Armenia Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements & Process

Armenia Digital Nomad Visa – Requirements & Process

If you're a remote worker looking to move to a fascinating country in the Caucasus Region, you should look into the visa. With this visa, you can live in the country for up to a year, giving you plenty of time to discover the region and explore some of the world's most incredible historical attractions. But just like with any visa, there are requirements you need to fulfil to be eligible. Read on to find out more about this.

Armenia may be a small country, but it certainly packs a punch. Often overlooked by its neighbours, and , the incredible country has a captivating history, home to some of the oldest churches and monasteries in the world. Digital nomads who love history will find plenty of historical sights to explore here. Best of all, the country has a low cost of living, making it even more attractive to nomads looking for a cheap place to live.

Despite its turbulent history, Armenians are fiercely proud of their heritage and history, and for good reasons. The Armenian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. In fact, Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion during 301 A.D. Its capital city, Yerevan, is 29 years older than !

When you live as a digital nomad in Armenia, you could find yourself exploring the relics of the country's rich history during your free time. The best part is – you'll wander through its ancient churches and monasteries in solitude since the country is still off the tourist radar.

So, before Armenia gets crowded with tourists, it's worth discovering the country as a digital nomad. To find out how to live in the country for a year, refer below for our guide on applying for the Armenia .

About the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa

The Armenia digital nomad visa is not exactly a visa that's intended only for digital nomads. It's a residency permit for foreign business owners that can apply to be digital nomads. The program supports Armenia's “Golden Visa” program through investment, where foreigners can avail of residency with a minimum investment of $150,000 yearly.

Freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads are not required to demonstrate any minimum income to avail of the residency permit. However, you must register as a sole entrepreneur to be eligible for this visa.

If you get approved for this visa, you will receive a one-year temporary residence permit, which you can renew for up to five years. After five years, you could become eligible for permanent residency in Armenia.

As a sole proprietor in Armenia, you are eligible to pay tax which is around 20% up to a turnover of $60,000. Whilst the country has double taxation agreements with , , Russia, the UK, and some EU countries, it doesn't have the same agreement with the and other countries. If you are from those countries with no double taxation agreements with Armenia, you could end up paying double taxes if you avail of the Armenia digital nomad visa.

What's great about the Armenia residence permit is that you can also apply for the residency of your spouse and dependents, which means you can take them with you to live in Armenia. Once you have the permit, you can live in Armenia as a digital nomad with access to the country's healthcare and education systems. 

Eligibility for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa

Compared to many other digital nomad visas, the Armenia digital nomad visa does not require numerous requirements. Plus, the application process is easy. But to be eligible, you must have the following:

  • Have the means to work remotely – you should be able to show proof you are working remotely as a freelancer or business owner.
  • Willing to register as a proprietor in Armenia – you should be willing to register as a sole proprietor, also called a “private entrepreneur.”

Requirements for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa

So, if you are a digital nomad willing to register as a business owner in Armenia and pay taxes while living there, you are eligible for a residency permit. To apply for this permit, you must prepare the following requirements:

  • Valid passport – you must submit your passport when applying for the residency permit.
  • Translation of your passport – aside from submitting your original passport, you must send in an Armenian translation of your passport, authenticated by an Apostille.
  • Completed application form – fill out an application form for the residency permit.
  • Proof of registration as a sole proprietor in Armenia.
  • Medical certificate – the certificate will verify you are in good health condition.
  • Receipt of the payment – you can pay the application fee online, which is AMD105,000 or around $265. Keep a copy of the receipt since you are required to submit it during your application.

Applying for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa

When applying for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa, you must first register as a sole proprietor through the State Register of Legal Entities in Armenia. You can register directly through an agency with the help of a local lawyer, although it's also possible to register online. However, you must provide a power of attorney.

To apply directly in person, you must first enter Armenia using a different visa to go through the process. Armenia offers visa-free entry to many nationalities, so take advantage of this. It should allow you to stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Aside from completing the form and submitting supporting documentation for your business, you must also submit a copy of your passport. It must be translated into the Armenian language and authenticated by an Apostille. You must also submit proof of payment for the registration fee of AMD 3,000 or around $8.

