Reddit is no doubt one of the largest places to find the best  channels. But many people are not so sure to navigate Reddit properly. This article can help you.

Reddit Introduction

Reddit is an aggregator of content that is determined by its community. Members upvote or downvote user-submitted posts depending on if they liked them or not. Reddit has plenty of sub-communities that you can join also known as subreddits.

Each subreddit comes with its own set of rules to keep the community safe from spam or other content that is not helpful. Make sure you adhere to these as you do not want to get a temporary or permanent ban.

There are plenty of subreddits that can be useful for digital nomads depending on what line of work you are in and your travel budgets. I have created a list of 17 subreddits.

17 Digital Nomad Reddit Communities

1. Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad Reddit

This is the granddaddy of Reddit channels for digital nomads who want to join a community with information about living the digital nomad lifestyle. With over 1.3 million subscribers who are remote workers, there is a lot of information and knowledge. It is also a great digital nomad Reddit channel where you can contribute with your own personal experiences.

This is the subreddit where you can find out what life is like in a certain city or country as a digital nomad. Here you can tips on the cost of living, affordable cities, coworking spaces, cafes with WiFi, and cheap accommodation. You will learn about life on the road and how to stay focused. This is also the community to find the perfect digital nomad gear and gadgets.

Last but not least you will find all the info about travel restrictions and how to navigate around them, from visa renewals to Covid-19 related stuff.

This subreddit is the number one online nomadic community on Reddit, make sure you subscribe.

2. Travel

Travel Reddit

Travel is a big part of the nomadic lifestyle and this is the community to get the info about digital nomad destinations and learn about different cultures. You will learn how to travel with not much cash and find the best deals around.

You can learn about popular digital nomad hangouts like  Or  in  or the  in South East Asia. Or when it comes to Europe  and . Or maybe you want to go more off the beaten track in Africa or South America. Check out this channel.

3. Backpacking

Backpacking Reddit

The backpacking Reddit community focuses more on the cheaper end of travelling and how to keep your travel expenses as low as possible. This community with 2.7 million subscribers with some of them just full-time backpackers on the cheap and some others are combining cheap travel with a career as a digital nomad.

You find here the resources for all sorts of travel from diving, island travel, adventure travel, to the challenges of solo female backpacking around the globe.

4. Work Online

Work Online Reddit

Work online is one of the smaller Digital Nomad Reddit channels with a community of 400k subscribers. You will find plenty of topics relating to working online, be it from the comforts of your home Internet connection or on the road being location independent. This channel is the perfect place for programmers, freelance writers, data entry specialists, web designers, graphic designers, etc.

5. Remote Work

Remote Work Reddit

The Remote Work subreddit is the place for individuals, teams, and companies who want to share tips, tricks, news, experience, plus the software to enable working remotely or in distributed teams. This is the smallest channel with only 16k subscribers but still has a ton of useful information.

No matter if you are new to remote work or are an established digital nomad you will find plenty of stories here to help you.

6. Freelance

Freelance reddit

This community with 285k members is great to learn more about freelancing. It has posts with information for freelancers and would-be freelancers. This Reddit community like others has strict rules you need to follow.

Here you will learn how to find clients that have job offerings for freelancers. It also shows you the various online platforms and how to use this best like Upwork, People Per Hour and Freelancer.

7. For Hire

For Hire Reddit

The For Hire subreddit was created back in 2009 and has about 250k members. It is one of the best places for skilled professionals to find a job.

I like that some of the rules that they have are that you can not request or offer free work and that the minimum salary should be at least $15 per hour. Everything below that will get deleted.

8. Beermoney

Beermoney Reddit

The Beermoney subreddit is the community where you can talk about how to earn money online. As the title says it is about beer money, little side hustles that can help you earn some extra cash. This is not about earning a lot of money online.

9. Telecommuting

Telecommuting Reddit

This is a small community on Reddit which gives you an insight into the many sites where you can telecommute from. To join quite a few questions are asked this will help to set the experience levels.

You will join an active community that will try to get you engaged by requesting you to post immediately open joining about your favourite place to work remotely.

10. Work From Home

Work from home Reddit

The Work From Home subreddit is ideal if you want to start working from home first and learn all about switching from the office to working from home. although the covid-19 pandemic has turned a lot of people into WFH workers. Once established at home you can start slowly or more abruptly into the digital nomad lifestyle.

11. Writers

Writers Reddit

If you are a  this Reddit community is for you. You can find all sorts of info here from ghostwriting, book publishing, writing amazing stories, to creating viral blog posts. There are plenty of tutorials and online videos to help you improve your writing skills.

Last but not least you will find how to get online writing jobs and gigs and what to charge for your writing skills.

12. Graphic Design

Graphic Design Reddit

If you are into graphic design which is a great skill to do remotely this Reddit channel with 800k subscribers is for you. You can find all sorts of instruction tutorials. From setting up your digital portfolio, complex Adobe illustrator challenges, to finding the right gear, it is all here.

There are some great resources here to help you make money online and what to charge per project or an hourly rate.

13. CS Career Questions

CS Carreer Questions Reddit

This is not a subreddit for every digital nomad but more if your work is related to computer science. This is more to help you in your CS career, a career that can be done perfectly remotely at home or on the go.

14. I Want Out

I Want Out Reddit

Sometimes in your digital nomad career, you may decide to you want to settle somewhere on the planet. Here you can find the right resources on how to make a permanent move abroad. Being a digital nomad does not give you permanent residency rights, however, some countries do allow you to apply for a visa that gets you on the path of permanent residency.

You will also find country and city-specific subs on finding what expat life is like before you go down the path. Or you can still visit as a digital nomad before making the permanent decision.

15. Managers

Managers Reddit

Some digital nomads are managers or entrepreneurs and have to manage a remote team. In this subreddit, you will find great info about how to be a good manager, how to keep team morale up and how to hire remote workers.

16. Business

Business Reddit

Here is another subreddit for the entrepreneurial digital nomad, it is full of business-related news, some of which might be useful. It is however I great community to ask business-related questions.

17. Today I Learned

Today I Learned Reddit

The Today I Learned is a channel where you can find daily motivation about the things that other people have learned. We all need motivation and sometimes the life of a digital nomad stuck away on a laptop in a hotel room, is not always a bed of roses. We need motivation for ourselves and for the team that some manage remotely. You can find inspiration here.

Top 17 Digital Nomad Reddit Channels You Need to Subscribe to

I hope you found the information in this blog post about Digital Nomad Reddit communities useful as you embark on the nomad life. Besides Reddit and its community, there are also some very useful Slack groups to subscribe to. I will dedicate a separate future blog post on this topic.