How To Meet Other Digital Nomads in Estonia 

How To Meet Other Digital Nomads in Estonia 

is a country that welcomes digital nomads with all kinds of benefits. As of 2020, you can apply for an Estonian Digital Nomad Visa that has an easy and accessible application process. In Estonia, you have the luxury of enjoying busy city life with many events for different interests. You can also seek calmness in pristine Nordic nature with its beautiful forests and bogs. In Estonia's capital and in the second largest city , you can find plenty of co-working places to find a balance between work and leisure.

As one of the many benefits of a nomadic lifestyle is the opportunity to meet like-minded people around the world to enjoy the adventure together, we've curated an article for you about the best places to connect with and meet fellow digital nomads in Estonia.

5 ways to meet fellow digital nomads in Estonia

1. Chat groups

The easiest way to get the flow going with other digital nomads in Estonia is to join chat groups! Visit Estonia has just recently launched the official Slack group for digital nomads with the aim to bring a vibrant and beautiful community together. Check out their website as well on Digital Nomad Life | Visit Estonia.

Nomadlist Estonia is another place where you can ask questions before even coming to Estonia and seek guidance from others.

2. In-person networking

You finally came to Estonia, so now what? In-person networking events are a perfect opportunity to meet a diverse set of people as mutual interests can easily lead to friendships. is a platform that helps people build communities and attract those of similar interests and professions. There is an active community of expats in Tallinn who list their events and gatherings on Join Daily meetups group that hosts international hangouts every day.

Every week you can find something for your taste: bowling or board game nights, having coffee and drinks, eating in restaurants and learning a language. There are many ways to make long-lasting interesting connections and friends! Many of their events, such as board game nights and meetups in restaurants and bars are held weekly at the same time and place, so find the ones you like and RSVP if you are interested as the places are limited.

Digital nomads in Estonia - in person networking

3. Facebook groups

More practical and easier approach to connect with other digital nomads in Estonia would be joining with Facebook groups. In these groups, you can find other expats in Estonia sharing their thoughts or inviting others to meetups. There are a great variety of public and private groups, so look for those that are geared for digital nomads, expats in Tallinn, freelance remote workers, and other like-minded professionals. Some of the examples of the great Facebook groups are Expats in Tallinn, Estonia and Daily Meetups.

When searching for the groups that interest you the most, make sure to read the rules and always comply with them. That way, you can avoid the risk of being banned.

4. Co-working spaces

Whether you are staying in the capital of Tallinn, in Tartu or somewhere else, there are plenty of co-working spaces for digital nomads seeking comfortable working spaces and a supportive and lively community. These workplaces have once been the birthplaces of well-known tech companies and community events are also a regular occurrence in many of these places.

Great co-working spaces we recommend are Lift99, Spring Hub and Workland with various locations around the city of Tallinn. In Tartu, we recommend Mobispace, R7Hub and Sofa Office.

In Lift99, you will be included in the active startup community of Estonia.  With a membership fee of 25€, you will be granted access to the Lift99 Slack community, events, and additional special offers. You will have the opportunity to chat with like-minded people from one or many of the 57 Slack channels.



5. Co-living spaces

Accommodation can be more than just a place to stay – you can make meaningful connections with other tenants and create lasting memories, weather you are travelling alone or with your family.

Great co-living spaces in Tallinn are Hektor Container Hotel, Draper Startup House Tallinn, Oru Hub Hotel and Larsen. Outside of Tallinn, we recommend Kupland that is located in the Southeast Estonia. Tiny Marienholm in Haapsalu is a visual ephitet of relaxation.

Scandium Living

Photo: Tiny Marienholm, Haapsalu. Scandium Living.


Next time you are heading to Estonia, keep these choices in mind and you can definitely look forward to making new friends and forging collaborations with other digital nomads in Estonia. Whether you go to a co-working space and meetup, join Facebook groups or group chats, people in Estonia will try to do their best to welcome you into the community.

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