Hong Kong Travel – a Day Trip Exploring Cheung Chau Island

Hong Kong Travel – a Day Trip Exploring Cheung Chau Island

Located 12 kilometres southwest of Island, is a charming and peaceful destination. Unlike its bustling counterpart, this small island does not have any roads or cars. Instead, it boasts a well-paved network of bike and pedestrian paths. While a few small ambulance vans can traverse the main street near the ferry terminal, the absence of vehicles creates a serene atmosphere. Visitors seeking tranquillity will find weekdays to be an ideal time to visit, as the weekends draw larger crowds to the trails, streets, markets, and beaches.

How to get there

To reach Cheung Chau Island port, you can take the subway metro to Central Station and use exit A. From there, you can walk across the pedestrian overpass and follow the signs to Public Piers. Pier 5 is the designated pier for ferries to Cheung Chau Island.

The ferries to Cheung Chau Island have frequent departures, providing convenience for travellers. Prices for the ordinary ferry standard class start from HK$13.80, with a slightly higher price of around HK$18 for the first class. Onboard the ordinary ferry, passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, as well as access to and drink vending machines and toilets. Alternatively, there is also the option of taking the Fast Ferry company, which offers smaller and newer ferries that take less time to reach the island. These ferries operate every 30 minutes from 6 am to midnight, ensuring regular transportation services for visitors.

What to do and see

Walking trails

The island features multiple paved walking trails, including three main mapped and signposted trails of different lengths. Among these trails is the Mini Great Wall of , which offers stunning views of the coastal cliffs and unique rock formations, such as a rock shaped like a face. Additionally, there are several beautiful lookout points along this trail.

The trails in this area offer glimpses of small temples and picturesque beaches. The longest trail can be completed in approximately 3.5 hours, while a medium-length trail, which spans the entire coastline, takes around 2 hours. Along the way, you can leisurely walk, capture photographs, and even have a picnic. Resting spots and charming pavilions are scattered along the trails, providing opportunities to relax, enjoy a meal, or simply admire the breathtaking scenery.


During the summer months, visitors can enjoy a selection of well-maintained swimming beaches that are staffed by lifeguards. These beaches offer clean surroundings and convenient amenities such as picnic tables, toilets, showers, and changing rooms. Additionally, families can take advantage of the nearby playground for children to enjoy. For those seeking shade and relaxation, there are trees and shaded areas available.

Cheung Chau Island Hong Kong

One of the beaches in the area is known for its popularity in windsurfing. It offers windsurfing schools and clubs that are conveniently located around the rocky cove.

Market shopping, souvenirs, crafts and snacking

In the main township, there is a vast selection of small stalls that specifically cater to the numerous tourists visiting from Hong Kong and China. The weekends are particularly busy with crowds. These stalls offer a variety of Chinese snack foods, which can be found lining the small streets. Some popular options include dried fish snacks, fried potato swirls on sticks, fairy floss, steamed Chinese buns, flavoured sticky rice balls, Taiwanese shaved rice, meat sticks, and pork buns.

In Hong Kong, you will find numerous souvenir and craft shops offering a wide range of unique and fascinating trinkets. However, it's worth noting that if you have travelled to other countries in Asia, you may have already come across similar goods or purchased them at a much lower price. Compared to other Asian countries, Hong Kong is known to be relatively expensive.

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If you are planning a short visit to Hong Kong (1-2 weeks), it is recommended to stay in a central location on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon and take day trips to the outlying islands and attractions you want to see. Cheung Chau Island does offer a few small hotels for accommodation, but it is advisable to book in advance, especially during holiday months and weekends when availability is limited.

If you're looking for accommodation options on Cheung Chau Island, consider checking out Warwick Hotel. This 3-star hotel is conveniently situated on Tung Wan Beach.


Located near the ferry terminal street, there are numerous small restaurants that cater to tourists. Additionally, there are some authentic Chinese open-aired seafood restaurants situated around the bay. These establishments offer a variety of options at prices that are comparable, if not slightly lower, than those found on Hong Kong Island.

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