Taiwan Gold Card: Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa – How to Apply

Taiwan Gold Card: Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa – How to Apply

Also called the Employment Gold Card, the Taiwan applies to freelancers, professionals, and self-employed individuals to work and live in Taiwan. The Gold Card is part of the Taiwanese government's plan to attract foreign professionals to live and work in the country. With the Taiwan visa, digital nomads can stay in the country for up to three years.

Taiwan is a lovely country in East Asia that has recently been ranked one of the best places for ex-pats to live. Offering everything a digital nomad seeks, from fast internet to modern public transportation and a growing community of digital nomads, Taiwan is a great place to consider for digital nomads planning to move to Asia.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Taiwan is super safe, and the locals are friendly and welcoming to foreigners. Best of all, the country is home to many historical and cultural sights, giving you plenty of attractions to explore between working. Those who love nature and outdoor adventures will find many beautiful beaches, lush forests, and majestic mountains to discover in Taiwan.

If you are planning to move to Taiwan and want to know more about the Taiwan digital nomad visa, read on to find out how to apply for this visa.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

About the Taiwan Gold Card Digital Nomad Visa

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card was launched in 2018 as part of the government program known as the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent. It's a 4-in-1 card, which serves as a work permit, resident visa, re-entry permit, and Alien Residence Certificate. With this visa, you can live and re-enter Taiwan several times over the course of three years.

Unlike the other digital nomad visas that will only allow digital nomads to work remotely, the Taiwan Employment Gold Card is different. It also doubles as a work permit, allowing cardholders to seek employment while living in the country. In addition, the Gold Car serves as a residence permit granting holders a stay in Taiwan for up to 180 days.

The Taiwan Gold Card will also serve as an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), a physical ID for foreigners proving they live in Taiwan legally. In addition, the card allows unlimited entry and exit of Taiwan within the duration of the visa.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Taiwan Gold Card Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility

The Taiwan Gold Card digital nomad visa is applicable to all professionals, freelancers, and self-employed individuals, provided they can submit and meet the following qualifications:

  • They earn at least $5,700 per month.
  • Their line of profession belongs under the following fields – architecture, culture and arts, economy, education, finance, law, science and technology, sports, and national defence.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Documents to Submit When Applying for the Taiwan Gold Card Digital Nomad Visa

If you meet the qualifications mentioned above, the next step is to prepare the requirements for the visa application. Since the visa application is through the online platform of Taiwan Employment Gold Card, you need to acquire digital copies of the documents. Documents have to be in PDF format. For image docs, the size should be 1 MB.

Here's a list of the documents for the application for the Taiwan gold card digital nomad visa:

  • Passport – you need to upload a digital copy of your passport, which should be valid for at least six months from the application date.
  • Passport-sized photos – you need digital copies of your passport photos. The dimension should be 2 x 2 inches.
  • Previous Taiwanese visa or residence permit – if you have one.
  • Proof of employment – you need to show proof of employment. The document to submit will depend on your profession. Refer to the Taiwan Employment Gold Card website to determine what documents are required for your profession.
  • Proof of income – you need to prove you earn at least $5,700 monthly.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Taiwan Gold Card Digital Nomad Visa

You don't need to schedule an appointment with the Taiwanese embassy or consulate for the Taiwan Gold Card digital nomad visa application since you should apply for the visa online. Visit the official website of the Taiwan Employment Gold Card, where you'll find the online application portal. Here are the steps:

