Namibia Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements & Process

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements & Process

is one of the latest countries offering a digital nomad visa to attract more foreigners to visit the country and improve its tourism economy. Under the Programme, you can apply for a Namibia to live and work in the country for up to six months. The digital nomad visa allows holders to work, travel, and study in the country.

Namibia may not be one of those countries popular among digital nomads. But now that the Namibia digital nomad visa is here, it won't be long before digital nomads come flocking into the country. With a varied landscape that consists of unspoiled nature and sweeping dunes, those who come will be rewarded with incredible sights to see.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Digital nomads who love nature and wildlife will find Namibia a perfect place to stay. It's one of Africa's best destinations for wildlife viewing and home to a vast population of cheetahs and other wildlife. It's a fascinating country that you can visit all year round.

What's great about the Namibia digital nomad visa is that it's cheap to apply, costing only $62, so it's accessible to many. If you're interested in applying for this visa, here's what you need to know about the requirements, process, and everything else.

About the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

The Namibian government launched the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa Program to offer travellers a chance to stay in the country longer. With this visa, digital nomads can live in Namibia for up to six months, which should be enough time to immerse in the local culture, soak up the country's stunning nature views, and create lifelong memories.

Unlike other digital nomad visas that require you to schedule an appointment with an embassy or consulate, applying for the Namibia digital nomad visa does not require any of this. You can go online and apply for the visa. If you qualify and meet the requirements, they will approve the visa, which you can use to enter the country and live there for six months. It's as easy as that!

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility

Those who wish to apply for the Namibia digital nomad visa have to show proof that they earn enough income to live in the country for up to six months. To give you an idea, here's how much income you should earn to qualify for the visa:

  • Single applicants should have a monthly income of more than $2,000 month.
  • If you are coming here with your spouse, your spouse should earn an income of at least $1,000 per month. And if you are bringing your kids, you need to have a budget of $500 per child each month. So, if you are a family of four, your monthly income needs to be $4,000 monthly to qualify for the Namibia digital nomad visa.
  • There are no other qualifications for the Namibia digital nomad visa except for the income requirements stated above. Therefore, anyone can apply, regardless of profession, nationality, etc. As long as you meet the qualifications and have all the required documents, they can approve your digital nomad visa.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Documents to Submit When Applying for the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

As with applying for any visa, the first step is to determine the requirements and have them ready in advance. So, here's a list of requirements for the application of the Namibia digital nomad visa:

  • Application form – download the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa Application Form online. Fill out the form completely. If you are bringing dependents, fill out separate application forms for each of them.
  • Medical certificate – another form you need to download is the Medical Certificate, which you can find on the website of the Namibian embassy. Print and fill out the form. You also need this form for each dependent you will bring.
  • Radiological Report – the Radiological Report is another form you can download from the website of the Namibian Embassy. You also need one for every dependent. Fill out the form.
  • Passport copy – submit a copy of your passport and the passport of your dependents.
  • Proof of medical insurance – to live as a digital nomad in Namibia, you must have medical insurance or comprehensive to cover any medical costs.
  • Proof of income – as stated above, single applicants must have a monthly income of more than $2,000 month to live as a digital nomad in Namibia. You need to submit documents as proof that you meet this requirement. If you are bringing your spouse or partner, you need to earn at least $1,000 more per month and $500 per child.
  • Bank statements – submit a copy of your bank statements showing the past six months of transactions.
  • Letter from employer – digital nomads working for a company must submit a letter from their employer stating the nature of their job and that they are allowed to take up work remotely.
  • Copies of qualifications – although not necessary, it's recommended to submit any documents of professional qualifications to support your application.
  • Police clearance – you must get a police clearance from your country of origin.
  • Proof of contract – sometimes, they will require you to submit an employment contract, so have this ready.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Namibia digital nomad visa is easy. Just make sure you have all the documents sorted before you start with the application process. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the visa application forms – Refer to the list of forms above and fill them out. The three forms you need to fill out are the visa application form, medical certificate, and radiological report. All these forms are available to download online. You also need these forms for every dependent you will bring into Namibia.
  2. Submit your application through email – Next, refer to the list of documents above and ensure you have them in digital copies. Submit these documents along with the completed forms to this email address:
  3. Wait for your visa and make a payment – Once your visa is approved, they will send you an email for a copy of your visa. A payment of around $62 for the visa processing fee will be required upon arrival in the country.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

Living as a Digital Nomad in Namibia

Namibia is one of those African countries that are slowly gaining popularity in the digital nomad world. And now that the Namibia digital nomad visa is here, it won't be long before thousands of digital nomads flock into this beautiful country in Southern Africa.

When living in Namibia as a digital nomad, you will be rewarded with breath taking landscape views, making it an ideal place for nomads who want to work surrounded by nature. Stretching across 300,000 square miles, Namibia has an incredibly diverse landscape consisting of mighty dunes, rolling hills, and magnificent coastal deserts. It's home to a fascinating array of desert-adapted plants and animals and breath taking natural wonders.

Most digital nomads in Namibia will choose to live in Windhoek, the country's capital city. It's a bustling modern metropolis that's unexpectedly neat and orderly. Digital nomads living in Windhoek will enjoy fast internet speed. In general, Namibia has good internet speed, with about 98% national network coverage. Therefore, you won't have issues attending Zoom meetings and taking up work anywhere in the country.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

If you choose to base yourself in Windhoek, you will find plenty of excellent accommodation options, depending on your taste and budget. You can expect to spend a monthly average of $600 living in a studio apartment in the city centre. Given the country's stable government, you will find Windhoek a safe place to live compared to many other African cities. Attacks and violent crimes against foreign visitors are rare, and the locals are used to the presence of foreigners.

Windhoek is also an ideal base for exploring the various attractions in Namibia. The country has excellent road infrastructure, so driving around is the best way to explore the country. During the weekends or if you want to take a break from working, you can go on a to places like Etosha National Park and go on a safari to discover wildlife.

The Etosha National Park is Namibia's top destination for a safari and home to an incredible array of animals, such as leopards, lions, giraffes, elephants, and a small population of black rhinos. The drive to Etosha from Windhoek will take less than four hours, so consider spending overnight at the park. You will find various accommodation options within the park, such as bush chalets, luxurious campsites, private lodges, etc.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

If you feel like swimming at the beach, drive to the lovely coastal town of Swakopmund, which has some stunning beaches. It also offers numerous fun things to explore, such as charming colonial architecture. Consider spending a night or two in the town to soak up the lovely atmosphere and enjoy fun activities.

As you see, there are many great reasons why Namibia would make for an ideal destination for digital nomads. So, if you're looking to move to Africa as a digital nomad visa, you should consider applying for the Namibia digital nomad visa.

FAQs on the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

You will pay around $62 upon arrival for your Namibia digital nomad visa.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Namibia Digital Nomad Visa?

All digital nomad visas are processed on the day that the application is received. The processing time will vary but should not take more than a month.

How Long Can You Stay in Namibia with the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Namibia digital nomad visa will let you stay in the country for a maximum of six months.

Namibia Digital Nomad Visa

More Countries with Digital Nomad Visas

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