Best Travel Apps – The Top 15 Travel Apps For 2015

Best Travel Apps – The Top 15 Travel Apps For 2015

Free : Since technology has advanced to the way that we now use technology while travelling, we look for wifi at a cafe, upload our photos to social media, and now use travel apps. Free travel apps are designed specifically for helping our travels run smoother, find our way or hunt down the best or most suitable accommodation or transport. So, here is a simple list of the top 10 travel apps. They are all FREE, and helpful!


This app is great for finding and comparing flight prices and times to any country around the world. It includes thousands of airline carriers and it's super easy to use.


This app allows you to use your phone to msg and make calls using your internet or wifi connection rather than needing phone credit. Its simple to use and great for keeping in contact with loved ones at home.


This is basically the same as Viber

WikiTravel Offline

You can access the Wiki Travel offline – a great alternative to the Lonely Planet and other guidebooks, this is free, you can access the information easily and quickly as well as having access to the phase books for many countries.


Trip Advisor – Full of user based reviews and insights into hotels, , guesthouses, restaurants, tourist attractions and more. Read through the helpful comments and information provided to help you make an informed choice when choosing where to stay or what to do on your next trip.

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Wifi Finder

This app can help you find free wifi where ever you are. Super helpful if your want to stay connected while travelling and has an offline mode so you can download maps of the areas/countries that your planning to visit before you leave.


Why not pick up on the local lingo while travelling abroad. This app can help you learn English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Easy to use and very rewarding and helpful.


This app allows you to access information about all medical centres, hospitals and emergency numbers as well as health and medical advice specific to your location. This app is a must for those emergency situations.

My eVault

This app helps keep all your important information in the one handy to use app. Store your documents such as your passport, licenses, warranties and insurance policy and access them when you need them, without having to worry about sorting through piles of papers or losing receipts.

Google Translate

Google Translate can do text translations as well as speech translations and you can access offline languages so you do not need to be connected to the internet at the time.

Offline Browser

You can download the websites that you wish to have access to while travelling and then you can access them later without having to access an internet connection. This a great option to save websites with travel information, or blogs /online magazines you wish to read when you have some quiet time or are in transit etc.

XE Currency Converter

A currency converter with up to date currency exchange rates. A great app for travellers, allowing you to calculate expenses and compare official currency rates with the ones being offered in front of you.


This app provides information on the world's biggest public transport hubs and will help you navigate your way around big cities.

PinPin ATM Finder

This app helps you find an ATM in over 220 countries. I hope you find this list useful. If you have any other travel apps that you use and recommend i'd love to hear what they are.

Map Factor Navigator

This app is free and allows you to use GPS maps. You have to download a map for each different country then you can use the maps offline.

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