Camping with your dog during the summer months can be a great bonding experience and can help to cure not only your boredom, but theirs as well. And although it can be easy to jump in your car and just begin your camping adventure, there are some ways in which you can make it a better experience for you and your dog.

We took to HARO to acquire some camping tips from experts and we’ve compiled them below with a few of our own tips:

1)  Always create a shaded area

Although most campsites have lots of trees for shade, there can be some that are very open. This does not allow for many cooler areas for your dog to lie down in. If there are no natural shaded spots, you need to create one for them, says Jakob Staudal of HeadlessNomad.

“Bringing a dog tent or even using a simple tarp can help to create a space for your dog to go and sleep or relax on hot days. When the sun is beating down all day, it also causes the ground to become quite warm which can be uncomfortable for your dog. Some shade will not only keep the sun from being directly on your dog, but it will also create a cool space to lie down,” explains Staudal.

2)  Bring their favourite long lasting treats

When you are setting up your space for camping, your dog can sometimes get into mischief while you aren’t looking. They can also become easily distracted by other dogs or animals in the area which can lead to a lot of barking.

To try and lessen them becoming distracted as you try to set things up, always bring their favourite long lasting treats for them to eat. Treats that involve a lot of chewing will help to keep your dog distracted and also can be helpful in calming their nerves if they are anxious about being in a new place.

dog camping

3)  Have pet wipes on hand

Pet wipes are a must when camping, discusses Shannon Bunn of Waggy Pups.

“Especially if it rains, your dog will be covered in muck and you do not want to have them bring all the dirt into your tent or RV. It is also not ideal to have to rinse them down each time, as this can actually encourage more dirt to get stuck to their fur. Wipes are a great way to easily wipe down your dog and get most of the mud and dirt off. It also takes only a few seconds to do, and you can easily dispose of them. Always keep a pack in your car and camper/tent for easy access.”

4)  Bring a cooling mat

Cooling mats are great for anyone camping with their dog in the middle of the summer. Although you do not need to use it all the time, it can be helpful when the ground is warm and your dog wants a nice place to lie down.

These mats often use a gel to create a cooling effect, so no electricity is required. They are also great if the ground is wet or muddy, as you can throw the mat anywhere on the ground and your dog will stay much cleaner.

5)  Buy a water bottle with a dish attachment

When you go camping, you often go for walks or hikes with your dog to get some exercise and see the beauty of nature. However, in the summer it can be pretty hot and you need to make sure you bring water for your dog, which might seem obvious but I have to stress further here. Danielle Hu, Founder of The Wanderlover and constant traveller recommends buying a water bottle specifically made for giving water to your dog.

“A good thing to buy is a water bottle with a dog dish attached to it so your dog has easy access to water whenever they need it. This is much more convenient than bringing a separate dish, or only using a water bottle and your hand. You can also get a bottle that is meant for humans and dogs so you only need to bring the one bottle.”

Bottom line: Your dog needs special things so they can enjoy the camping experience to its full extent and these items will also help you enjoy the time away.

Keeping your dog safe and healthy throughout the duration of a camping should be priority number one, so do whatever you need to in order to make sure it happens!