Working Aboard a Luxury Cruise – What Digital Nomads Should Know

Working Aboard a Luxury Cruise – What Digital Nomads Should Know

The lifestyle is on the rise. With remote working gaining traction and remaining popular, people are taking this chance to travel and do their work simultaneously. Digital nomads are also gaining more opportunities; the BBC notes that over 25 counties and territories, such as and , are offering digital nomad visas to encourage remote workers to move there. These visas also allow digital nomads to work legally longer and more freely. Other than working in another country, digital nomads also have the chance to take advantage of other travel opportunities, such as working aboard a luxury cruise.

Luxury cruises offer a unique travel experience, and using them as your office can be an exciting opportunity. However, as with any work setting, there are some pros and cons to consider. If you still have some concerns before deciding to set sail, here's what you need to know as a digital nomad:

Working Aboard a Luxury Cruise - What Digital Nomads Should Know

You can travel anywhere

One of the best parts of luxury cruises is that you can visit all kinds of locations. You can see various views from gorgeous fjords, dramatic volcanic landscapes, and beautiful beaches. Though you may be working and may only have a little time to explore, these views aid with boosting too. “Workations” are the norm for digital nomads, but they're gaining popularity due to their benefits. HR News highlights that changing scenery while you work can reduce stress and boost your creativity by changing your routine. You have a lot of opportunities to change up your work routine on board a luxury cruise with the various sights and locations you'll see and even where you work on the ship.

If you're looking for adventure aside from work, G Adventures shows how luxury cruise ships can provide a unique experience aboard and outside of the ship. The itinerary takes you to the Galápagos region, and you can focus on work while enjoying the sunset from your balcony and top deck or take breaks to enjoy snorkeling or guided walks. It's great for solo travelers and digital nomads who want an intimate experience.

You have all the resources you need

Luxury cruises offer passengers every creature comfort you can think of, which means certain benefits for staff as well. Those benefits, such as internet, comfortable surroundings, and other facilities, make for a good work environment. Explora Journeys exemplifies how luxury cruises go above and beyond so that all passengers have everything they need aboard. Unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi? Check. Wellbeing and fitness programmes? Check. You can even get a great shopping experience with their new shopping centre, with thirty of the finest artisanal brands. Some of those facilities may also be available to staff at certain times, making a a good place to work.

Princess Cruises also pitched a work-from-sea experience, revamping their cruises with land-like Wi-Fi connectivity for workers. Access points in every cabin and public area ensure no drops in signal when people are moving around. Working on a luxury cruise ship may be a novel concept, but you have all the amenities and resources for both work and play.

Working Aboard a Luxury Cruise - What Digital Nomads Should Know

It's different from working on land

Luxury cruises may offer excellent resources and amenities that are comparable—and perhaps even better—to those found on land, but the experience is not always going to be the same. That may be a pro or con, depending on how you look at it, but the reality is you won't always have access to certain services and locations if you run into a problem. You can leave the cruise ship when it's in port, but you might be in a sticky situation at sea for urgent emergencies like broken laptops.

It's always best to be prepared for emergencies while on a luxury cruise. One tip Nomad Girl recommends for staying safe abroad is researching your destinations. If you need something fixed or require a specific purchase, you can figure out where to find them on land to bring back with you.

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