The Top 9 Vietnam Digital Nomad Places To Stay & Work From

The Top 9 Vietnam Digital Nomad Places To Stay & Work From

Vietnam is fast becoming one of Southeast Asia's hubs for digital nomads. What's great about the Vietnam places is that the cost of living is generally low compared to many cities in the region. Aside from the affordable cost of living, there are many other good reasons why living as a digital nomad in Vietnam is a good idea.

Given Vietnam's rich culture and history, you will find many things to explore in the country. During your free time, you can spend some time at the bustling markets, trying out local foods, or head outside the city on your motorbike to explore forests, temples, and other historical attractions.

The Vietnam digital nomads also love the country's thriving cafe culture. Vietnamese coffee is some of the best in the world, and you'll find this on almost every street corner. Over recent years, there's been an increasing number of cafes all over the country, and this could further increase in the coming years as more and more digital nomads are moving to Vietnam.

Aside from the cafes, Vietnam has also seen an increase in coworking spaces over the past few years, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. And given the country's decent Internet speed, living as a digital nomad in Vietnam is a great idea.

If you're planning to move to Vietnam as a digital nomad, here are the top nine places to base yourself.

1. Da Nang

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Da Nang

may not be as big as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, but it's one of the best Vietnam digital nomad cities. This coastal metropolis is home to gorgeous beaches, natural wonders, and urban places, luring nomads from different parts of the world.

Da Nang's rich culture and history make it a fascinating place to live as a digital nomad in Vietnam, especially if you love to explore historical sights and discover local cultures. Compared to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang has a more laid-back atmosphere. There's a thriving digital nomad community in the city and has various co-working spaces where you can meet and mingle with fellow nomads and ex-pats. You also won't have a hard time getting around since the public transport system is very reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Da Nang as a digital nomad is the low cost of living, which only averages $1,003 per month. If you want to live in a one-bedroom studio in the city centre, expect to pay around $469 monthly.

Coworking spaces

More and more digital nomads are moving to Da Nang recently, which explains the increasing number of coworking spaces in the city. If you search in Coworker, you'll find 21 coworking spaces in Da Nang. The most popular coworking spaces in Da Nang are Enouvo Space, Tiktak Danang Coworking Space, and Green Co-working Space & Meeting. 

2. Ho Chi Minh City

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)

or HCMC is Vietnam's largest city and a popular choice for digital nomads in Vietnam. Home to almost 9 million people, the massive city has modern skyscrapers, beautiful architecture, and historical gems. Best of all, accommodations here are more affordable compared to many other Southeast Asian cities, an added benefit for digital nomads.

Ho Chi Minh is a fast-developing city with various skyscrapers and tech start-ups popping up on every corner, so it's not surprising why many digital nomads are looking to live here. In addition, Ho Chi Minh has a reliable internet connection, and the big-city vibe appeals to digital nomads who want easy access to everything while working in different time zones.

With an average cost of living of $1,017 per month, living in Ho Chi Minh is cheap for most digital nomads. Accommodations are somewhat affordable as well. A studio will only cost you $428 per month, and that's already in the city centre. The popular Districts with Digital Nomads are District one which is the centre of HCMC and Thao Dien, which is the expat quarter of District 2.

Coworking spaces

Ho Chi Minh is fast becoming a digital nomad hotspot in Southeast Asia. Thus, the city doesn't hold back when it comes to co-working spaces. Many of these coworking spaces are also popular with local freelancers, and you will feel a sense of community, especially in popular co-working spaces like Serepok Coworking Space, Senoffice, and the Executive Centre.

3. Phu Quoc

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a picturesque island that's closer to than Vietnam. What's unique about Phu Quoc is that all foreigners do not need a visa to enter the island, regardless of nationality, provided the stay is less than 30 days. Given the many beautiful beaches surrounding the island, Phu Quoc is a fantastic place to live for Vietnam digital nomads.

As a bustling resort town, Phu Quoc is home to luxury hotels, resorts, villas, and all sorts of accommodations that cater to tourists. But despite the presence of tourists, accommodations here are not too expensive, especially for long-term stays. Thus, it's a great home base for nomads looking for an affordable place to live in Vietnam.

The cost of living in Phu Quoc is also cheaper than in many other big cities in Vietnam. Digital nomads can spend an average of $990 per month on living expenses, which is pretty affordable.

Coworking spaces

There are not too many co-working spaces in Phu Quoc. However, as a popular tourist destination, the cafe culture here is thriving. Some bars also double as co-working spaces, such as Chuon Chuon Bistro & Bar, where you can enjoy panoramic views while working on your laptop.

4. Hanoi

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Hanoi

As the capital city, Hanoi is an ideal base for digital nomads in Vietnam. Home to more than 4.8 million people, it's a big and bustling city that's fascinating in its own right. More and more digital nomads have recently been calling Hanoi their home. In fact, the charming capital has a growing digital nomad community. Nomads love that Hanoi offers plenty of amazing things to do, and you won't get bored living here. It's also an ideal base for exploring the northern part of Vietnam, including the famous Ha Long Bay.

