During long-term travel, it's important to be prepared for unexpected expenses that may come up.

When planning future travels, it is important to consider various expenses such as visa fees, unexpected transportation costs, and even potential extra expenses like bribes. Whether you choose to camp, stay in or hotels, hitchhike, or fly, having some extra currency saved up can greatly assist you in covering these expenses.

Volunteer to lower expenses

If you're looking to travel for a longer period of time, consider volunteering in exchange for meals and accommodation. This option allows you to save money on and lodging expenses, typically for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the specific agreement you make.

If you're interested in volunteering, you can check out my blog posts. I have written about both short-term and long-term volunteer positions, providing valuable insights. Additionally, I can also recommend some websites and programs that offer volunteering opportunities.

Teaching English

Living and working abroad as a teacher is a highly favoured choice among long-term and leisurely travellers. This option not only allows you to immerse yourself in a different culture but also enables you to develop valuable skills and gain significant experience. Teaching languages such as French, Spanish, or English abroad offers a unique opportunity to explore new horizons while expanding your professional repertoire.

english teacher

When it comes to teaching positions, the duration of contracts can vary depending on the country and the school. Typically, teachers can expect contracts to last either 6, 12, or 24 months. Additionally, some teachers may be fortunate enough to have additional benefits included in their contract, such as their own apartments, flights, or end-of-contract bonuses.

In my blog post, I provide valuable information about abroad. I highlight the top countries for English teachers and provide helpful links to job boards, TESOL certificate courses, and reputable recruitment agencies. These resources have been personally recommended by me and other experienced teachers. Whether you're a backpacker looking for job opportunities or simply interested in teaching English abroad, this post is a great starting point for your research.

Casual backpackers jobs

In addition to volunteering and teaching, travellers have various options to earn additional funds for their journey.

When travelling abroad, there are a variety of job opportunities available for those seeking work. Some popular options include jobs in the hospitality industry, cleaning services, tour guiding, sailing, working on farms or in fruit picking, busking, freelance IT projects, translating, outdoor activities and tourism assistance. Additionally, individuals can also consider positions as a caretaker, nanny, or working as au pair.

Here are some websites and job boards where travellers can easily connect with employers directly.

When applying for a job, employers typically request a resume and may also ask for a photo. Additionally, they prefer candidates who are already in close proximity to the work location or have reliable transportation arrangements. This is because employers have often experienced challenges with travellers arriving late or cancelling their plans, which can disrupt the hiring process. Therefore, it is advantageous for potential employees to be in the same area as the job opportunity.

Seasonal farm and fruit picking

www.fruitpickingjobs.com – Fruit Picking Jobs is a comprehensive website that features a wide range of picking opportunities worldwide. However, it is important to note that these jobs are seasonal in nature. This means that the availability of work can vary depending on the country and specific area.

Picking jobs, such as fruit or crop harvesting, are usually filled quickly by travellers and backpackers who are already in the vicinity. Therefore, if you are interested in securing a picking job, it is advisable to conduct thorough research on the specific crops, countries, and their respective harvest seasons in order to plan ahead accordingly.

Accommodation options vary when it comes to farm stays. Some farms offer free accommodation, while others require payment for lodging expenses.

www.pickingjobs.com – The website includes a variety of seasonal farm work options, including picking jobs that are similar to fruit picking.


www.livein-jobs.co.uk – Welcome to the EU passport holders' hostel jobs board! Here, you can find a wide range of hostels that are actively seeking staff members. These positions typically offer 3 or 6-month contracts, which include both accommodation at the hostel and often meals as well.

www.hosteljobs.net – Hostel Jobs is a reliable online platform that assists travellers in finding employment opportunities at hostels. These positions typically provide accommodation and involve various tasks such as reception work, cleaning, cooking, bar service, and organizing nighttime events like pub crawls for guests.

www.anyworkanywhere.com – The website “Any work anywhere” is a valuable resource that provides information on opportunities for paid live-in positions in various countries.

www.workstay.com.au – Work Stay is a website based in that caters to individuals seeking employment opportunities in the country.

www.backdoorjobs.com – This website provides a comprehensive list of short-term international and adventure job opportunities specifically designed for travellers and students looking to make the most of their holiday breaks.

Au pair

Au pair

www.aupairworld.net – Au Pair World is an online platform that connects families from all over the world with potential au pairs. On this website, families can provide detailed information about their own family, including the type of au pair they are seeking, the specific duties required, and the location of their home. Additionally, families can also specify the ages and specific needs of their children. Au pairs, on the other hand, can create their own profiles and directly contact families that interest them.

An Au Pair position typically offers accommodation, meals, and the opportunity to travel and take holidays with the host family. Au Pairs also receive a modest salary, commonly known as pocket money in the au pairing community.


www.odesk.com – oDesk is a convenient online platform where individuals can post various projects or small jobs that require hiring someone to complete. The majority of jobs offered on the website are related to IT, specifically in areas such as web design, business marketing, and editing.

www.elance.com – Elance is an online platform that connects businesses with freelance workers who specialize in various fields such as programming, web-based work, and project completion. It functions similarly to oDesk and provides a website where businesses can easily find and hire skilled freelancers for their specific needs.

Blogging – Writing – Photography

Earning income through online platforms has become increasingly popular, particularly among individuals who have a passion for travelling. If you already manage your own blog or possess a strong interest in a specific topic, you can leverage these skills to generate revenue online.

Travel can often provide a conducive setting for writing, as well as inspire individuals with a knack for creativity to tap into their inner talents as authors, bloggers, or photographers.

People often choose to write about a variety of topics, including their travels, hobbies, special interests, and nature. Additionally, some individuals who enjoy travelling also take their photography business with them when they go abroad.

Starting your own business can be challenging, especially when it comes to turning your ideas into reality. It requires a significant amount of time and effort to bring your concepts to life. However, the rewarding aspect is that you have the opportunity to generate income by pursuing your passion.

If you're interested in learning about my experience in starting a website and how you can do the same, or if you'd like to begin with a free blog in a thriving blogging community, you can check out my post on how to start a blog.

You can utilize the steps outlined below to start a blog in various fields such as travel, photography, plants, flowers, personal travel stories, culture, food, or fashion. The choice is completely yours.

Make use of your degree, skills and experience

If you have skills in plumbing, painting, massage therapy, or hairdressing from your home country, you can still utilize these skills while travelling. When staying in a hostel, you can offer to perform small tasks related to your trade, such as repainting certain areas, in exchange for a complimentary stay.

If you have experience as a hairdresser, masseuse, or cocktail specialist in your home country, there are opportunities to offer your services to fellow travellers at your hostel or even local bars in the city. By thinking creatively and having confidence, you can potentially find clients and make use of your skills while abroad.

In order to successfully earn additional travel funds while on the road, it is crucial to have confidence and be well-prepared. It is not practical to offer a fellow traveller a haircut if you do not have scissors, or to make promises of repainting the hostel you are staying in if your days are spent hungover and your nights partying.

It is important to be prepared for both small odd jobs and larger projects. Before taking on any task, make sure that you have the necessary skills, feel comfortable, and have confidence in your ability to complete the job successfully.