Whether you believe it or not, the right governess, tutor or nanny job will pay you up to $2000 per week. A big salary for a job that allows you to work and travel at the same time.

If you have any experience nannying or perhaps travelling and teaching TEFL in a school or a language club, that number will probably seem extraordinarily high. But the fact of the matter is, these types of high-salary jobs are out there, and the roles advertised by both individual VIP English nanny and tutor agencies and specialist job sites like Jobs in Childcare can attest to it.

So how does this VIP English language market work?

It's actually very straightforward. Many countries value learning the learning of English as a second language, and many rich parents want their children to speak English fluently. In fact, they ideally want English tutors or nannies to care for their kids and raise them speaking perfect English.

There are also many countries with a low supply of native-level English speakers, teachers and childcare staff.

If the number of native-level teachers is low and the number of wealthy families looking for teachers is high, the market meets a place where English nannies and tutors are able to command significantly higher prices than in the rest of the world.

This creates a model of VIP or ‘jet set' nannies and tutors, well paid for the theoretical ‘sacrifice' of moving to a new country. Working for wealthy employers also often includes first-class travel and bonuses. Staff are generally well-treated in order to ensure they stay longer in employment and help the children achieve that final goal of native-level English fluency. Overall, it's a good deal.

Vip english nanny - private jet

So, if this piques your interest, read on. Below are 6 steps to $2000 per week nannying or abroad. Get ready to take some notes!

1. Gain an understanding of what your target market is

It is essential to understand what this type of work is actually about.

Whilst a tutor travelling and working in a summer camp or school might make $5-20/ hour or $20-$80/ day, VIP nanny and full-time tutor/ governor/ governess jobs can comfortably make $1500 per week and, at the top end of the spectrum, $15,000 per month or more.

So do some research. Use a suitable search platform – our own Jobs in Childcare website is a good starting point, or get on Google. Look up ‘governess work', ‘VIP nanny jobs', ‘VIP tutor work' or ‘travel nanny' and look at the day-to-day routine, the qualifications required, and give yourself an idea of what this type of work is all about.

2. Be flexible

High salary nanny and tutoring jobs are usually found in places like Moscow, St Petersburg, Dubai or . You can also find jobs with non-native families who have moved to English speaking cities like , New York or LA. Be aware that you will probably need to be based somewhere new.

vip english nanny nice location

If you find a full-time position with a VIP family, you will also typically be asked to travel with work. VIP English nannies and tutors often work 50 hours + during the week, sometimes working on weekend days or even with ‘floating' days off, which change each week to suit the employer. You may be forced to change plans at the last minute as your employer's schedule fluctuates.

So be flexible! Be prepared to work hard and save hard, and think about whether you are ready to put an employer's needs before your own before you decide this line of work is for you. Think about what your plan is, and prepare accordingly.

3. Work on your experience, qualifications and CV

Naturally, your qualifications and any work experience you have will affect how much you can earn as a VIP English nanny or tutor.

To work as a nanny or manny, you would ideally have a degree or courses in childcare or Early Years. A tutor would ideally have a degree in English or in languages, although any degree along with a CELTA, TESOL or TEFL qualification is usually enough provided it is backed up by a few years of work experience. If you haven't got anything like this, get online and research short courses or online courses suitable for you.

You will also need some personal recommendations from previous colleagues or employers. Generally, around 3 years of experience is enough to position you in a good place for a high salary position with a VIP family.

You will also ideally work on your language skills, either developing your English language skills and understanding to the level that you can comfortably teach it effectively or by studying a second (or third) language that you can teach. French and Spanish are usually most popular with VIP families, with occasional demand for German, Italian or even Mandarin Chinese. Musical talent and sporting ability are another plus for VIP employers.

These skills, along with your qualifications and experience, will need to be documented in a well-presented CV. Your resume should be concise and to the point and accompanied by a cover letter to explain why you feel you are a good fit for a particular role. Photos can also help an employer envisage how you might fit in with his or her family.

4. Source a job

So, if you've got your mind in the zone for some travelling and tutoring, you've spruced up your CV with your qualifications and got your referees ready to sing your praises, it's time to start looking for suitable jobs.

The internet will be your friend here. As well as specialist nanny and tutor job sites like Jobs in Childcare, you can also Google search ‘VIP nanny jobs', or ‘VIP tutor jobs' to find individual agencies. Send off your CV and documents to register with agencies, and apply for individual jobs through job sites too to give yourself the best possible chance.

5. Be professional and interview well

If your CV is well received, either an agency or an employer will invite you for an interview, likely online or perhaps in person.

You should wear smart clothing which is in good condition. Make sure your hair is tidy, and that your skin is clean. Have some gum for fresh breath and tidy up your nails. Small details like new shoes or a nice watch can sometimes show that you are accustomed to a high standard working environment, as well as the salary that comes with it. Try to avoid strong fragrances or outlandish clothing with slogans – this isn't a fashion show.

Bear in mind that professionalism isn't just about your appearance. When you are communicating with an agency or an employer, your grammar and spelling need to be on point. Use a grammar checker like Grammarly or ask a friend to read over your correspondence if you are not confident with your grammar. This applies to both your CV and any written contact you engage in.

Always be on time.

If your contact with the agency or employer is online, ensure you have a strong wifi connection and that you're suitably dressed. Smile and have a paper and pen handy in case you need to make notes. Try to have something a bit different to show in your interview: photos, arts and crafts or videos of work with previous clients can really help you to stand out as an exceptional candidate.

Vip english nanny

6. Adjust your mindset

Lastly, remember that VIP nannying and tutoring isn't just ‘easy money'. Working away from home, on a difficult schedule and in situations you have not experienced before requires a certain inner strength.

The kids you teach or care for might be badly behaved. Your schedule might change without warning. This is just the way it is – and often when the going is tough, the salary is high. So be prepared to adjust your mindset a little. Take a breath. You really do need to be ready for anything in this line of work. You'll need a balance between being fun and interesting and being stable, well-organised and ready to solve any problem that might come at you.

Follow the steps above here at Nomad Girl, and if you want it – a top-level English nanny or tutor role could be yours.