As digital nomads, we travel the world and we stay in lots of different places. Sometimes we do want to live it up and experience locations in luxury, this is where cruises come in handy. With a luxury cruise, you can experience the coastal regions of the continents, you can explore mesmerizing landscapes that are famous beyond the norm.

Destinations like St. Barths and St. Tropez are some of the most famous ones for tourists who prefer to travel on a private yachting tour. The Caribbean is another destination with classic itineraries, but with a slower and more relaxed pace.

While luxury cruises end to focus on the Baltic, Black, and the Mediterranean Sea, there are more exotic ones that can take you to wilder destinations, or even the remote South Pacific and Antarctica.

In this article, Nomad Girl explores 5 amazing destinations you can visit on a luxury cruise. Let's check them out!


Luxury cruise destinations - 1.Galapagos islands

The are known for their endemic species, the giant tortoise being one example. They are also great for water activities like snorkeling, swimming with sea lions and kayaking, turquoise beaches, authentic cuisine, and volcanic landscapes.

The islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles off the coast of . The land is rich in diverse fauna and flora and is a must-visit destination. A luxury Galapagos cruise will take you on an adventure across these wild and diverse islands where you can witness some of the greatest scientific discoveries.

One of the main reasons to visit the archipelago is it's remoteness – there are 19 different islands where you can see all types of wildlife. Furthermore, you can visit a new island each day due to their proximity to each other.

The Caribbean

Luxury cruise destinations - 2. Caribbean

The Caribbean is a popular destination among tourists, however, if you don't plan your trip accordingly it can be a daunting experience. There are many famous destinations to visit, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, , and more.

Visiting small islands is a luxury cruise speciality, so ensure you've chosen a carefully curated itinerary. You'd get to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle, relax, take a break in the isolated parts of , or visit the and sip a cocktail on the white, sandy beaches.

Other luxury itineraries will take you to the Grenadines, St. Vincent, Bequia, and Mustique for a perfect getaway.


Luxury cruise destinations - 3. Antarctica

Antarctica is the dream destination for many people. This piece of land was first discovered 200 years ago, however, it remains one of the most mysterious ones and a popular cruise destination. A luxury cruise can take you across the Drake Passage, the infamous passage flanked by resilient seabirds, petrels, and albatross.

Major reasons to visit Antarctica are endorsed by the endearing creatures which the land is known for, the penguins. You can walk among them since they are completely unbothered by the human presence.

Whilst you are there, you can comprehend the vast beauty of Antarctica by seeing the famous icebergs.

The untouched wilderness in Antarctica explores the Antarctic Peninsula and you'd get to see remains of expedition sites like Scott's Hut at Cape Evans. These islands offer unprecedented bird watching activities where you can see endemic species and enjoy the different types of albatross – the Gibson's wandering albatross, the shy albatross, and the southern royal albatross.


Luxury cruise destinations - 4. India

Now we are moving toward more exotic destinations. is number one on our bucket list, and we believe it's also on yours. Starting from the Himalayas and going through the Bay of Bengal, the river Ganges is the roadmap to spirituality in India. You will witness floating candles in the river which is a mark of the carnival chaos and colour in the country.

Only a few countries in the world carve a deep impression on travellers, and India is one of them. The vibrant colours, locals in rural areas, the , Indian cuisine, architecture, culture, traditions, customs, clothes, and beaches are some of the major reasons to visit the country of holiness and centuries-long traditions.

We'd recommend you to visit the province of Rajasthan, which is the home of majestic forts, the land of camels and precious jewels, and the heart of Indian history. Remember that India is a country of chaos, but a river cruise means, you will avoid the endless traffic jams, swerving motorbikes, crowded streets, and honking of horns on every corner of the streets.

Learn to go with the flow and try to understand the Indian time to get a deeper sense of their culture and nation.


Luxury cruise destinations - 5. indonesia

Indonesia is an exotic destination, with more than 170,000 islands and an amazing culture. From the luxurious Nusa Dua beach to the relaxing Gili Island, Indonesia has something to offer for everybody.

The incredible trails and the historical world heritage with thousands of years of history are worth visiting anytime. From the , to the full moon parties and fabulous marine-rich , there's something for everyone on these stunning islands. And a cruise allows you to access some of the more remote spots that any other tour just can't reach. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Indonesia.

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