Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa – Remote Work Visa – Process & Requirements

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa – Remote Work Visa – Process & Requirements

The is officially called the Remote Work Visa. It's a visa issued to those who have the freedom and flexibility to work online while living in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab of Emirates.

Like , Abu Dhabi is a city in the UAE or the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has its own visa. But if you prefer to live in Abu Dhabi while in the UAE, you should apply for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa. It allows you to enjoy residency in Abu Dhabi for up to a year and is renewable.

While many digital nomads choose Dubai while in the UAE, there are perks to living in Abu Dhabi. The vibe here is more relaxing and not as busy and chaotic as in Dubai. Also, Abu Dhabi has better beaches and has its fair share of incredible attractions, including the Louvre Museum, the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, and the Ferrari World.

So, if you are lucky enough to work around the world through the Internet, you might be interested in applying for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

About the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Officially called the Remote Work Visa, the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa is available to remote workers or anyone with the freedom and flexibility to work remotely in Abu Dhabi. With this visa, digital nomads can enjoy residency in the capital city without having someone to sponsor them.

For those not aware, you need to have a sponsor to live in the UAE, either an employer or a family member. But with the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa, you don't need someone to sponsor you to live in the country for up to a year. You also have the option to renew it before it expires.

Aside from showing proof that you can work remotely, there are other requirements you need to fulfill to be granted the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa. 

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Eligibility for the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Before applying for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa, ensure you are eligible for this visa. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be able to work with a company based outside the UAE that supports working remotely.
  • Earn a monthly income of no less than $3,500 US dollars or equivalent.

As you can see, the eligibility requirements for applying for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa are pretty straightforward. You only need to submit proof you are a remote worker that earns at least $3,500 USD per month. These requirements are lower than the Dubai Digital Nomad Visa for which you need to proof a monthly income of $5,000.

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Requirements for the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Aside from meeting the eligibility requirements, you must submit some documents when applying for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa. Make sure your requirements are complete before sending in your application. So, here's a list of the requirements:

  • Valid passport – submit your passport when applying for the remote work visa. It should have a validity of at least six months from the date of application.
  • – you need a valid health insurance to cover your residency in Abu Dhabi.
  • Proof of remote work – you must submit evidence that you are working for an entity based outside the United Arab Emirates and you perform your work remotely.
  • Proof of monthly income – submit documents proving you meet the monthly income requirements. It should show your monthly income is at least USD 3,500. You must submit a salary slip for the last month and bank statements showing the last three months of transactions.

While the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa appeals the most to remote workers, entrepreneurs are also eligible for this visa. For this, you must show proof of company ownership for a year or more. You must prove that your monthly earnings are at least USD 3,500. Entrepreneurs must also submit bank statements of the company's account for the past three months.

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

If you are a remote worker or entrepreneur earning at least $3,500 and can provide requirements for proof, then you are eligible for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa. Here are the steps to apply for this visa:

  1. Prepare the requirements – before you start applying for the digital nomad visa, make sure you have all documents ready.
  2. Visit the official website – next, go online and visit the official website of the Abu Dhabi Resident's Office. Fill out the application form and submit the documents. You can also apply in person if you are already in the UAE or go through accredited agencies specializing in UAE visa applications.
  3. Wait for an email – when you apply online, you will receive a confirmation in your email after submitting your application. The email will include further instructions, so read them carefully.
  4. Pay the fees – you will also receive instructions on how to pay for the visa application.
  5. Travel to Abu Dhabi – once your visa is approved, you can now travel to the UAE using the visa. But if you're already in the UAE, the next step is to proceed with a medical appointment.
  6. Go to a medical appointment – after getting approved for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa, you have a month to go to your medical appointment.
  7. Proceed to the biometrics office – proceed with the biometrics after receiving your medical results. Print the medical results and take this to the biometrics office in Abu Dhabi.
  8. Receive a passport stamp – you will receive a text message asking you to visit the Abu Dhabi resident's office to stamp your passport with the visa.
  9. Receive the Emirates ID – you will receive your Emirates ID after a few days of getting your passport stamp. The ID is proof that you are now a resident of Abu Dhabi, so keep it with you at all times.

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

Living as a Digital Nomad in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi does not always come up on the list of the best cities for digital nomads. However, the InterNations Expat Insider survey revealed that it's one of the top 20 cities for expats in 2021. Many expats believe that the UAE's capital city offers a good quality of life and a high level of safety and security. Therefore, if you are a digital nomad looking to move to the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi would be perfect.

When living as a digital nomad in Abu Dhabi, you'll bask in the warm and sunny climate and spend most of your days relaxing at its beaches. The most popular are the Saadiyat Public Beach, Yas Beach, Nurai Island, and more. Given its warm and sunny weather, you can enjoy the outdoors all year-round while living in Abu Dhabi.

Like Dubai, you can enjoy excellent infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. The Internet speed is great, and you can connect to Wi-Fi in various places. Although Abu Dhabi is a major hub for business in the UAE, it also offers plenty of entertainment opportunities. Therefore, you can guarantee a healthy work-life balance while living here as a digital nomad.

Aside from the beaches, you will find a range of shopping malls across the city. There are also tons of attractions to visit, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, Louvre Museum, Ferrari World, and many other amusement parks. In fact, Abu Dhabi is a great place to live for digital nomads with kids.

Expats living in Abu Dhabi believe they feel more secure while walking at night in the city. The government has invested heavily in police and security services to guarantee safety. Therefore, you can feel safe living as a digital nomad in Abu Dhabi.

If you love to travel, Abu Dhabi is an ideal base since it's the hub of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE. The airline flies to major cities worldwide, from Europe to Africa, Asia, and beyond. For short weekend breaks, there are plenty of places to visit. You can drive to Dubai, which is less than three hours away, or visit other emirates, such as Ras Al Khaimah and .

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

FAQs on the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa?

The cost to apply for the Abu Dhabi Remote Work Visa is $287 per person. You also need to pay the premium for the medical insurance to cover your stay in the UAE and the cost of the Emirates ID, which you will receive once your visa is approved. Take note that paying the processing fee will not guarantee approval.

How Long Can I Stay in Abu Dhabi while Holding the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Remote Work Visa will allow you to stay in the UAE for up to a year, with the option to renew the visa if you wish to extend your stay.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa? 

The processing time for the Abu Dhabi digital nomad visa is 30 to 60 days.

Abu Dhabi Digital Nomad Visa

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