5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel

To many, travelling alone can sound like an enticing adventure with the natural freedom to explore the world at your own pace. Whether it be that your friends aren't able to hop on the next flight with you or you are just looking to understand yourself better through travel, offers a rewarding experience that can be difficult to find anywhere else.

With so many travel destinations out there, it can be intimidating to find out which spots will provide you with the most gratifying experience while providing the safest streets for travelling women. We have scoured the globe to provide you with the top five destinations to consider before you embark on your next solo adventure.

1. Cambodia

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel - Cambodia

is a country that promotes escapist adventure in a deep-rooted cultural environment. Being once ruled by the Khmer Empire, Cambodia has over 4,000 temples across the land. Exploring this country alone has never been easier, thanks to customizable tour packages in Cambodia from Exotic Voyages. Their company will create an itinerary to uniquely suit your preferences, making your trip to Cambodia run as smoothly as possible and giving you the experience you deserve.

Cambodia is fantastic to go to on your own. Depending on the parts of Cambodia you visit, you can find peaceful beaches, historically serene temples, and popular markets. Exploring these parts of Cambodia is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the country directly from the locals while meeting other like-minded travellers.

Cambodia began allowing tourism in the 1990s when it was simply a popular backpack retreat. If you visit the country today, you will find various high-end hotels with palm tree-lined pools and accommodations that would have anyone coming back to see them.

2. Japan

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel - Japan

Interestingly enough, this country is a stratovolcanic archipelago of about 14,125 islands! The land of Japan is booming with things to do and has the reputation of being one of the safest countries in the world, boasting a meagre crime rate. Furthermore, the country's excellent transportation system makes it easy for individuals to manoeuvre independently.

The simple picturesque views of the stunning cityscape are just one inviting factor of Japan. As you explore the country, you will discover several delectable dining options with the solo diner kept in mind. Many casual dining spots provide cubicle-style dining tables and will even accept reservations for single parties.

Solo travellers are ordinary in Japan, so much so that they incorporated a term for it in their language: ohitorisama, or “party-for-one.” Experiencing the country of Japan is something you surely will want to take advantage of. Travellers can stay in culturally appropriate Ryokans or book a few nights in a high-tech hotel. However you choose to travel, experiencing Japan alone should be at the top of your bucket list.

Many tourists are captivated by the alluring beauty of the “Land of the Rising Sun”. From Tokyo's bustling streets to the serene temples in , Japan offers diverse experiences for visitors and residents alike. Those who are buying house in Japan should decide on the best location. Each region has its distinct charm and advantages, whether it's the modern conveniences of urban centres or the peaceful atmosphere of rural villages.

3. Florida Keys

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel - Florida Keys

The offer warm beaches and equatorial temperatures, making it the perfect tropical getaway. The Florida Keys have several activities to keep you busy, from Key Largo down to the southernmost point, Key West. Whether you are in the market for a party vacation or looking to escape from the reality of life, the Keys have it all.

If you are on the southern half of the Florida Keys, treat yourself to a Key West sunset cruise. These magnificent boats will take you along the islands while offering the finest selection of wines, champagnes, and margaritas paired with tasty appetizers made fresh by a trained culinary staff. The golden Florida light makes this one of the best sunset cruises in the .

If the sea is not for you, road-tripping the Keys is another excellent option! When you travel the Florida Keys alone, you can do what you want to do when you want to do it. While the culture here may not be exceedingly rich, the fun and energy of the people will make you feel like you are just off visiting friends. The Florida Keys have many resorts and villas to stay in as you travel solo.

4. Australia

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel - Australia

is famous for its travel culture, making it the perfect destination for those hoping to befriend similar-minded travellers. This country is full of friendly people, making it safe for women to travel alone. Barbeque events are every day down under and are an excellent opportunity to meet great people and eat authentic Aussie .

Priding itself in its outdoorsy nature, Australia is a spacious country that allows you to grow as an individual at your own pace. If you want to enjoy the land's natural beauty, visit Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. This natural sandstone formation towers over 2,800 feet into the air. Uluru is a sacred, indigenous, protected site that travellers must-see, especially during sunset.

To get around Australia, many fly at competitive prices between states. The country also has a bus transportation system perfect for travelling between the hottest tourist spots. If you can travel with a vehicle or rent a travel van, Australia is a great country to drive leisurely through.

5. Iceland

5 Destinations To Consider For Your Next Solo Travel - Iceland

Iceland has no army, air force, or navy and is known as the world's most peaceful country, with only a police force and national coast guard. The population of Iceland is relatively minuscule, capped at roughly 387,000 country-wide. Visiting Iceland is a perfect destination for female travellers, as the country prioritizes gender equality, allowing women a sense of freedom and belonging.

If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, Reykjavík is an excellent choice! This phenomenon is an array of brightly coloured lights that dance in the night sky. Spending time at Hot Springs is another popular pastime in Iceland. The rugged Icelandic landscapes are perfect for any outdoor experience. In fact, over 10% of Iceland is covered by ice glaciers or caps.

Staying in a hostel is an excellent option for your visit to Iceland. The country has quickly adopted its tourism title, and most Icelandic citizens are fluent English speakers. A car or is an efficient way to travel to this breathtakingly gorgeous country at your rate.

Be A Successful Solo Traveller

Being a successful solo traveller when visiting famous places requires careful planning, adaptability, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Before you embark on your journey, thoroughly research the destinations you plan to visit. 

Safety should always be a top priority, especially when travelling alone. Keep your belongings secure, and consider purchasing for added protection. 

Be prepared to navigate challenges independently, whether figuring out public transportation, finding accommodation, or solving unexpected problems. Trust in your abilities and remain calm in difficult situations. 

Strike conversations with locals and fellow travellers, or join guided tours or activities to connect with like-minded individuals. They can provide valuable recommendations so you can experience the destination authentically. 

While solo travel offers the opportunity for solitude and introspection, it's essential to stay connected with friends and family back home. Share your experiences with loved ones through social media, email, or video calls to stay connected and alleviate any feelings of loneliness.

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