A Trip Around Italy, Where to Go – 5 Inspiring Destinations

A Trip Around Italy, Where to Go – 5 Inspiring Destinations

Being one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, needs no introduction. It's a multifaceted and diverse country with something to offer every type of traveller. Whether you love nature, art, history, or , you'll find something to discover in this fascinating country. 

To help you decide where to go, refer to the list below.

1. Sicily

is a diverse island with majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, and well-preserved archaeological sites. Seemingly overlooked in favour of the more famous regions like and the , Sicily is Italy's real hidden gem. You can spend your time frolicking at one of its beautiful beaches, gorging on delicious seafood, and exploring impressive archaeological sites.

A Trip Around Italy Where to Go - Sicily

Located on the east coast of Sicily, Mount Etna is the island's best-known geological feature. As the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognised for its frequent volcanic activities. In summer, Mount Etna is a popular spot for . While in winter, it hosts many skiers. For history buffs, you should not miss the chance to visit the ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina, which overlooks the Ionic Sea. 

The best way to relax after exploring Sicily's attractions is to visit some of its beautiful beaches, such as Mondello, a lovely beach in . It's a palm tree-lined beach with powdery white sands and emerald waters. You can stay at one of the beautiful villas and colourful cabins by the beach. Wander around the area and visit the old fishing village just around the corner.

2. Tuscany 

In Tuscany, you will spend your holidays sipping wine, dipping bread into olive oils, and soaking up the stunning landscape views. On some days, you can swim at its lovely beaches, relax in a beautiful Tuscan villa or wander around picturesque cities.

A Trip Around Italy Where to Go - Tuscany 

, the capital city, is best known for its Renaissance art and architecture. Get to the top of the Duomo, admire the Botticellis at the Uffizi Gallery, or stroll through the lovely Boboli Gardens. But Florence is not only for art lovers. It also has quaint shops and restaurants where you can order the tastiest pasta paired with a glass of wine. On the other hand, Siena is a charming city known for its Gothic architecture and the breathtaking Piazza del Campo.

While in Tuscany, don't miss the chance to visit Cinque Terre, a group of picturesque villages sitting amongst cliffs overlooking the tranquil Ligurian Sea. The best way to explore the villages is on a hike. The trail from Vernazza to Monterosso has the best views, although it's also the most challenging. To avoid the crowds and the heat, hike early in the morning. 

3. Puglia

lies in the deep south of Italy, at the heel of the country's boot. You will love exploring its sleepy whitewashed villages, including those with distinct conical stone huts called the trulli. It's also famous for its lovely beaches, ancient ruins, lush farmland, and ornate churches. The region is responsible for much of the country's pasta, olives, and wine-making grapes, so expect mouth-watering cuisines on your visit.

A Trip Around Italy Where to Go - Puglia

Bari, the region's capital city, is a popular base for most tourists. The modern district of Murat is where you will find the best shopping and entertainment, as well as 19th-century places like Teatro Piccinni, Teatro Petruzzelli, and Palazzo Fizzarotti. Meanwhile, Coastal Polignano a Mare is home to the charming Cala Porto, a small, pebbled beach with crystal clear waters hidden beneath the city's limestone cliffs and whitewashed villages.

No visit to Puglia will be complete without exploring the remarkable town of Alberobello, famous for its concentration of trullis. These are limestone houses with circular stone roofs that have been around for hundreds of years. You also have the chance to stay in a trulli to learn more about the local village life. 

4. Florence

For a tailor made Italian vacation, Florence will be sure to impress. It is different from other Italian cities, which makes it interesting to visit. It's like an outdoor museum, where you'll find ornate arts, statues, and architecture everywhere. But even if you don't love arts, Florence will leave an impression on you, so don't miss the chance to visit this lovely city on your next Italian holiday. 

A Trip Around Italy Where to Go - Florence

Start at Piazza Della Signoria, where you'll find incredible sculptures of famous artists like Michelangelo. Some famous statues in the plaza are the statue of David and the Fountain of Neptune. Next, head to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore to admire its ornate facades made of marble. Buy a ticket to climb to the dome, and although it's a rigorous climb, the views from the top are worth it! 

Drop by the Central Market of San Lorenzo, where you can indulge in delectable Italian specialities. The focaccia bread with different toppings is a must try, with toppings ranging from sausages, potatoes, artichokes, and pork. If you want to relax away from the hustle and bustle, head to the beautiful Bardini Gardens, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll or relax as you soak up the gorgeous views.

5. Rome

There's always something to look forward to in , no matter how many times you have been to the city. It's a lovely city full of culture and history, with numerous fantastic restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and gelaterias. As a symbol of Italy, Rome has endless historical attractions to explore, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

A Trip Around Italy Where to Go - rome

Exploring the ancient city of Rome is a great way to glimpse into the glorious past of Italy. As you wander around, you'll be in awe of the ornate architecture and sculptures scattered around the city. Head to the Vatican City, the epicentre of Roman Catholicism and home to the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica. The Vatican museums and Sistine chapel are also worth dropping by. 

Back in Rome, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, climb the Spanish Steps, and explore the Colosseum. Head to Piazza Navona, a lovely open space with street performers, musicians, and painters. Grab a chair at one of the al fresco restaurants, and order your favourite pasta and wine as you watch people go about their daily lives!

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