The Pros and Cons of Moving to Grenada

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Grenada

, also known as ‘the Spice of the Caribbean,' is a rich, stunning, and impressive island with lots of white sandy beaches, buzzing coral reefs, and lush green vegetation. It offers citizens and residents several benefits, including stable currency, friendly residents, ease of access to the States, and relatively warm weather.

These are some of the pros you'll get from moving to Grenada, however, there are also cons you'll need to know before finalizing your relocation.

Where In The World Is Grenada?

Grenada is a small country situated in the Caribbean Sea. In July 2020, it recorded a population of 112,523; its capital is St. George's, also the country's largest city. It comprises four major islands: the island of Grenada, Carriacou, Petit,

Regarding wealth distribution in Grenada, there is no current statistic on it, but like most countries of the world, it has both poor and wealthy categories of residents.

The country of Grenada is comprised of different islands: the island of Grenada, Petite Martinique, Carriacou, and several hundreds of smaller islands. However, most of the country's population is located in the first three islands.

Grenada is a great place to consider for your personality, personal preferences, and life situations. It has one of the best communities, considerable cost of living, population makeup, climate, basic activities, and job opportunities.

Pros of Living in Grenada

Grenada Has a Secure Government

Even though Grenada has experienced a level of instability in its past politics, it currently enjoys a stable political atmosphere. This especially was after the helped to restore the peace of the country in 1983. In addition, the Grenada nationals have been reported to inhabit a good level of honesty and sincerity.

This report was specially given by tourists who praised nationals for restoring their missing or misplaced items.

Grenada Island Boasts of a Tropical and Sunny Climate

Moving to Grenada - Grenada beaches

Grenada's weather is largely tropical all year round. It is driest between December and May, while the wet season falls between June and November. It is in this period that you'll experience about 8 to 10 inches of rainfall a month.

Grenadians Nationals are Very Sociable

Grenada has one of the world's most sociable people. So, in your immigration to Grenada, you'll are not likely to have a hard time integrating with the locals. There are several ways to meet people who can boost your experiences in the area. For instance, a large percentage of nationals congregate in churches to worship every week.

You can also meet people through volunteering. For instance, there are beaches, but most Grenadians are non-swimmers. So, you can make an impact by teaching people how to swim. Also, if you love to hike, you can meet an international group of walkers and runners called Hash House Harriers. The group was established in 1985 in Grenada, and they hold sessions every Saturday through Grenada's rainforest and mountainous terrain.

The Island Is Safe

Moving to Grenada - grenada immigration

Grenada is one of the safest Islands on the planet. So, if you are considering travelling to that part of the world, and safety is a top priority for you, then it is time to give it a nod. Grenada records a very low crime rate Nation Master places it on a scale with the United States and reveals its low statistics on murder rate, homicides, rape cases, and prisoners.

A Statista record show 11.1 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017. They had the lowest kidnapping and murder rates when compared to many other regions. New visitors are safe in public transport and most of the locations. However, it is always advised that you avoid secluded places, especially during late hours. Also, consider taking only taxis approved by the Grenada Taxi Association.

Grenada Possesses Attractive And Unspoiled Vicinities

Grenada is saturated with so many attractive tropical features and attractive scenery environs which include waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and lakes. It has 18 waterfalls and 45 beaches.

Moving to Grenada

Cons of Living in Grenada

The Island Has Limited Access To Specialized Services And Products

Since Grenada is only a tiny island, there is limited access to popular services and products like you'll find in developed countries. Check out Numbeo for some prices of everyday items.

You'll Experience Mosquitoes During Rainy Seasons

Even though the tropical weather is a considerable addition to the Grenada experience, mosquitoes and flies are actively featured during the wet season. So, as a visitor, you must utilize repellant, especially during rainy seasons. But you are less likely to have issues with the flies.

There Is A Possibility Of A Hurricane

Grenada has battled with dangerous hurricanes, the most recent occurring in 2014. The devastation caused was estimated to be about twice the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There was also massive damage to its agriculture sector.

On A Final Note

Immigration to Grenada has many benefits, including safety, easy access to top cities worldwide, secure government, tropical and sunny climate, friendly locals, and attractive environs. However, the cons are that you may experience a slower pace of life if you currently reside in a top-world country.

All photo credits: Hugh Whyte.

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