Sure travelling can be expensive, with long haul flights, visa costs, as well as accommodation, but travelling on a budget is easy that you expect. Overland travel is very affordable with inexpensive government buses, train tickets, as well as other means of cheap transportation such as car sharing. Here is a list of cheap transportation options that might come in handy and save you some money when travelling in or to Europe.

Inexpensive Bus Companies

Eurolines –  is an inexpensive long-distance bus and coach company covering Europe and .

Mega Bus – This bus company operates mainly in the UK and USA, with some buses operating through mainland Europe.

Flix Bus

Flixbus europe – FlixBus is a German brand that offers intercity bus service in Europe, North America, and

Eco Lines – International routes connecting major cities in Europe include , Paris, , Berlin, Bonn, , Kyiv, St Petersburg, Moscow, , , Vilnius and Riga.

Lux Express – Luxury bus service though the Baltic states, Poland and .


The Main in Seat Sixty-One – This site has the most up to date and best routes for , with fair prices and time of travel within most countries in the world.

Ride shares

Bla Bla Car – Blah Blah Car connects drivers who are travelling through Europe with people looking for a ride. Fuel costs for the journey are shared. This is the largest carpooling side in Europe.

And if you're searching for flights

Google Flights

google flights – On of the best sites to get inspired and find cheap flights. For those that really want to use the power of search try which is also powered by google flights but gives you even more options.

Sky Scanner – After you find the flights in Google Flights use the power of Sky Scanner to find the cheapest OTA (Online Travel Agent) to book you flights.