The Best Cafés in the Netherlands for Digital Nomads

The Best Cafés in the Netherlands for Digital Nomads
The coffee culture in the is world-renowned and bean lovers come from far and wide to appreciate the intimate, innovative, and casual café culture in this corner of Europe. Digital nomads and remote workers are especially intrigued by this dynamic scene and there are dozens of cafés catering to them.

Take a trip to the Netherlands to experience this culture first-hand as a or remote worker simply looking for some new scenery. So, pack your laptop and get ready for a caffeine kick at the best cafés in the Netherlands for digital nomads.

CoffeeConcepts in Amsterdam

Best Cafés in the  - coffeeconcepts amsterdam

With two locations in the heart of , CoffeeConcepts is a favourite spot for digital nomads looking for a cosy and quiet place to work. With its minimalist decor, comfy chairs, and ample natural light, the café provides a serene atmosphere that's perfect for focusing on work.  The Wi-Fi is fast and reliable, and the coffee is top-notch. Their menu also includes a selection of protein shakes along with various vegan options on their salad, wrap and sandwich menu.

Bocca Coffee in Amsterdam

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Bocca Coffee in Amsterdam

Bocca Coffee has gained notoriety as a fair trade coffee supplier to many of the city's best coffee shops. Their café is perfect for those looking to focus while sipping on the best brew in town.  The minimalist interior is bright and airy and there is a large table with ample power outlets for digital nomads to enjoy. Weekends are laptop-free days, but during the week they will welcome you with open arms.

Tijm in Utrecht

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Tijm Utrecht

Tucked away in the charming historic centre of is a vibrant maximalist café with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Tijm is a popular spot for students and freelancers thanks to its bright tropical interior, delectable , and of course, reliable Wi-Fi. The coffee is excellent and you can get your fix starting as early as 8 AM. They also boast a delectable lunch menu with tons of healthy and creative fusion dishes.

Black & Bloom in Groningen

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Black & Bloom in Groningen

Black & Bloom is a cosy and welcoming café in 's thriving city. It is actually one of the leading independent coffee retailers in the country, and regularly introduces new beans from across the globe. This is the place to be if you regard coffee above all else. The interior is cosy and you can enjoy a select few freshly baked goods. This espresso bar is single-handedly waking up the sleepy university town of Groningen with its signature brews. This is definitely where you'll want to get your day of remote work started on the right note.

Back to Black in Amsterdam

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Back to Black in Amsterdam

Located in the trendy De Pijp and Staatslieden neighbourhoods of Amsterdam, Back to Black has two stylish locations that are popular with digital nomads. The smell of freshly roasted coffee will lure you in from all the way down the street while the quaint and colourful interior will keep you seated. They have a small selection of baked goods and toasted sandwiches to keep hunger at bay. And remember to grab a bag of their signature roast beans to enjoy on an odd day that you work from home!

Dudok in Rotterdam

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Dudok in Rotterdam

Dudok has become an institution in thanks to its industrial space with some characteristic French flair. There are dozens of tables as well as a large communal reading table, and an abundance of outlets. They serve quite late into the night so this is the place to be if you want to clock in some overtime hours. They also have an extensive menu with way more options than a regular café, so hungry digital nomads can rest assured that they will eat well.

Koffie bij Joost & Maartje in Maastricht

Best Cafés in the Netherlands - Koffie bij Joost & Maartje in Maastricht

This vibrant student town has plenty to offer in terms of foodie culture. But most digital nomads head to one place: Koffie. Its soft white interior walls and pine furnishings are adorned with tons of foliage to make for the perfect minimalist space to keep calm and focused. They serve breakfast and lunch and, as their name so subtly implies, coffee. There are a few long tables with outlets where you can meet some other digital nomads, or you can grab a window seat and peer out into the street over your laptop. Either way, it is a chic spot worthy of a seat among the top digital-nomad-friendly cafés in the Netherlands.

Douwe Egberts Café in Groningen

Best Cafés in the Netherlands  - Douwe Egberts Café in Groningen

Douwe Egberts is a household name in the Dutch coffee game, and it is comforting to see their homey locations popping up across the country. These spaces are curated with remote workers in mind and offer delicious coffee at reasonable prices. The rustic space features exposed brick and black accent walls with two long reading tables where you can work. Don't forget to order a slice of homemade apple pie as a little treat after your next meeting that could have been an email.

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