The 7 Best Places for Digital Nomads in Bali to Stay and Work

The 7 Best Places for Digital Nomads in Bali to Stay and Work

is a paradise for digital nomads, given its lush greenery, beautiful beaches, iconic rice fields, scenic lakes, and majestic temples. Aside from being in one of the world's most beautiful islands, living as a digital nomad in Bali will give you access to a relatively cheap cost of living.

You will never get bored living as a digital nomad in Bali. Between working, there are tons of fun activities to keep you entertained. If you're into water sports, head to the beaches of , where you can surf and enjoy other water sports. At night, make your way to one of the beach bars along and party the night away!

For a more relaxing way to enjoy your work break, go for a scenic hike along Bali's iconic rice fields, indulge in a relaxing massage at the island's luxurious spas, or simply lounge at the beach. If you need inspiration of where to stay and find cheap vacation rentals in Bali, compare prices with cozycozy.

Before you get too excited, it's worth knowing the best places to live on the island. To help you with this, refer to this list of the best places in Bali for digital nomads.

1. Seminyak

Best places for digital nomads in bali - Seminyak

Seminyak is an ideal base for digital nomads in Bali. It's home to many beautiful beaches and fantastic beach bars where you can hang out and relax after a day of working. Best of all, Seminyak has numerous accommodation options for digital nomads, from budget hotels to luxury villas. Because of its central location, staying in Seminyak will give you easy access to the most popular spots in Bali.

Many of Bali's most popular nightlife spots are in Seminyak, which explains the area's bustling party scene. For digital nomads in Bali who love to party, Seminyak is the place to be. It also has several co-working spaces and excellent cafes for working. Lined with fancy shops and hip boutiques, Seminyak is also famous for shopping. Between working, you can spend your time strolling through its bustling streets, checking out the shopping stalls selling everything from beachwear to accessories and souvenirs.

Living in Seminyak is surprisingly affordable. The average cost of living in Seminyak is $830 per month. And although the area is home to luxury hotels and villas, you will find many affordable accommodations to rent for the long term. A studio in Seminyak could cost an average of $409 monthly.

Coworking spaces

As one of the most popular areas for digital nomads in Bali, Seminyak has a growing list of co-working spaces. But the most popular ones are Biliq Bali Cosharing Space and Kembali Innovation Hub.

2. Ubud

Monkey Forest road Ubud

When looking for the best places for digital nomads in Bali, Ubud often tops the list, and it's not surprising why. Surrounded by stunning nature, Ubud has a tranquil atmosphere, making for a truly relaxing place to stay. Made famous by Julia Robert's iconic film “Eat, Pray, Love,” Ubud is Bali's cultural hub, home to local artists, writers, and craftsmen.

When you're not on your laptop working, you'll find yourself through lush rice fields, visiting temples, doing yoga, or exploring local villages. Every morning, you'll see locals visiting temples for the daily gift offerings, dressed in colourful prayer clothes and carrying baskets where they place their offerings to their gods. For digital nomads who want to experience the local culture of Bali, Ubud is the perfect place to stay. It is also the perfect place for a Bali Holiday Package tour.

As one of Bali's most popular tourist areas, the cost of living in Ubud is a bit on the higher side. Here, the average cost of living is $1,365 per month. And if you rent a studio, you'll pay an average of $409 per month.

Coworking spaces

Ubud has a growing community of digital nomads. You'll find them hanging out in the area's many co-working spaces, such as the Outpost Ubud Penestanan and Beluna House of Creatives.

3. Canggu

Best places for digital nomads in Bali - Canggu

Canggu is another area in Bali that's very popular with digital nomads. Located on the west coast of Bali, about an hour's drive from the airport, is a picturesque resort village surrounded by terraced rice fields and home to stunning black sand beaches popular with surfers.

What made Canggu popular among digital nomads in Bali is that it offers the perfect balance between work and play. It has numerous hip cafes and excellent co-working spaces where you can meet fellow nomads. Between working, you can go surfing at the beach, join a yoga class, and hang out at the many bars and beach clubs.

But all these perks come with a disadvantage. Canggu has the highest cost of living in Bali, where you can expect to spend an average of $1,517 per month. Many accommodations cater to digital nomads in Canggu, costing an average of $341 per month.

