed, affordable cost of living, and a healthy work-life balance. Best of all, Valencia has beautiful beaches and warm weather.

Valencia is also a haven for digital nomads who are history buffs. The city dates back to the Roman era and has the grandest remains from the medieval Moorish period, such as the Valencia Cathedral and the UNESCO La Lonja de la Seda.

Since Valencia is gaining popularity in the digital nomad world, the city has an increasing number of accommodations that cater to digital nomads. You will find apartments in the city centre costing as low as $800 per month. There are also tons of coworking spaces in the city where you can meet and work with other nomads.

5. Tenerife

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Tenerife

Digital nomads looking to enjoy warm weather and sunshine should consider moving to Tenerife in the . Lying on the coast of northern Africa, Tenerife offers year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and stunning natural landscapes.

As the largest island in the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers numerous things for digital nomads and ex-pats to enjoy. It's a haven for outdoor adventures, home to Spain's tallest peak, and offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Water sports are abundant in Tenerife, from snorkelling to diving and windsurfing.

Digital nomads in Tenerife will find it a very safe place to live. They will also enjoy the benefits of having a fast internet speed and numerous coworking spaces. While the cost of living will mainly depend on your lifestyle choices, living in Tenerife is cheaper than in many other places in Spain. Furthermore, renting an apartment can cost an average of $800 per month, which is more affordable than on the mainland.

If you don't mind staying in the busier parts of Tenerife with bustling nightlife and lots of happenings, stay in the south, such as in Los Cristianos and Playa Las Americas. The northern part of the island is quieter and geared towards digital nomads who want to stay in a more peaceful environment.

6. Fuengirola

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Fuengirola

If you're looking to live in a small town, is an ideal place to base yourself as a digital nomad in Spain. Lying in the Costa del Sol region, Fuengirola is a lovely place to enjoy the winter sun and experience the authentic Spanish lifestyle. While it's a popular tourist destination, especially in the peak summer season, there are many areas in Fuengirola to enjoy a laidback, small-town vibe.

Being a small town, Fuengirola has a much cheaper cost of living than many other places in Spain. If you're on a budget and would prefer to live in a place with affordable accommodations, Fuengirola would be perfect for you. For instance, a two-bedroom apartment with stunning views could cost you an average of $800 monthly to rent! When it comes to internet speed, you won't have any issues, although it's worth checking the location where you plan to live since there's only satellite internet on the outskirts.

Fuengirola is a lovely town with many great restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine if you feel like treating yourself after work. Home to many beautiful beaches, you could spend most of your time relaxing on the beach when you're not working on your laptop. You can also take your work to beachside cafes if you want a change of scenery.

7. Malaga

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Malaga

Like Fuengirola, Malaga lies in the Costa del Sol region and is among those places becoming a popular hotspot for digital nomads in Spain. Blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine each year and offering plenty of outdoor activities, Malaga is an incredibly stunning place to live for digital nomads.

Like most places in Costa del Sol, living in Malaga is cheaper than in the bigger cities of Spain. Food and rent are affordable, and you'll find places to rent for as low as $600 per month. You can stay in the city centre, which gives you easy access to the various areas in town.

When you're not working, you'll have plenty of incredible things to enjoy. If you're up for cultural activities, visit the Alcazaba Palace, Catedral de la Encarnacion, and the Picasso museum. But if you're outdoorsy, hike at Malaga's coastal trails or head to beach resorts like Marbella and Torremolinos to enjoy water sports. Spend your weekend taking day trips to nearby cities and villages, or even visit the island of Gibraltar.

8. Gran Canaria

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the islands that make up the Canary Islands. Sitting on Africa's northwest coast, it's the perfect choice for digital nomads who want to live on an island with lots of sunshine and great weather all year round.

Digital nomads in Gran Canaria can enjoy high-speed internet, affordable cost of living, and many fun activities to do when you're not at work. The island also boasts stunning natural landscapes, a relaxed way of living, and friendly locals. Adventurous nomads can hike along the trails that encircle the island or take up and other water sports.

Most digital nomads in Gran Canaria live in Las Palmas, which offers a range of attractions, including fantastic museums. Las Palmas also offers abundant accommodation options perfect for digital nomads who want to stay longer on the island. You can expect to pay an average of $1,000 per month for an apartment in Las Palmas. If you have a lower budget, you can stay outside city limits, such as in the smaller villages.

9. Benidorm

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Benidorm

If you want to live by the coast, another fantastic place to consider is , a lovely coastal town on the eastern coast of Spain. Lying by the Mediterranean, Benidorm appeals to digital nomads who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and great weather.

The beaches are Benidorm's biggest draws. Its two main beaches, Levante and Poniente beach, are bustling with tourists, especially in summer. Another great thing about being a digital nomad in Benidorm is the affordable cost of living. Apartments in the city centre cost around $500 per month, with some located right by the beach.

