Solo Travel Ideas That Could Help You Plan an Unforgettable Trip In 2023

Solo Travel Ideas That Could Help You Plan an Unforgettable Trip In 2023

There is a lot to love about going away and do .  The issue there is that you're not likely to think they're even worth it until you try it. You get to do what you want, when you want, which can be a precious thing once you discover the merits of it. But how do you do it right? Take a look at our suggestions for some ideas.

Go off the beaten path

off the beaten path

You know how everyone has that anecdote about getting lost in the city and they turned down this little alleyway, then another, and they decided to eat at this tiny restaurant run by a retired couple and they had the best meal they've ever tasted there? Moments like that happen all the time. You might want to keep that in mind when you consider where you're going. Maybe you're an explorer so you book a hotel in the very middle of the city and intend to work your way out, or maybe you're a wanderer who might consider the little town outside the city, or to stay in an Airbnb miles from anything else. Go wild and remember to explore every alleyway you come across.

And if you're worried about the dangers of straying, you should look into . Most trips can be covered with single trip insurance policies however you might need cruise travel insurance, if you choose to go on a cruise instead. Most insurance policies will cover against lost or stolen bag, money, and passports, plus emergency medical cover and the cancellation of a flight.

Consider an adult only hotel

adult only hotel

One of the benefits of solo travel is not having to compromise for anyone. Not having to ask what they fancy for dinner, where they want to go, if they wouldn't mind sharing the blanket. You are upholden to only yourself. You get to be entirely selfish for a while with no judgement.

In that case, you might want to head to a hotel that is only takes in single adults or couples.  If you're looking to lounge by the pool with a good book for a solid week, you might want the peace a hotel like this can offer.

Luckily, adults only hotels are pretty common and not much more expensive than any other hotel. You can ensure peace at least until Room 234's third strawberry daquiri kicks in.

Take a hobby with you


Let's face it, as busy as you can make yourself, there is a lot of downtime on holiday. That's often the point. But you might wander the streets and wonder why, or you might be sitting on a train thinking the view simply isn't enough for you. This is time you would have otherwise filled with chitchat. Instead, bring a few books, a sketchpad, a camera, or a journal maybe. Something that you can easily pack and keep yourself amused while travelling.

Put yourself out there

confident woman

An old stereotype about those of us from the UK is that we're reserved, but as long as you keep your wits about you, you should put yourself out there to have a few friendly conversations. Join people by the pool bar, start dancing in the Irish pub that seems to be at every tourist destination, get talking to the couple next to you on the plane.

Funnily enough, it's a lot easier for people to talk to a solo traveller: fellow tourists and locals alike. Maybe their shields come down, maybe it's a small level of pity, but who cares? Take people's kindness where you can find it and who knows? Maybe you've got a friend for life. Who lives abroad. And loves having visitors.

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