Exploring A New Country Solo – How To Prepare For The Big Trip Before You Depart

Exploring A New Country Solo – How To Prepare For The Big Trip Before You Depart

The world is our oyster, and a big trip exploring a new country is the pearl. Nothing beats hitting the streets of a foreign nation and having an adventure and exploring a new country solo. There are a few things that most globetrotters forget about before they head out into the unknown. Don’t make the same mistakes by following some of the tips here on how to prepare for a big trip.

Pack Up At Home Before You Go Away

If you are going to go on a big trip and be away from home for a while you may want to put some of your things away for safekeeping. Anything could happen while you are out of the country, and it opens up the opportunity to rent out your living space while you are gone. Getting some personal storage space for your most important possessions can give you extra peace of mind and let you enjoy your trip without worrying about what you left behind.

To keep your keepsakes safe while you are away get some personal storage space at Safestore. There are Safestores up and down the country so you should be able to find one nearby that you can use while exploring the globe. They beat any other local quote by 10% too, so they are always the best value option. You can hit the road in confidence knowing your things are safe, and you can relax while you make your way across a new nation.

Get Familiar With The Territory

Before you explore in real life you should do some exploring online. Google Maps is a good place to start and the StreetView feature is perfect for getting to grips with directions and even picking out places to eat. Do a little in depth research too, and search for blog posts by people who have visited the area and see what they recommend you see and do, and don’t miss.

This can also be a good time to find out more about local transport links and get hold of some timetables and ticket prices. Choosing buses, trains, and trams could save you a small fortune on local taxi fares and Uber. Check out accommodation reviews before you book any too. Trips away can be ruined if your hotel room lets you down or the area you are in is a little sketchy.

Batten Down The Digital Hatches

Something that many travellers forget about, especially if they are travelling far away to a less developed nation, is the sophistication of modern-day criminals no matter where you are in the world. Getting your pocket picked is an old traveller’s tale, but have you ever thought of having your phone cloned or bank cards scanned? Data is everywhere, and you cannot always trust every chip and pin machine you see.

There are also devices that can scan phones and cards from across the room, especially if you have an open BlueTooth connection. Before you board your departing flight, train ride, or car journey, do some digital due diligence and put your security settings on max. Turn off your BlueTooth if you are not using it and consider getting an RFID proof wallet. This prevents the chips on debit and credit cards from being scanned like they are on a chip and pin machine unless you take them out.

With enough planning and preparation, any big trip will be a success no matter how far-flung your destination is. Safety is key when you are in a foreign land, and all these tips should keep you and your belongings safe both at home and abroad.

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