While most digital nomads will spend their free time relaxing at the beach, there are many other fun things to do after work. Outdoor enthusiasts will find the Sierra Helada Natural Park a lovely place to hike. When nighttime comes, you'll find many bars and clubs to chill out and party with fellow nomads. There's a growing digital nomad community in Benidorm, so you will not have difficulty adjusting to life in this beautiful coastal town.

10. Segovia

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Segovia

Segovia is a picturesque and historical city located northwest of Madrid, famous for its Romanesque churches, medieval walls, and Gothic cathedral. Digital nomads fond of exploring historical sites will find Segovia an ideal place to live.

Segovia is not far from Madrid, yet it's much cheaper to live here than in the capital city. If you search hard enough, you can find apartments to rent for as low as $600 per month. Also, unlike Madrid, life in Segovia is much slower. It's a compact city with a friendly atmosphere.

As a digital nomad in Segovia, you can spend your free time exploring famous attractions like the Roman Aqueduct, built around the middle of the first century. The Alcazar, a fairytale fortress, is fun to stroll around, especially if you've got little kids. You should also check out the Segovia Cathedral in the city centre, believed to be the last Gothic Cathedral in Spain. During the weekend, you can take day trips to Madrid and enjoy the bustling nightlife of the capital city.

11. Alicante

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Alicante

is a popular resort destination in the southeastern region of Costa Blanca. It has a bustling nightlife scene and a haven for digital nomads who love to party. Aside from the legendary nightlife scene, digital nomads in Alicante will find numerous fun activities to enjoy while living in this lovely city.

Living in Alicante is cheaper than in many other places in Spain, which is why many digital nomads are enticed to move to this coastal city. You can live by the coast, where you will have easy access to the beach. If you want to be close to the nightlife scene, you can live in the old town of Barrio de la Santa Cruz, which has narrow streets lined with coloured houses and top bars and restaurants.

Depending on your budget, you'll find different accommodation options in Alicante. You can stay at budget or a villa in the more upscale resorts with sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast.

Alicante is a small city home to only 330,000 residents, so getting around is easy. If you are in the city centre, you can walk to the beach, restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs.

12. Tarifa

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Tarifa

Tarifa may not be very popular in the digital nomad world, but it's home to some of Spain's best digital nomad hostels. Lying in Andalucia's Cadiz region, Tarifa is famous for its strong breeze and is an ideal place to consider for digital nomads who are into windsurfing or kitesurfing. Tarifa lies along the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco and enjoys lovely weather all year round.

As one of the most popular destinations for wind sports, you'll spend most of your free time in Tarifa windsurfing and trying out other water sports, such as whale watching. You'll also find plenty of opportunities to enjoy hiking. The old town, which features narrow streets lined with lovely whitewashed houses, is a joy to walk around. After your stroll, relax at one of the cafes or head to the old town's best restaurants to treat yourself to delectable Andalusian cuisines.

Tarifa has coworking spaces and beachside cafes where you can take up work if you want a change of scenery. The internet speed is fast regardless of where you are in the city, so you won't have any issues catching up on work. As for the accommodations, you can rent apartments for an average of $800 per month, depending on the location.

13. Valladolid

Spain Digital Nomads Places - Valladolid

is a university town in northwest Spain famous for its medieval sites like the Gothic San Pablo Church, which dates back to 1400. As a university town, it has a distinctly young vibe and is an ideal choice for the younger digital nomads in Spain. Here, you'll enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene, affordable accommodations, and excellent food choices at very reasonable prices.

Another good thing about living as a digital nomad in Valladolid is you'll enjoy a lower cost of living. It has many affordable accommodations that appeal to the younger crowd, such as hostels and dormitories. There are also apartments and villas to rent for digital nomads who want to stay longer in the city.

The wealth of historical sights and leisure activities in Valladolid makes the city a fantastic base for digital nomads who want a healthy work-life balance. After working the entire day, reward yourself with refreshing drinks at the city's top bars and party spots. Spend your weekend exploring the fascinating architecture, gothic churches, and museums.

14. A Coruña

Spain Digital Nomads Places - A Coruña

If you want to venture off the beaten path and live somewhere far from the tourist crowd, consider living in A Coruña, a lovely port city in Spain's Galicia region. The city has a thriving surfing scene, much like Cornwall in the UK. A Coruña is also blessed with stunning natural landscapes and green spaces, giving you plenty to explore when you're not working on your computer.

Since A Coruña is not that touristy, you can expect a lower cost of living when living in the city. There are many affordable apartments and villas to rent, with some costing as low as $300 per month! You can enjoy fast internet anywhere in the city, and many cafes offer free Wi-Fi, an ideal place for working outside your accommodation. Another great thing about living in A Coruña is you won't be far from Madrid, which is only a 3:30 hour ride away by fast train.

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