Steps to Apply for the Residency Permit

To guide you into the process of applying for the Armenia digital nomad visa, refer to the steps below:

1. Register as a Sole Proprietor

As mentioned, you must first apply as a sole proprietor before you can apply for the Armenia digital nomad visa. After which, you will receive an Armenian tax ID number.

When registering as a sole proprietor in Armenia, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form.
  • Original passport
  • Copy of passport translated into the Armenian language and apostilled.
  • Proof of payment for the registration fee.

2. Apply for the Residency Permit

Once registered as a sole proprietor in Armenia, they will provide you with a tax ID number. Wait for about a month before making your first tax payment. After that, you can apply for the Armenia digital nomad visa or the residency permit.

You can apply for a temporary residence permit that will allow you to stay in Armenia for a year, but you'll have the option to renew. There's also the option to apply for a permanent residence permit. It is valid for five years and is also renewable.

These are the documents to submit when applying for a residence permit:

  • Original passport
  • Copy of passport (translated to Armenian and apostilled)
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport-size photos (35mm x 45mm)
  • Proof of Business Ownership in Armenia

There is a registration fee for the Armenia digital nomad visa or residence permit. A temporary residence permit will cost you around 105,000 AMD or USD 270. If you choose a permanent residence permit, the fee will be around 140,000 AMD or USD 360.

Remember that if you send your application online or remotely, you must mail your passport to Armenia.

3. Wait for Approval

It could take up to two months for them to process your residence permit. While waiting, you can stay in Armenia using a different visa.

Living as a Digital Nomad in Armenia

Armenia is one of those countries gaining popularity in the digital nomad community over the last few years, especially for those interested in exploring the Caucasus region. It lies at the heart of the Caucasus and is home to fascinating historical sites, including some of the world's oldest monasteries.

Most nomads live in Yerevan, the country's capital city, which is rated one of the safest cities in the world. It has a stable Wi-Fi connection and a growing number of co-working spaces. Best of all, Yerevan offers numerous options for budget-friendly accommodations, including apartments that you can rent for the long term.

One of the biggest draws for digital nomads to Armenia is its affordable cost of living. In fact, living in Yerevan is about 60% cheaper than in many cities in the US, including New York. You can expect to pay around $300 to $500 for an apartment in the city center.

Transportation is also very affordable, especially if you take public transportation like trains and buses. As for the , you will find many great restaurants around Yerevan that serve delectable local and international delicacies at very reasonable prices. Groceries and other commodities are also cheap in Armenia, allowing you to live a comfortable life without spending a lot.

Applying for the Armenia digital nomad visa allows you to take advantage of the country's low cost of living and reasonable tax rates, making it an ideal place to live for budding entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

When you want to take a break from work, you can explore the country's top attractions, such as the Geghard Monastery, Khor Virab Monastery, Noravank Monastery, and the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni, the only standing pagan temple in Armenia. You can also take day trips to the nearby countries of Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Although the latter is a bit more contentious with the ongoing tension and fighting for Nagorno Karabakh.

FAQs on the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa?

When applying for the Armenia digital nomad visa, you will pay to register as a sole entrepreneur for AMD 3,000 or around $8. You also need to pay for the residence permit, which costs 105,000 AMD or USD 270 for a temporary residence permit and 140,000 AMD or USD 360 for a permanent residence permit.

How Long Can I Stay in Armenia while Holding the Digital Nomad Visa?

When you apply for a temporary residence permit, you can stay in Armenia for up to a year with the option to renew it. Those applying for the permanent residence permit can stay in Armenia for up to five years, which you can also renew.

How Long is the Processing Time for the Armenia Digital Nomad Visa? 

The processing time for the Armenia Digital Nomad visa is approximately two months. If you want to stay in Armenia while waiting for the approval of your residence permit, you can use a different visa, such as a tourist visa. You can also take advantage of visa-free entry if you are from one of the countries with this privilege.

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