Thousands of people have taken up the lifestyle in the past few years. The world has never been smaller and more connected than it is now. Getting onto the internet is as easy as ever and now anybody can work from just about anywhere. Europe has emerged as one of the top choices for those wanting to leave their hometowns. There is little doubt why Europe has plenty to offer with its diverse culture, history and scenic beauty.

Several European cities stand out among the rest for digital nomads. An affordability cost of living is one of the biggest requirements for digital nomads, as is availability to the internet and a plethora of things to do and see. The following six cities are among the top in Europe for nomads wanting to get out, taking into consideration the cost of living, connection to the internet and things to do.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin skyline by night

One of the best choices a digital nomad could make would be to choose . Not only is the German capital one of the world's premier cities, but it is rated as one of the best cities to live in. The city remains alive at night with one of Europe's most vibrant nightlifes. There are plenty of working spaces in the city to make it easier for nomads to get work done in a quiet and welcoming environment. Berlin is not as cheap as some nomad hotspots in places like Asia and South America, or even elsewhere in Europe, but there is plenty to do, has a lot of transportation options and is very safe. Digital nomads should budget around $2,000 to $2,200 a month for Berlin to live a comfortable lifestyle.

German history, and by extension Berlin, has been one of the most complex and infamous of the last century. Staying in Berlin, nomads should most definitely visit the city's iconic landmarks like the Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. There are plenty of museums and galleries with artefacts extending far beyond the past century. Besides soaking in some history, Berlin's bar scene has a lot to offer and nomads can find themselves partying late into the following morning.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Charles bridge

Not only is one of the digital nomad community's favourite European destinations, but the ancient city is one of the most beautiful places in the world with its medieval architecture seemingly frozen in time. Prague is on the rise with internet available throughout and the city is welcoming to nomads. Plenty of working spaces have opened up in the Czech city. Prague will not break the bank as much as some other European cities and for a comfortable lifestyle, nomads should expect to spend around $1,800 a month.

While in Prague, nomads should visit the picturesque Old Town. Cobbled streets, ancient cathedrals and the Prague astronomical clock take visitors back into the past. The Prague Castle, a blend of roman and gothic architecture, is worth a sight, as well.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Hungary

The city of is one of the top choices for digital nomads because of its relatively cheap cost of living, booming nightlife and its brutishly-beautiful Eastern European architecture. Meals in Budapest are cheap, varied and plentiful. Getting across the city is not crazily expensive, either, and there are plenty of options for transportation to explore the city. Internet connectivity is not as great as Berlin — but it is not terrible, either, and lounging about in cafes on a laptop is not frowned upon (so long as you do buy something). A month on average in Budapest should be around $1,600 to $1,700, making the city one of Europe's best value choices.

Not many people want to get into politics abroad (could even be the reason you left), but the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest is worth visiting. The giant, beautiful structure is one of the city's biggest attractions. Several museums and parks are also within the capital and worth a visit, but nomads should definitely visit one of the city's many thermal baths (especially during the frigid winter months).

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Ukraine

Fewer nomads are thinking of making the jump to Ukraine because of recent unrest in portions of the country, however, Kiev still has plenty to offer that few other European cities do — and for a lot cheaper. Nomads should budget around $1,200 a month to live a month comfortably in Kiev, making it one of the least expensive options on the continent.

Kiev balances both the old and the modern. With strong Russian and European styles, the capital is one of the most unique places to travel. The National Chernobyl Museum is worth a visit if you can not make a trip to the exclusion zone itself. The museum chronicles one of the 20th century's most harrowing disasters. The St. Sophia Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site and definitely worth a visit. To relax and unwind, take a walk or bike ride through one of the city's many green parks or The Sculpture's Alley.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Slovenia

Few people have heard of the Slovenian city of Ljubljana, but the city is quickly rising as a digital nomad favourite. Connecting to the internet is rarely an issue in and there is a large bar and cafe scene in the city making it easy for digital nomads to comfortably work. Ljubljana is on the pricier end of the European destinations but the city is still a great choice for its safety, internet connectivity and ease of travel. A month in Ljubljana should run digital nomads in the range of $2,000 to $2,100.

The city itself is relatively small and much of it can be seen in just a few days, however, most of what Ljubljana offers can be found right outside the city limits. The nearby countryside is incredibly scenic. Great alpine lakes, like Lake Bled, are worth a visit for the views alone, and the coast of the Adriatic bustles with activity during the summer. Even during the winter, nomads wanting a jumping-off place for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding should consider Ljubljana.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade rarely jumps off the page for nomads choosing a temporary home, but it should. The Serbian city covers most of the essential requirements for digital nomads. Belgrade is not expensive to live in, easy to get online, safe, painless to traverse and a great environment to work and play. Belgrade is best for those nomads who also want to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and the weather is mild and enjoyable most of the year. On average, digital nomads should expect to pay around $1,400 to $1,500 a month, making Belgrade one of the more affordable options in Europe.

Similar to most European cities, Belgrade has a rich and historical architecture that makes it stunningly beautiful to look at. On a cliff overlooking the city on the confluence of the Danube and the River Sava, Kalemegdan Park and its winding trails boast not just great views of the city, but a historic fortress, museum and zoo. The Nikola Tesla Museum is worth a visit for anybody interested in the iconic scientist and inventor.

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