I love my travel and have been a with my daughters for a long time. So how can you as a parent inspire your daughters to want to travel?

Adventure and curiosity often define the wondrous nature of childhood. For little girls with a zest for exploration and big travel dreams, the right gift can spark their imagination and inspire their next adventure.

Finding the ideal gift for these young explorers involves thinking outside the box and considering items that encourage learning, creativity, and a spirit of adventure.

Here are some perfect presents for little girls with big travel dreams.

Inspiring Books and Travel Guides

Books can transport young minds to distant lands and exotic destinations. Children's travel guides like “This Is How We Do It” by Matt Lamothe or the “Kidz Travel Guides” series are excellent choices for birthday gifts for girls.

These books offer fascinating glimpses into different cultures, traditions, and landscapes, igniting a passion for global exploration. Pair a book with a map or globe to foster a sense of wonder about the world.

Kids travel guide to Paris

DIY Travel Journals and Scrapbooks

Encouraging little explorers to document their journeys can be a meaningful and engaging activity.

A DIY travel journal or scrapbook kit can be a fantastic gift, allowing them to capture memories, draw, write, and paste photos or ticket stubs.

These keepsakes can serve as lasting souvenirs of their adventures, and the process of filling them can enhance their observation skills and creativity.

Geographic Puzzles and World Maps

Understanding global geography can be both fun and educational. Consider gifting geographic puzzles and interactive world maps that offer an engaging way to learn about different countries and continents.

Some maps even come with stickers or scratch-off features that add an element of play.

Geographic puzzle

Not only do these gifts serve as exceptional educational tools, but they also help build a foundational knowledge of the world.

Inspiring Outdoor Gear

For the young adventurer who loves the great outdoors, gear such as backpacks, binoculars, and compasses can be both practical and thrilling.

Kid-sized backpacks with vibrant designs and multiple pockets can make any trip or hike more organized and fun.

Binoculars are perfect for birdwatching, while a child-friendly compass can introduce them to basic navigation skills—tools that encourage exploration and self-reliance.

Cultural Craft Kits

Cultural craft kits can provide both entertainment and education. Kits featuring traditional crafts from various countries allow little girls to learn about different cultures hands-on.

Whether it's creating Japanese origami, painting Russian nesting dolls, or designing Indian rangoli patterns, these kits can foster a deep appreciation for global diversity and creativity.

Including such kits among birthday gifts for girls can be a delightful touch, blending art with cultural learning.

Travel-Themed Room Decor

Transforming a bedroom into a travel-inspired sanctuary can stimulate a child's travel dreams every day.

Travel-themed decor such as world map murals, globes that double as nightlights, or bedding sets featuring famous landmarks can create a daily visual reminder of the exciting world outside.

Personal touches, like custom name banners with an explorer theme, add a unique touch that resonates with their adventurous spirit.

travel themed room decor

Educational Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes that deliver educational and travel-related content directly to your door are becoming increasingly popular.

Monthly kits such as “Little Passports” or “Atlas Crate” deliver intriguing activity sets and information about different countries and cultures.

Each box is designed to engage children with fun, hands-on activities that cover geography, history, and more.

They offer an ongoing journey of discovery, making learning a constant and thrilling adventure.

Multilingual Learning Tools

Exploring new languages can be a captivating way for children to connect with the world.

Gifts like bilingual storybooks, tablets, or interactive flashcards can introduce them to the basics of different languages.

This not only equips them with valuable skills but also enhances cognitive development and fosters a greater cultural understanding.

Travel-Inspired Clothing

Clothing that reflects an adventurous spirit can be both functional and motivating. T-shirts printed with maps, globes, or adventurous slogans, as well as travel-themed leggings and hats, can spark wanderlust.

Such apparel serves as a reminder of the great big world waiting to be explored and can make even a simple day out feel like an expedition.

Building Sets and Toys

For the imaginative young girl who loves to build and create, travel-themed building sets and toys can be perfect.

Sets that allow the construction of famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of , can provide hours of educational fun.

Brands like LEGO offer a range of sets that cater to budding world travellers, combining play with learning about global architecture.


Choosing the perfect present for a little girl with big travel dreams involves tapping into her sense of adventure, creativity, and learning.

Whether it's a book, a cultural craft kit, a subscription box, or travel-themed room decor, the goal is to inspire and nurture her passion for exploration.

By supporting their adventurous spirits with thoughtful gifts, we help pave the way for a lifetime of discovery and wonder.

So, the next time a special occasion comes up, think about these unique and inspiring gifts that can light up the eyes of the little explorers in your life.