Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa – Process & Requirements

Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa – Process & Requirements

The visa applies to digital nomads who want to live and work remotely in Cyprus, a stunning country in the Mediterranean. Boasting a vibrant culture, rich history, sunny climate, and some of the world's most beautiful beaches, Cyprus is a great place to live for digital nomads.

Following the footsteps of many other European countries, the government of Cyprus launched the digital nomad visa scheme to lure digital nomads to visit the country and stay longer. With this visa, digital nomads can legally live in the country for one year, with an option to extend it further for two years.

As a digital nomad in Cyprus, you'll have easy access to beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean while enjoying a slower pace of life. There are also plenty of historical sites to explore while on a break from work. You can also take up fun outdoor adventures or relax by the beach and enjoy refreshing cocktails. Thus, you can enjoy a healthy work-life balance while living as a digital nomad in Cyprus.

So, if the idea of living in Cyprus sounds enticing and you are lucky to work remotely, read this guide to apply for the Cyprus . The process should be easy as long as you are eligible and have the proper requirements and paperwork.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

About the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

The Cyprus digital nomad visa scheme is a program that aims to attract digital nomads from non-EU/EEA citizens countries to reside in Cyprus temporarily while working remotely. Under this scheme, eligible digital nomads will receive a permit that will allow them to stay in the country legally for up to a year.

As a digital nomad visa in Cyprus, you can enjoy tax exemption for stays of less than 183 days. Beyond that, you will have to pay taxes since you are already considered a tax resident. What's great about the Cyprus digital nomad visa is it's very affordable. In fact, it's one of the cheapest digital nomad visas out there, costing only €70 to apply. Also, the visa can be extended for two more years, allowing you to live in the country for three years.

Like any visa, you must fulfill specific requirements when applying for the digital nomad visa of Cyprus. It only applies to non-EU/EEA citizens working for a company outside Cyprus.

Digital nomads can bring their families to Cyprus and include them in their application for the Cyprus digital nomad visa. However, your family or dependents are not allowed to take up work in Cyprus. 

There is a quota of how many visas can be issued, initially this was only 100, but it has now been increased to 500.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Eligibility for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Citizens from European countries are not required to obtain a visa to enter Cyprus. Thus, the Cyprus digital nomad visa only applies to individuals from non-EU and non-EEA countries. Aside from this, you must:

  • Be able to work remotely using telecommunication technology.
  • Working for a company based outside of Cyprus or offering services to clients abroad.
  • Have a monthly income of at least €3,500.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Requirements for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

If you are eligible for the Cyprus digital nomad visa and want to apply, the first step is to prepare the requirements. Below are the documents you must submit during the application.

  • Cyprus digital nomad visa application form – download a copy of the application form online from the Cypriot Ministry of Interior's website.
  • Passport – your passport should be valid for at least three months from your application date.
  • Two passport-sized photos – you will also be required to submit colored passport-sized photos taken on white background. The dimensions should be 2 x 2 inches.
  • Updated resume or CV
  • Proof of stable income – you must show proof you are earning a monthly income of at least €3,500.
  • Certificate of a clean criminal record – you can obtain this certificate from your local police department.
  • Proof of accommodation – it can come in the form of a rental agreement, a lease, or a hotel booking. The rental agreement has to be duly stamped if the rental is valued at over €5,000.
  • Employment contract – make sure your employer is based outside of Cyprus. It should state your status in the company.
  • Company's registration certificate – submit a certification showing the company is registered outside Cyprus.
  • Confirmation letter from employer – the letter must confirm that you can work on your duties remotely in Cyprus.
  • Valid – you must have insurance to cover outpatient and inpatient care and repatriation of remains.
  • Original blood analysis results – the results must show you are free from HIV, syphilis, HEPA B and C, tuberculosis (TB), etc. It must be duly certified by a specialized doctor.
  • Affirmation letter – if you bring dependents, you need to submit an affirmation stating that they will not provide any work or services to companies based in Cyprus.