When living as a digital nomad in Hanoi, you can expect to spend an average of $969 per month for your cost of living, which is fairly cheap. You also won't be spending much on your accommodation, since a studio in the city centre will only cost you around $418 to rent per month.

Coworking spaces

If co-working spaces are what you need, you will find plenty in Hanoi. In fact, Coworker lists down 74 co-working spaces in the city. Some of the best ones include Toong – Trang Thi, HiLink, Spaces, and Regus.

5. Hoi An

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Hoi An

is one of the most picturesque digital nomad places in Vietnam. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An is an ancient town famous for its charming streets lined with French colonial buildings and decorated with colourful lanterns.

As one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations, Hoi An is often bustling with tourists, although it still has a laidback charm and is more tranquil compared to bigger cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Located only an hour from the city of Da Nang, Hoi An can make for a perfect base for digital nomads who want to live in Vietnam.

If you decide to live in Hoi An, you will be spending around $1,019 monthly. Accommodations are very cheap in this part of the country, with studio apartments costing an average of only $214 per month.

Coworking spaces

There are not too many co-working spaces in Hoi An, but the town has tons of cosy cafes where digital nomads can get some work done. Check out the Espresso Station, Mia Coffee, and Hoi An Roastery Espresso & Coffee House.

6. Nha Trang

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Nha Trang

Situated in the central region of Vietnam, Nha Trang is a popular resort town on the coast of the South Sea. As one of the Vietnam digital nomad cities, attracts nomads for its mild climate, pleasant environment, and beautiful beaches. Its main beach, Bai Dai, is a long strip of sand backed by hotels, restaurants, and a lovely promenade.

If you want to live in a place with easy access to the beach, Nha Trang is a great choice. Also, living here is so cheap, as the average cost of living for digital nomads is only around $714 per month. You will also find decent accommodations that are close to the beach. And a studio could set you back $257 per month.

Coworking spaces

The digital nomad community in Nha Trang is still not that big, but you will find a few co-working spaces in the city where you can meet with fellow nomads. Nha Trang Co-Working Space is the most popular hangout spot for digital nomads in Nha Trang. There are also good coffee shops with decent internet, ideal for co-working.

7. Mui Ne

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Mue Ne

is a beautiful beach resort town in Southeast Vietnam, famous for its unique white dunes. A popular destination for kiteboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and other water sports, Mui Ne is an ideal choice for digital nomads looking to enjoy some water sports between working.

Life in Mui Ne is very laidback. If you live as a digital nomad in Mui Ne, you'll start your day with a scenic stroll through the village, passing through the beautiful beaches. You'll find that the locals are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, which makes it an even more interesting place for digital nomads to live.

If you choose Mui Ne as your base when living as a digital nomad in Vietnam, you can benefit from the town's low cost of living. Digital nomads living in Mui Ne can spend only $846 per month, while accommodations are extremely affordable. In fact, the average monthly rent for a studio is only $86 per month!

Coworking spaces

There's no co-working space in Mui Ne yet, but that will change soon, as more and more digital nomads are moving to this lovely beach town. But if you prefer to work outside your home, you can visit cafes like Cafe Thảo Moon and Pho Bien Coffee.

8. Hue

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Hue

While Hue doesn't seem to get mentioned when it comes to the best digital nomad cities in Vietnam, it's slowly attracting nomads over recent years due to its wealth of historical sites, including iconic pagodas and an imperial citadel with palaces and shrines. If you're someone who finds joy in discovering historical places, you should choose Hue as your base.

Located in central Vietnam, Hue is about 3 to 4 hours from Da Nang. Many tourists visiting Da Nang or Hoi An would make a day trip to this lovely city. The cost of living in Hue is somewhat similar to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, where you could spend an average of $1,033 per month. However, accommodations in Hue can be expensive. The average cost for a studio is $855 per month. But if you prefer to stay at , you can spend around $300 per month.

Coworking spaces

There are a few co-working spaces in Hue where you can take up some work. The most popular ones are Box Coworking Space and coPLUS working space. 

9. Sa Pa or Sapa

Top Vietnam Digital Nomad Places - Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a mountainous town in northwestern Vietnam and a popular base for trekking Mount Fansipan, the tallest mountain in the Indochina region. Digital nomads who love trekking will find Sa Pa a great place to live. Living in Sa Pa means you'll be surrounded by beautiful nature, allowing you to relax and concentrate better on work.

Aside from trekking, many fun activities in Sa Pa can keep you entertained when you're not working. You can explore local villages dotted around the mountains and observe how the various ethnic minorities live in this part of the country.

The cost of living in Sa Pa is generally more affordable than in many other Vietnam digital nomad places. You could spend an average of $862 per month when living in this town. Affordable accommodations are abundant, and you could find a studio to rent for only around $257 per month.

Coworking spaces

While there are not yet any co-working spaces in , you will find several cafes with fast internet speed. Some of these cafes have the best views, surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains. Check out Café in the Clouds, Sapa O'Chau Cafe, and Peter's Coffee Corner.

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