Coworking Coliving spaces

As Bali's most popular digital nomad hub, Canggu has plenty of co-working spaces. Canggu's most popular co-working spaces are Dojo BaliOutpost Canggu, and Tropical Nomad Coworking Space.

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4. Seseh

Best places for digital nomads in bali - Seseh

is a charming seaside village on the west coast of Bali, set between Tabanan and Seminyak. Home to serene rice paddies and surrounded by dramatic views of the Indian Ocean, Seseh is a relaxing place to live for digital nomads in Bali.

Unlike the many other tourist areas in Bali, Seseh has maintained its rural Balinese charm, offering a tranquil seaside setting away from the tourist crowds. The village is also home to some of Bali's most popular attractions, which you can explore while on a break from work. One of these is Tanah Lot, Bali's most iconic landmark.

If you choose to live as a digital nomad in Seseh, you can benefit from its affordable cost of living. On average, you can spend only $539 per month living in Seseh, which makes it the cheapest place to live for digital nomads in Bali.

Coworking spaces

There's one co-working space in Seseh called the Seseh Studio. You will also find several cafes with decent internet speed, where you can take up some work.

5. Uluwatu

Best places for digital nomads in Bali - Uluwatu

is best known for the Uluwatu Temple, one of Bali's most popular attractions. The temple is perched on a cliff overlooking the vast Indian Ocean and is regarded as one of Bali's most prominent temples. Even though Uluwatu is not a popular place for digital nomads in Bali, it's still a great place to base yourself on the island, especially if you're looking for more upscale experiences.

Uluwatu is home to several luxury resorts and some of Bali's most gorgeous beaches. The area is much quieter than the other places on the island and where you'll find many secluded beaches to relax after a day's work. It's also home to clifftop restaurants surrounded by panoramic ocean views and where you can enjoy luxury dining experiences.

Living in Uluwatu does not come cheap. The average cost of living in this area is $1,386 per month. And although it has many numerous upscale resorts, you will find affordable places for long-term stays. The average monthly rental for a studio in Uluwatu is $409.

Coworking spaces

You will find a few co-working spaces near Uluwatu where you can take up some work if you prefer to work outside your home. Check out Colabo in Jimbaran, one of Bali's premier co-working spaces.

6. Sanur

Best places for digital nomads in Bali - Sanur

is another beautiful area in Bali with a very relaxing vibe. Home to many beaches protected by offshore reefs, the water here is shallow and safe enough for kids. If you are moving to Bali with kids, Sanur is an ideal place to live. Surfers will also love the beaches in Sanur since they produce the best waves. The coastline of Sanur is dotted with many excellent restaurants and cafes where you can chill out after work.

Sanur is also the jumping-off point for visitors wanting to dive to the nearby island of Nusa Lembongan. Many areas around the island are abundant with marine life, making the island an excellent spot for diving and snorkelling.

The cost of living in Sanur is very cheap. Living here will cost you an average of $693 per month, cheaper than in the many other digital nomad areas in Bali. This is also where you'll find some of Bali's most affordable apartments. A studio costs an average of $205 per month to rent.

Coworking spaces

Sanur is home to some of Bali's best co-working spaces, such as Livit Hub and Genius Café Sanur. There are also cafes with good internet speed that double as co-working spaces.

7. Amed

Best places for digital nomads in Bali - Amed

Amed is Bali's hidden gem, an underrated area on the island's east coast. It's a 14-km strip of a fishing village with many beautiful beaches, surrounded by the massive Mount Agung, Bali's largest active volcano. There are not many digital nomads living in Amed, but if you're looking for a quiet area in Bali surrounded by towering green mountains and picturesque rice paddies, Amed is the perfect place for you.

The best thing about living in Amed is that you'll never be far from the beach. So, if you feel like taking a dip during a work break, there are many opportunities to do this. Some of the most popular beaches in the area are Amed Beach, Lipah Bay, and Jemeluk Bay. And if you've had enough of the beaches, head inland and hike through picturesque rice fields.

The cost of living for digital nomads in Amed is only $1,068 per month, which is pretty reasonable. And if you will rent a studio apartment, the average cost is $409 per month.

Co-working spaces

There are no co-working spaces in Amed, but the village has cosy cafes where you can take up some work. If you have a scooter, you can drive to the other digital nomad places in Bali to visit co-working spaces. Ubud and Seminyak are only a couple of hours' drive from Amed.

Stay Longer – Digital Nomad Visa

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