Things to do in Penang, Malaysia – Temples, Street Art, Beaches

Things to do in Penang, Malaysia – Temples, Street Art, Beaches

Penang Island

The picturesque island of lies just off the coast of , enticing visitors with its pristine beaches and carefully manicured foreshores. A mecca for solo adventurers as well as families seeking an idyllic getaway, this classic coastal destination boasts a vast array of activities and accommodations that cater to every traveller's needs. Here is my list of things to do in Penang.

things to do in Penang

George Town

This town is the centre of activity on the island. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts an array of cosmopolitan shophouses, open-air street canteen destinations, and ornate Chinese temples alongside modern mosques that are adorned with musical instruments and congregational prayer sessions – all interspersed along an expansive waterfront locale for easy ambience.

Things to do in Penang - George town Penang Malaysia

George Town boasts a rich assortment of distinct neighbourhoods, each boasting its own distinctive personality. Little is an absolute must for curry connoisseurs as vendors here cook their fare in imposing pots along the roadside. Additionally, one should not overlook areas such as Love Lane with its atmospheric shophouses; Esplanade and Beach Road which offer ample opportunities for outdoor exploration; or even venture out on foot or by bicycle to explore these places if they so choose!

Things to do in Penang - George town colonial houses

There is yet another incredible bicycle tour available for travellers to take! Navigate Georgetown street art by consulting an up-to-date map of its cleverly numbered pieces, and locate all the listed works of artistic brilliance along fences and other surfaces. You can find it everywhere from walls to pockmarked asphalt – a truly impressive feat!

Kek Lok Si (Temple of Supreme Bliss)

Be sure to explore this magnificent Kek Lok Si temple site, where you will find an abundance of sights. The temple itself -one of the largest Buddhist temples in South East Asia- is unquestionably stunning; its base displays a distinct Chinese influence with ornate gardens and fountains neatly arranged and impeccably maintained.

Alongside souvenir shops, cafés exist at the base of all of the temples within Georgetown. To reach Kuan Yin's aloof perch atop Mount Staunton and gain a panoramic view of this vibrant city, guests must avail themselves of one such contraption known as a glass lift cart; an additional fee will be charged in addition to their entrance fee. Once up there they'll truly appreciate its vistas over Georgetown – particularly if it's cleared out with sun-filled skies!

Things to do in Penang - Kek Lok Si

To access this temple complex, one can opt for a bus, take a taxi or utilize their bicycle or motorbike if they possess one. Air Itam is the name of the suburb in which it resides and I simply ventured off into what appeared to be the proper direction before realizing that I was hopelessly lost without any map.

Batu Ferringhi

For beachgoers and visitors alike, Batu Ferringhi Beach is an idyllic paradise. Lushly palm-lined beaches stretch along the north coast of Penang Island; offering a tranquil retreat for sunbathers and swimmers alike. In addition to its unspoiled beauty, it also boasts numerous hotels and restaurants – all within walking distance from the shoreline!

Things to do in Penang - Batu Ferringhi

It is simple to make an effortless journey from Georgetown's bus station to Batu Ferringhi on Penang Island – with a modest fare and only a brief trip, it is certainly within reach. Public buses in general are meticulously maintained and air-conditioned; reliable transport that is punctual and scheduled with regularity.

Street Food

If one destination is endowed with an abundance of resources that cater to the demanding and economical tastes of backpackers or travellers, then it must be Penang. Its diverse cultures provide visitors with a plethora of local delicacies that come from portable stalls alongside tucked-away eateries. They are sure to satisfy any whim!

The array of vendors serving up Chinese-inspired cuisine, as well as seafood delicacies and tantalizing street food stalls, can be found in Little India – a thriving neighbourhood with enticing aromas of spices and curries wafting through the air. A visit to this area is certainly worthwhile!

Things to do in Penang - penang street food scene


A plethora of budget guesthouses and backpacker can be found along Love Lane and Chulia Street, situated within walking distance from the ferry/town bus stop. Arrival by bus may render it challenging to find accommodation in advance; however if you simply follow the direction given above, you should not encounter any problems locating a lodging establishment.

If you are seeking a destination that is accessible, simple to traverse, boasts beautiful beaches and exquisite architecture; if you enjoy being exposed to different cultures with rich traditions and cuisine – Penang will be ideal. Not only does this location lack visa requirements but its climate remains benign even during the coldest seasons of the year! In addition, it's an absolute must-visit for anyone considering their next vacation adventures!

How to get to Penang

To visit Penang Island, travellers can fly to the Penang Bayan Lepas International Airport located approximately 30 minutes from Georgetown. International destinations from this airport include , , Ko Samui – among others. Domestic flights connect many of Malaysia's metropolitan areas with Penang Island as well; offering travellers an extensive network for onward travel.

Navigating the train schedule to reach Butterworth Station, an important gateway in mainland Malaysia, is straightforward and uncomplicated if you travel from Bangkok. Though one could instead opt for flying to Bangkok or for a more cost-effective option than catching either of the available trains or buses from either location. At any rate it is simple enough to walk across town towards the ferry terminal and hop on board – there are frequent departures all day long!

Things to do in Penang - penang bridge

The train from Bangkok is really popular, and tickets can be booked at Hualamphong Station (on the railway side, not the metro side). The close to the 24-hour journey itself is bearable, as seats are large and turn into beds at night, and there are toilets and room for your bags. You can get more information about the train, including pictures of what the sleeper classes are like at ‘The man in seat 61′ website.

If you're departing from other areas in such as Phuket and , it is feasible to acquire a bus ticket directly to Penang (consult with travel agents or information centres for the most effective solution and cost). Alternatively, if you are based inKuala Lumpur you can take advantage of a 4-hour trip on an express coach that will bring them within reach of this captivating destination. The buses are comfortable coaches featuring upscale interiors; moreover, they traverse scenic landscapes en route their journey making for an enriching experience!

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