Digital Nomad – 6 Tips On How to Stay In Touch With Friends

Digital Nomad – 6 Tips On How to Stay In Touch With Friends
Being digital nomads can be very exciting, we see new places and we meet people from all around the globe. I love the diversity it brings in having friends from around the world. Amongst all this excitement I do forget to stay in touch with my old friends and family back home. Here are my six tips on how to stay in touch and show them that you are there for them even if you are on the other side of the world or going back home for a quick visit.

1. Take Responsibility

Yes you are the one that left friends and family back home and they go on with their normal (boring) lives, it means that you have to make the effort to stay in touch. In a perfect world, they would do the same, however, you are not part of their lives. This means letting your friends know ahead of time that you are coming and book them in, this way they can fit their lives around yours.

2. Prioritise

You have to prioritise friendships, not all your friends on Facebook are best friends and that is the same in real life. You only have a certain amount of time to spend when back home as a . So make that time count and spent it with friends and family that matter.

3. Make Time – Quality over Quantity

What is better, try to meet as many people and only have a superficial conversation or have fewer meetings with some really close friends over a bottle of wine and have some deep conversations. It is the quality that counts not the quantity.

The same thing counts if you are far away from each other. Instead of lots of WhatsApp messages why not book the time for a WhatsApp call. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it a lot more acceptable even for non-digital nomads to have long WhatsApp calls to feel that closeness.

Stay in touch - Whatsapp call

4. Send Them Gifts

A good way to show your friends your appreciation is to send them Ace of Hearts Gift Baskets. A gift basket or hamper can be given on many types of occasions, from birthdays to wedding anniversaries to special holidays like Easter or Christmas. This company can do international gift basket delivery in 195 countries.

5. Make New Memories

Make new memories with your friends. Instead of always meeting up at the same coffee place or restaurant why not organise an outing together or meet together in a destination around the world. It's amazing how many of my old friends I have met along my travelled road. One summer in and I caught up with 7 different friends and they were all cool new memories.

You can do things like organising a trip, taking a together, going to a new museum, or catching up over a walk instead of meeting for a coffee. By building new memories you are not reminiscing about the good old days.

Make new memories

6. The Little Things Count

If you are busy and your friends are busy too it is sometimes the small things that count. Let them know if a voice or video message what you are up to and keep them in the loop. Don't become lazy with your friendships when you are busy. Yes, even old fashioned things like a postcard can do wonders.

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