10 Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

10 Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

, the city of gold and glamour, welcomes visitors from all over the world. The so-called traveller's paradise impresses with its glass skyscrapers and entertainment opportunities. The metropolis also attracts thousands of investors looking for properties in dubai for sale. However, planning a trip to Dubai can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. To make your travel to Dubai perfect, here are seven incredible tricks that you should keep in mind.

1. Plan your trip in advance

Dubai is a bustling city with a lot to offer, and it can be overwhelming if you don't plan your trip in advance. Before you book your tickets, research the most suitable time for you to travel, the places you want to see, and the activities you want to do. Additionally, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance to save money and avoid unpleasant issues.

Don't forget the necessary documents such as:

  • Your passport is valid for more than 6 months. 
  • Visa (if necessary).
  • Return ticket. 

Some other documents may be required in individual cases. It is advisable to check the travel requirements for your departure country. 

Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

2. Dress appropriately

It is important to respect local traditions and norms even if they differ from those you are used to. When you're packing for your trip, make sure to pack modest clothing that covers most parts of your body. Do not wear too short clothing or anything that has offensive slogans or images. If you're planning to visit mosques or other religious sites, make sure to dress in a proper manner.

3. Explore beyond the tourist hotspots

While Dubai's tourist hotspots like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are must-visit destinations, there's a lot more to explore in the city. Take a walk around the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood, visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, or go on a desert safari. Exploring beyond the tourist hotspots will help you to plunge into culture and lifestyle in the UAE.

Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

4. Travel by public transport

Dubai has a well-developed public transport system that's affordable and efficient. The metro is the most comfortable way to get around the city, and it's air-conditioned, which is a blessing during the hot summer months. You can also use buses and taxis to get around the city, but they can be more expensive than the metro.

5. Buy Dubai Card

Dubai is a huge tourist city. To make travelling more comfortable, there is a city travel card – the Dubai Card. It is the same card that provides discounts to all attractions in the city (and free entrance to some of them), provides free travel on all forms of public transport, as well as offers sightseeing tours and interesting tourist itineraries. There are several types of such cards and their costs start from $100. 

Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

6. Be ready for differences

There is a strict set of laws and customs that you should be aware of before you travel. For instance, you cannot kiss or hug in public. Drinking alcohol in public places is also illegal. Make sure to respect the local customs and laws, and you'll have a hassle-free trip. 

It would be perfect for you to monitor main traditions and norms of behaviour before travelling. Such a rational approach towards the trip will help to avoid misunderstandings and misbehaviour in the new country. 

7. Drink a lot of water

The deserted location of Dubai and high temperatures can be unbearable for some travellers. It is essential to drink a lot of water and not spend too much time in the sun during the hottest parts of the day.

Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

8. Think about accommodation in advance

The choice of accommodation should be based on your goals in Dubai. If you visit the city just as an interesting tourist destination, you should keep in mind the next criteria: 

  • Location. Choose a central location. In such a way, it is easier and more comfortable to get to any point in the city. 
  • Cost. Evaluate your budget and make sure you will have enough money for entertainment and visiting attractions. 
  • Comfort. The level of comfort depends on your aims, lifestyle and personal preferences. 

If you visit Dubai to experience the local atmosphere and relocate, get a consultation of the real estate agency AX Capital. You will get systematized relevant information about properties in Dubai and professional assistance for finding the suitable home. 

9. Taste delicious food

Tourists and residents can enjoy tasty in cozy cafes and luxurious restaurants in Dubai. You can easily find an establishment that serves the desired cuisine and suits your budget. 

As a rule, the national cuisine of the UAE is traditional Arabic cuisine. It has the most popular dishes, such as lamb meat, lamb with nuts, steamed chicken cooked with honey, chicken stewed with tomatoes, shish kebab, shawarma, and much more. The restaurants also serve fresh seafood and delicious desserts. High quality coffee is a local must-taste as its popularity spreads all around the globe. 

Incredible Tricks To Make Your Travel To Dubai Perfect 

10. Take photocopies of documents

It is recommended to take photocopies of documents with you any time you are going to public places. As the government strives to establish zero criminal rate in the country, there are many police officers on the streets, including those out of uniform, who meticulously monitor the observance of public and Shariah standards of behaviour. They can ask people who look suspicious or violate some norm to show their documents.

However, there is also a recommendation not to take the original passport with you. This is the main document, the loss of which threatens big trouble. You may even be arrested for the period required to obtain a new passport or certificate from the consulate.

The outcomes

With decent planning of your travel and good awareness of local norms, visiting Dubai will become an incredible experience. Take into account the above-mentioned tips and make the most of your journey to the UAE.  

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