  1. Gather the required documents – since the application is over the internet, you must have digital copies of the documents referred to above. You will upload these documents online, so you should have them ready.
  2. Visit the website to register – before submitting your visa application online, you need to register an account on the application portal of the Taiwan Employment Gold Card website. When you register, you will be asked to provide your complete name, date of birth, and other personal details. Make sure to enter your email address correctly since this is where you will get updates on the status of your visa application. Once you have an account ID and password, you can log in and start the visa application.
  3. Fill out the online application form – next, fill out the application form. Double-check to ensure the details are correct so as not to delay the visa application. You can save the application and come back to it later.
  4. Upload the documents – upload the required documents after you fill out the form. Again, these will depend on the type of profession you have. Digital nomads from and must provide proof of residence and identity.
  5. Pay the application fees – after filling out the application form and submitting the documents, the next step is to pay the visa application fee. You will receive a 12-digit application number that you need to key in on the online payment tab when making a payment. Depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay, the visa will cost you around $100 to $310.
  6. Wait for an email confirmation – after making a payment, check your email for the confirmation. When the payment is successful, they will start to process your application.
  7. Submit your passport for verification – if your application has passed the assessment, you will receive an email asking you to submit your passport for verification. You must bring it to the Bureau of Consular Affairs or overseas mission/office. After that, you will receive an email informing you your gold card application is already being processed and should take about a week.
  8. Receive the Taiwan Gold Card Visa – when your Taiwan Gold Card Visa is approved, they will inform you through email and advise you where you can claim the visa. Since you will claim the visa in Taiwan, you must first enter the country using a different visa, depending on your nationality.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Paying Taxes in Taiwan as a Digital Nomad

Those staying in Taiwan for less than 90 days in a calendar year will be subjected to an 18% withholding tax but only on salary earned from within the country. Since digital nomads will be getting their income from outside the country, they are exempted from paying . But after 183 days of staying in the country, digital nomads are subjected to income tax.

The rule is that anyone who stays in Taiwan for more than ninety days in a calendar year, but less than 183 days is subject to a flat tax rate of 18%, regardless of where you will earn your income. The basic income tax rate in Taiwan is 20%, and corporate income is at a flat rate of 20%.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

Living as a Digital Nomad in Taiwan

Taiwan would be a great country to consider for digital nomads considering moving to Asia. It's consistently ranked as one of the best places for ex-pats to love, thanks to its high quality of living and ease of settling in. , the capital city, is where most digital nomads live in Taiwan. It is a bustling metropolis and the country's cultural, economic, and political centre.

Taiwan's independence status remains ambiguous. Although they have an independent government, the country is still technically part of the Republic of . One of the things that makes Taiwan a great place for digital nomads to live is the amount of stunning nature and incredible attractions it holds. When you're not busy working, you can explore famous sights like the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Sun Moon Lake, Lungshan Temple, and many more.

Another great thing about Taiwan is its efficient public transport system, which means getting around the country is easy. Most of the major cities are well-connected by train. Regardless of where you will base yourself in the country, you won't have a hard time getting to other places. If you are in Taipei, you can easily take a train to Yangmingshan National Park or Taroko Gorge Park if you want to hike. But if you prefer to spend your free time relaxing at the beach, you can go to Kenting National Park.

If you are someone who loves , Taiwan will not disappoint. The street food is abundant, cheap, and delicious, and you'll find street food stalls on almost every corner of Taipei.

Taiwan has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, another reason to consider moving to the country. Regardless of where you go in the country, you won't have any issues connecting online, which means digital nomads can enjoy uninterrupted work in Taiwan. In addition, you will find many coworking spaces in Taipei and some parts of the country that offer facilities for digital nomads. Many cafes and restaurants offer free internet access, giving you plenty of options if you want to work outside your home.

While the language barriers can be a challenge in the more remote areas, you will not have difficulty communicating with the locals in major cities like Taipei since many speak English. What's more, the locals are incredibly friendly and are always willing to offer help to foreigners.

Indeed, Taiwan has everything that a digital nomad needs. So, if you're eager to move to this fascinating country in Asia, you should apply for the Taiwan digital nomad visa.

Nomad Girl has created an extensive list of places to stay and work from as a Digital Nomad in Taiwan.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

FAQs on the Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa?

Depending on your nationality and length of stay, you will pay $100 to $310 for the visa fee. The fee is non-refundable, so even if your application is rejected, you can no longer request a refund.

How Long Can I Stay in Taiwan while Holding the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Taiwan digital nomad visa will let you stay in the country for one year to three years. After five years of living in the country, you can be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa?

The Taiwan Gold Card digital nomad visa will usually take up to thirty days to process. But there are times when it will be delayed, especially if they will require additional documents to be submitted.

Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

More Countries with Digital Nomad Visas

Taiwan is not the only country in the region with a digital nomad visa, there are Malaysia, Thailand and as well. For a full list of countries check out the following article:

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