The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia

Though is predominantly a desert region, there are plenty of places to enjoy thrilling adventures. It is a country that is bordered by the Red Sea on its west coast, which offers many opportunities for indulging in different types of water adventures. The beautiful red sand dunes of Saudi Arabia are the perfect spot for exploration by four-wheel drive or camel.

Top Adventures That Can Be Enjoyed In Saudi Arabia

You can enjoy any of the many exciting adventure activities available in this country by travelling there on cheap flights. Such flights are no frills and point-to-point, so you reach the capital city or any other important city quickly from your country. Look into the list of low-cost carriers offering frequent flights to Saudi Arabia and purchase tickets through online booking. Here is a look at some of the many adventures to be had while vacationing in Saudi Arabia:

1. Edge of the World Guided Tour

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Edge of the World

How about booking a guided tour to the Edge of the World, which is a location in Riyadh known for its spectacular mountain views and breathtaking cliffs? This spot lies in the last section of the Tuwaiq Mountain range, and it is a cliff of 131 m, just some 100 km from Riyadh. The guide will take you across the best trails so that you can enjoy the key areas that resonate with natural beauty. Pack a picnic with you, and you can enjoy a lovely time eating, taking photos, and just enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings.

2. Quad Biking & Camel Ride

Another kind of thrilling adventure to be enjoyed in Saudi Arabia is Quad Biking and Camel Riding. The beautiful desert region of this country can be best enjoyed on a quad bike or camel ride, which takes you extensively into some of the most spectacular regions. Here you can see nomadic life, an oasis, palm trees, a traditional village, a lovely but changing desert landscape, and much more. During the quad ride, you get to drive a 4-wheel Z250 Suzuki across the red desert and indulge in dune bashing, while riding on magnificent camels can be quite a thrilling experience.

3. Uhud Mountains

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Uhud Mountains

Opting for a four-wheel drive across the Uhud Mountains is indeed an exciting way to explore this place. It takes you across the mountain areas, from where you can enjoy spectacular views like none other. It is the place to come and take some fabulous natural photos of scenic cliffs and mountainous areas during the day as well as at sunset. The ride is safe; it takes you up to the summit, where you can enjoy snacks, and then comes back. It lasts for 45 minutes, during which time you can enjoy an out-of-this-world experience taking in the majestic scenery of this place.

4. Heritage in Tabuk

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Tabuk Castle

Places of heritage in Tabuk are some of the best spots for enjoying touring adventures while in Saudi Arabia. Here you will see some spectacular ancient sites that tell what life was like thousands of years ago. Key places to see are Tabuk Castle, Al-Tawba Mosque, Shuaib Caves, Haddaj Well of Taym, and Al-Hamra Palace.

5. Abha Wadi Lajab

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Abha Wadi Lajab

You can also book a trip in Abha Wadi Lajab, which is known for its lush greenery. This beautiful valley showcases the green beauty that lies nestled inside the desert region of this country. There are so many beautiful streams and waterfalls here that you can enjoy exploring, taking photos, and picnicking. Hiking tours take you across some of the most dramatic viewpoints in this deep valley.

6. Snorkelling Red Sea

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Snorkelling

Another way to enjoy adventure is by snorkelling along the shores of the Red Sea. The water here is abundant with different types of fish and other sea animals that are only found here. Some of the sea creatures that are found in the waters of the Red Sea are hammerhead sharks, clownfish, rays, etc., and it is also the spot where the whale shark resides. Some key diving sites here include wreck dives at Abu Faramosh, Obhur Bay, and much more.

7. Camping at Kharrarah National Park

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Kharrarah National Park

During the winter season, what is most enjoyed is Kashtah, or camping. There are many wonderful camping sites here, such as Kharrarah National Park and the Wadi Al Disah. You can also try sites such as Thumama Desert, Wadi Hanifa, Salboukh Valley, and Moon Valley. In these places, you can set up tents, enjoy a night gazing at the stars, and explore the wilderness that abounds in extraordinary beauty. Opt for camping packages that offer benefits like mattresses, tents, bonfires, and meals in exotic camping spots.

8. Camel Safari

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Camel Safari

No one can go without enjoying a camel safari when staying in Saudi Arabia. The key feature here is that you will be riding on a desert camel, which is known for its strength and sturdiness, and it will take you across stunning desert landscapes. As the terrain unfolds during your journey, you will see incredible views and get to experience the native life of this country.

9. Sand Dunes

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - sandboarding

You can enjoy exploring the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia by indulging in sandboarding and sand sledding. During these activities, you will enjoy moving fast across the desert sand, and it can be very thrilling as you whizz past so many sandy areas. Places, where you can do sandboarding, are filled with extraordinary beauty and also offer the perfect spots for taking nature photos.

10. Wahbah Crater

The 10 Most Thrilling Adventures You Can Have in Saudi Arabia - Wahbah Crater

Check out the Al Wahbah crater, which is thought to have been created by a meteor site millions of years ago. It is 250 km from Taif and is also a popular spot for picnicking and camping. There are spots from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the crater and take breathtaking photos.

The best time to come to Saudi Arabia to enjoy such an adventure is between the months of November and February when the weather is mild. There are many booking platforms that give information on cheap flights and low-cost carriers operating at key cities in Saudi Arabia. Look into one that is convenient for you to fly to and reach the country without spending heavily on ticket expenses. Enjoy the many thrilling adventure activities that are available across the desert landscape and beautiful coastline, which is like none other.

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