Why Bratislava Should be Your Top Pick for a European City Break

Why Bratislava Should be Your Top Pick for a European City Break

There are places in the world, such as , , , and others that are known to be beautiful, which is one of the major reasons why so many people from different parts of the world visit them.

But then, you come across the cities, like , that may not be as “famous”, however, that doesn't make them any less wonderful, it's just that they've been overshadowed by these above-mentioned destinations.

What's safe to say about 's capital is that it has plenty to offer, starting from the sensational historic downtown, breathtaking parks, cobblestone streets, lovely coffee shops, etc.

If you are having second thoughts about this city, then you should definitely take a look at these facts below.

It Has A Fantastic Historic Old Town

Bratislava Old Town

If you're into vibrant, old buildings, and medieval architecture, then you are going to absolutely enjoy its historic old town.

You'll get a feeling as if you took a time machine and traveled back in time because this part of Bratislava simply exudes that ancient charm that people can often stumble upon in numerous European cities.

This is a perfect place for all the old souls who are huge fans of old streets that boast beautiful coffee shops and art galleries. While you're there, you cannot miss out on some of the most popular landmarks of this city, like Old Town Hall, Bratislava Castle, Primate's Palace, Michael's Gate, and others.

If you pay a visit to the Town Hall, you'll get the chance to see an exhibition with various artifacts that will tell you all that's relevant concerning the history of this place. In case you didn't know, this capital was the coronation city for Hungarian Kings for roughly three hundred years.

If you follow the footsteps of these kings, you'll unveil the most crucial stops at which this ceremony took place. Speaking of Bratislava, some of you may not know that it's very close to , the capital of .

Therefore, if you have enough time, yet you visited all the major landmarks of Bratislava, you can always opt for a taxi Bratislava Vienna to see another phenomenal city. Since it's not too pricey, it's surely worth considering!

You Won't Break The Bank For This Venture

Bratislava castle

There are a lot of cities in Europe that are considered pricey. Luckily, Bratislava is not one of them. On the contrary. In comparison to the other European capitals (and the rest of the world, in general), it's in fact quite affordable.

In other words, if you're planning on visiting an interesting destination that has a lot to offer, yet you cannot allow yourself to blow your budget, then you should definitely take this place into consideration.

It's generally a perfect way to get a glimpse of the southwestern part of Europe. If some of you are planning on living there, potentially, then you'll be glad to know that the cost of living is way less in comparison to its neighbors, such as , and .

Ideal For People Who Hate Huge Crowds

If you've travelled a lot and visited popular destinations, then you probably already know how crowded they can be, because, in most cases, they are packed with tourists from all around the world.

That's one of the drawbacks of popular cities and countries. Luckily, for better or for worse, that's not the case with Slovakia and its capital. Although there are tourists, it's definitely not as touristy as some other cities, which is a great thing, since it means that you won't need to wait in lines forever in order to take pictures of some of its beautiful buildings.

If you ask a lot of avid travelers who visited Bratislava, most of them will tell you that it's one of the main reasons why they decided to go there in the first place. Even if you do not mind the crowds, don't you think that sometimes it's much better when you do not need to “share” a particular destination with so many people?

It Has A Sensational Nightlife

There are lots of cities across Europe that are known to have amazing nightlife, and Bratislava, is certainly one of them. That's exactly one of the main reasons why so many people who live or visit Vienna come to this place.

This capital continuously hosts a variety of different parties, however, even if you're not a typical party animal, yet you would still like to have a great time, then you can always pay a visit to some of the most amazing wine bars this destination has.

The city's most renowned and famous clubs are situated in SNP and Hviezdoslavovo squares, along with Ventruska, Michalska, and Obchodna streets.

There Are Lots Of Peculiar, Yet Interesting Statues In This City

cumil bratislava

Among many other things, Bratislava is also known for its peculiar statues. But peculiar, in these instances, doesn't refer to anything negative, but rather charming and a bit quirky. Namely, these sorts of statues are all over the capital.

Possibly, the most popular one is called Man at Work, but also known as “Cumil” (that's actually a nickname). This statue showcases a silly guy who is trying to sneak out of a sewer on the ground and it can be seen at the junction of Panska and Laurinska Streets.

Aside from this one, you will get the opportunity to see the statue of Napoleon, along with the one that's called Paparazzi because it showcases a man who is taking pictures around the corner.

Another way this city is trying to demonstrate its creative side is through various sorts of street art. If you're a lover of it, then you must definitely go to the SNP bus station that's located under the UFO bridge.

It is packed with a variety of different graffiti. Generally speaking, Bratislava is full of graffiti, hence, if you want to cast your eyes on all of them, then you should schedule a Bratislava street art tour that's free of charge.

bratislava danube

Bratislava is not a city that's loaded with skyscrapers that are lurking behind every corner, nor it is filled with millions of tourists. What it is, is a charming, relatively small capital, that's going to sweep you off your feet.

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