Volunteer Work Abroad Short Term – Free Volunteer Options

Volunteer Work Abroad Short Term – Free Volunteer Options

Volunteering is a great option because…

So, I am sure that there are individuals out there, who like myself, have no idea what you want to do or where you want to go, but you know, and feel, that the normal 9-5 office cubical lifestyle in your home town is simply something that steals your soul, crushes your passions, and makes you unwell inside (stress, anxious, bored, unhappy, trapped). You get the picture.

So maybe you want to try learning some new skills, learning a second or even a third language, working in a new field, doing something hands-on, making a difference by helping others, or just want to mix it up and try something different than your current life. There are lots of online groups, programs, work exchanges, volunteer jobs, social networking databases and jobs abroad just waiting for people like you to take a chance and apply.

I have researched many of these options and list them with a brief description. From here, you can look at the options and consider the ones that suit you. Maybe you are looking to work with children, or might prefer a volunteer exchange program where you work a few hours a day in exchange for meals and accommodation.

There are opportunities to work in another country using your current skills in exchange for accommodation, meals and a small amount of pay. Another option is a homestay program, where you live with a family or individual and learn about their lifestyle, and culture and learn their language. And many more.

Here are some options you can consider. Note that some of the databases require a membership fee to use their service and contact employers/hosts, while others are completely free. Have to research the options listed, you can find reviews from other people who have used the services, or worked for a host employer which might give you a better insight. I personally, in the next few years, aim to use each of these services and then can give a very descriptive insight on some of the experiences which I had in various countries doing a range of different help exchange, volunteering and employment.


This is a database of hosts who post volunteer positions that they need help with, usually in exchange for meals and accommodation (all positions offer different standards of living, and different accommodation options so make sure you read the description carefully). The hosts have a description of the work role they require (from farm work, housework, gardening, hospitality or helping in a hostel), and the site also includes reviews from previous individuals who have been hosted there.

The site requires a membership fee in order to be able to contact the hosts, and positions range from one-week minimum to six months or more. There are thousands of hosts listing opportunities from a wide range of different countries (maybe you have a project, farm or business that you would like to get some help with, and can provide meals and a room in your house to volunteers).

volunteer work abroad

Volunteers Base

Volunteers Base is the same set-up at Helpx. The only main difference is that this is free to use the database, free for hosts and those looking for volunteer opportunities (yay!). You can simply register with your basic information and are able to look up opportunities from all around the world and contact the hosts directly. Then wait and see who replies!

Work Away

This site is very similar to Helpx although it has a focus on volunteering opportunities as part of a homestay. And like Helpx, most of the opportunities also include meals. There is a membership fee for this site and thousands of opportunities for volunteers.


This is an organisation with a focus on organic farming. The hosts provide accommodation (and usually meals) as well as education about organic farming. You need to pay a membership fee to be able to see opportunities and host information, although you must choose the country in which you want to volunteer in first, as each country has its own separate sub-organisation and therefore separate membership.

Wwoofing in has become quite a popular thing to do, as these volunteer opportunities are able to be done on a working holiday visa. It is a very good way, and a cheap alternative, to come to Australia and experience parts of the country that you would not otherwise get to experience.

Working abroad

This is a service listing volunteering opportunities all over the world, in environmental and humanitarian voluntary fields. There are heaps of opportunities listed, and it is worth a look, maybe you have been travelling around for some time and want to slow down for a while and work on something worthwhile, or maybe you're looking for a more short term trip during your university holidays?

Find A Crew

Maybe you want to volunteer, but also have an experience that you might not normally ever have had before. You like the idea of sailing, working on a boat as part of a small team, or maybe you just need to hitch a ride from a to b without paying for the cost of a plane ticket.

yacht crew

Find a crew posts boats and their journeys that are in need of some crew – you sign up, search for the journey or area that you are interested in, then write to the hosts and boat owners and hopefully they write back and offer you to join them on board.

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