5 Essential Truck or UTE Packing Tips to Travel Around Australia

5 Essential Truck or UTE Packing Tips to Travel Around Australia

Travelling around is on a lot of digital nomads' minds. This big diverse country offers plenty of diversity, sights, nature, cities and of course amazing beaches. The great Australian working holiday visa gives Digital Nomads plenty of time to work and travel to explore what this great country has to offer.

A lot of travellers buy and sell a car for their travel needs, but if you need more space for let's say camping gear, surfboards etc and you want to do some offroading in the outback as well you end up buying a truck or as they call it in Australia a UTE.

You're getting the right deal if you own a UTE. Now you can bring and store all your bags and stuff in the rear tray. As you know have the space you can bring a lot more stuff on your Australian adventure to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Just have a look at how fellow Australians go around the country and what they bring with them. A small portable fridge, a stove, and a power generator. The bike and or surfboard are also vital.

You get into the same position as you were before. You need some to make sure you find storage room for everything. You need to find a way to pack everything properly, too. In this article, we will help you get this done. Keep reading to learn the five essentials when travelling with a truck or UTE and find the best packing practices.

1. Install a toolbox with enough storage space

Installing a toolbox in the back is the right thing to do. It is the starting point when you're about to solve all your packing issues. If you mount the adequate toolbox in the back, you're setting the vehicle to be capable of withholding nearly anything you may think of taking with you on your trip.

Opt for a toolbox that will be big enough to fit everything inside, but also a toolbox that will look good with the rest of the truck. Suppose you're driving a great-looking black UTE and want an equally cool toolbox. Search the market for a black toolbox for UTE and install it before taking off.

2. Prioritize items and store them in the perfect place

Although you might want to take the kitchen faucet with you, understand that you're going on a trip. You need to adapt to the new place, and you shouldn't move everything from your house. Instead, prioritize what the essentials are and pack them only.

Even when you realize what these items are, you should prioritize storing them inside. You need to store the bigger items first and move toward the smaller ones. If you place the small items first, they will obstruct the entrance and prevent you from packing bigger ones.

For example, a bike is robust and complex, and placing it inside the toolbox will take too much space. Instead, you need to keep it out until you store all the backpacks and suitcases, and only then find the perfect place for it. Thinking about mounting it outside the vehicle is also a wise idea.

3. Know how to pack items to get more room

When it comes to clothes and similar items, you need to know how to fold them and pack them properly to make the most of them. When you're trying to pack a suitcase full of clothes, you should learn the best way to fold them.

With numerous videos online explaining this, it's not too hard to see what the trick is. If you manage to pack them properly, you may cut the number of suitcases from five to four, which is a big difference when you think about how many other items you're storing inside the toolbox.

4. Make a plan before starting to pack

Before doing anything, you need to make a plan and think about all the issues and difficulties you may encounter during the packing. We already mentioned the bike issue, which is just one of the many things to think about before starting anything.

Making a plan and preparing a list of duties and chores is also valuable. With it, you'll never forget anything and always know what you need to pack next. If you have the list, you'll never need to take everything out and start anew.

5. Use all possible options

It's a wise move to install other storage solutions too. Aside from the toolbox, you can use the roof rack too. You'll need to install it first, of course. UTEs are designed perfectly for installing undertray drawers where smaller items are perfect to place and always have them accessible.

A spare tire can go in a special holder under the tray or behind it. Rack holders in the back connected to the roof and above the toolbox are also available. There's a solution to create a multipurpose vehicle out of your UTE if you want to. Just ask the pros how.

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