How To Be A Digital Nomad In An RV

How To Be A Digital Nomad In An RV

More and more people are choosing a way of making a living that allows them to work from any place. The freedom of being a allows you to sustain yourself while travelling the globe. While some people make apartments or hotel rooms their temporary homes, others choose to live out of a vehicle. There are those that sleep in cars and small vans, and those who prefer the creature comforts of an RV. Being a digital nomad in an RV lets you have a mobile home base and office without sacrificing any freedom.

Travelling as a digital nomad in an RV can be a terrific way of exploring larger countries, such as the USA, or . You might even want to tackle entire continents with good road conditions and fairly easy border crossings, such as Europe.

Renting an RV to try out the lifestyle is greatly advised before you jump in and buy a vehicle. Check out motorhome rentals to start your US adventures, or get a free RV rental guide for more information.

Budget Appropriately For RV Life

While your nightly accommodation costs will almost certainly be lower when you live in an RV, you will still often need to pay for spaces on a camping ground. Additionally, there will be vehicle maintenance and repair costs too. And you'll need to factor in the cost of filling your RV with gas. If you'll be settled in one spot for longer, your gas costs will, naturally, be lower than if you're constantly on the move. Another overhead to factor into your budget is the cost of the internet. Living the digital nomad dream in a motorhome may be cheaper than renting apartments or staying in , especially when factoring in transportation too, but it definitely isn't close to free.

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Ensure Your Internet Connection Is Reliable

Being a digital nomad in an RV is very different to vacationing in a motorhome. You need to work! It is, therefore, paramount that your internet connection is reliable, secure and strong. Depending on where you plan to travel, many people find that they can get a great package with their cellphone provider. You can stay connected through your 3G or 4G network.

People who plan to live the RV digital nomad life for a long time may invest in a satellite for their vehicle. This can, however, be a costly option. On the other hand, it is often the best way to ensure a good internet connection in more remote areas.

Whichever way you choose to stay connected, it's worth keeping in mind that free connections are rarely reliable. If you plan to make your living and life on the road, having your own internet connection is a priority.

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Sleep Outside Of Cities


Although discovering new cities may be high on your list of things to do, parking up outside of any major city is highly recommended. You can then use public transportation to travel in and out of city centres. Not only will roads be a lot busier the closer you get to large cities but finding parking, especially for an RV, can be all but impossible. Campgrounds in the heart of a city come at premium prices too.

Spend Occasional Nights Away From Your RV

Living and working in a confined space for a prolonged period of time can take its toll. It's a great idea to schedule the odd night every few weeks away from your vehicle. Check into a budget-friendly guest house or hotel for a few nights and enjoy a few little luxuries that you may have been missing while on the road. Things like a bathtub can become a big deal when you haven't seen one for a long time! You can easily park your RV up, pack a small bag, and have a small vacation; being a digital nomad in an RV might facilitate lots of travel, but it doesn't mean that life is one long holiday!

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Join Online Groups To Meet Other RV-Dwelling Digital Nomads


Living in an RV can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. Whereas staying in hostels lets you meet new people on a constant basis, and it's often easy to strike up a conversation when working in a café or co-working space, there are fewer opportunities to mingle when you have your own mobile home and office. Join online groups and forums for people who live a similar lifestyle and become part of a growing community that can offer support, advice and friendship. Local meet-ups can be an ideal way of making new friends on the road.

Make Sure You Have Balance In Life

You need to be fairly organized and dedicated to being a successful digital nomad in an RV. While it can be tempting to take days off here and there, it's important to remember that you still need to make an income. Conversely, being self-employed can lead to you working ridiculous hours to beat deadlines. A work-life balance is very important. Make sure you allot time for work, adventures, personal well-being and social interactions.

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