For self-employed digital nomads, you can submit copies of contracts with clients outside of Cyprus. They should indicate the details of the projects or services you provide them.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Steps to Apply for the Residency Permit

Once you have all the requirements ready, it's time to apply for the Cyprus digital nomad visa. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the country – you must be in Cyprus to apply for the digital nomad visa. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to book a ticket to Cyprus. Depending on your nationality, you may be able to enter the country visa-free and stay there for a certain period. For instance, those coming from the can enter the country with no need to apply for a visa and stay there for up to 90 days.
  1. Fill out the application form – you can start the application as soon as you arrive. Download the visa application form online, print it, and fill it out completely.
  1. Visit the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia – submit the application form together with the requirements stated above to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia.
  1. Pay the visa fee – when you apply, they will ask you to pay the application fee of €70. Make sure you bring enough cash to pay for this.
  1. Wait for a response – after you submit your application and make a payment, you need to wait for them to process the visa. It should take five to seven weeks for them to process the Cyprus digital nomad visa. They will notify you via email if they approve or reject your application. Once approved, you have up to one year to stay in Cyprus from the date you receive your permit.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Living as a Digital Nomad in Cyprus

Many digital nomads have visited Cyprus over the past few years, making it one of the most popular countries in Southeastern Europe for digital nomads to live in. It's a delightful country in the Mediterranean Sea, offering a combination of gorgeous beaches, rich history, and stunning nature.

Despite being a small country, Cyprus boasts many beautiful places you can explore while living there as a digital nomad. It's an ideal place to live if you want to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Between working, you can hang out at the beach, explore a UNESCO World Heritage site, swim in a lagoon, and dig deeper into the country's history by visiting some of its top historical sites.

Some popular cities for digital nomads in Cyprus are Nicosia, , Limassol, and Paphos. Nicosia, the country's capital city, is where you will find most digital nomads. Nomads love Nicosia for many reasons. It's safe, offers lots of fun stuff to do, has great weather, and offers plenty of opportunities to make friends and network with other fellow nomads.

The cost of living in Cyprus is somewhat similar to many other European countries. For instance, if you base yourself in Nicosia, you can expect to spend up to $3,000 monthly. Of course, this depends on many factors, such as your accommodation. If you rent a studio in the city center, you can pay an average monthly rent of $1,000.

You can enjoy fast internet speeds in various places around Cyprus. Also, in bigger cities like Nicosia, you will find a variety of coworking spaces and cafes well-suited to digital nomads. You can also take your work to the beach. You will find beachside bars, cafes, and restaurants with super reliable Wi-Fi suitable for working. 4G signals are abundant in many cities around the country. The main cities of Cyprus are well-established and modern, and most locals, especially in tourist areas, speak good English.

The weather is one of the highlights of living in Cyprus as a digital nomad. Summer begins around April and until October. Rain is rare during these months, giving you plenty of time to spend outdoors. The temperature is at its highest between July and August, which can reach 40°C.

Winters in Cyprus are mild, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads escaping the harsh winter weather in their home country. It does not get too cold, and you can enjoy plenty of clear blue skies, with temperatures averaging around 20°C. If you venture inland towards the Troodos Mountains, you can expect the temperature to drop dramatically, yes you can even ski here in the winter. Even in summer, temperatures in this area can be colder.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Paying Taxes as a Digital Nomad in Cyprus

You are exempted from taxes when living as a digital nomad in Cyprus, but only until the 183rd day of staying in the country. After that, you will become a tax resident, which means you will be obligated to pay taxes.

Luckily, Cyprus has one of the best tax systems in Europe. Tax residents are only required to pay personal if their income is derived from Cyprus. Therefore, as a digital nomad who works for a company outside the country, you are exempted from paying personal income tax.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

FAQs on the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa?

The Cyprus digital nomad visa is among the cheapest digital nomad visas. It only costs €70 to apply. Renewal will also cost €70.

How Long Can I Stay in Cyprus while Holding the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Cyprus digital nomad visa will let you stay in the country for up to a year. After it expires, you can renew it for two more years. It is possible to review the visa one month before the expiration date. You must submit the renewal request to Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia. Aside from submitting the requirements, you must pay a fee of €70.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa? 

The processing time for the Cyprus digital nomad visa is five to seven weeks. You will receive an email or a call informing you of your visa application status.

Cyprus digital Nomad Visa

Many Other Countries with Digital Nomad Visas

Cyprus is one of the many countries over the years that have launched a digital nomad visa. You can find the full list below:

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