6 Amazing Pet-friendly Destinations Nomads Need To Travel To

6 Amazing Pet-friendly Destinations Nomads Need To Travel To

The nomadic lifestyle has its own charms, but being a nomad with a pet is amazing. You have a companion to support you and you have some responsibilities that will keep you active and energetic.

But not all places are pet-friendly, for example, is not a good place for dogs. You will need a place with good vets, dog parks, open spaces, and communities of pet lovers. You will need someplace you can easily get good pet such as Royal Canin pet food for dogs.

Here's a list of cities and destinations that work well for pets and nomads.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

, South Africa ticks all the boxes that digital nomads need for themselves. It offers a vacation-styled life with access to the sea, wondrous mountains, and amazing wine reasons.

But for your pet, it offers something unique too. Cape Town has penguins that your pup can be friends with. Cape Town has easy access to big open spaces where you can have a lot of outdoor activities with your pets.

You can easily find dozens of pet-friendly hotels spread out all over the city. Most hotels will have a weight limit for your pet. Commonly, the limit is set at 40 pounds.

Pet-friendly Destinations - Take your dog for a walk on the beach in cape town

Take your dog for a walk on the beach in Cape Town.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The dogs in are well socialized. So, people tolerate them in the city almost everywhere. In fact, any place that is not pet-friendly designates itself clearly as being not pet-friendly. Otherwise, if it is not mentioned, dogs will be allowed.

Buenos Aires has a good enough reputation for dogs that your pup will be able to run freely without leashes a lot more.

And the city is big enough with diverse opportunities that you can be a nomad sustainably if you want to stay for longer durations. As Argentine Peso is at an all-time low, financially your stay will be much cheaper.

Pet-friendly Destinations - buenos aires park

Take your dog for a walk along the many parks in Buenos Aires.

3. Medellin, Colombia

is another amazing option for pet-friendly destinations in South America. The ‘Paisas' is the collective term for people of the north-western region of . Paisas love their canine companions. In smaller and local establishments, it will be unusual for you to find public places that do not allow pets.

In Medellin, you will see a lot of loved accessorized pets in dog parks, bars, restaurants, and malls. In Medellin's dog parks, you will see more photoshoots of pets than anywhere else in the world.

Financially, Medellin offers great currency conversion rates from the US dollar and the Euro. For sightseeing and experiences, the fertile regions surrounding the city are a great way to cool your eyes while you work remotely.

4. Miami, Florida

Miami tops the list of most sales of pet-related items based on Amazon's data. Miami's population knows what it's like to have pets. The infrastructure is great too for pets. And it's Miami.

But, Miami is as expensive as it gets. Understandably, every nomad will not be able to afford to provide their pets with this lifestyle.

However, if you do go to Miami, you will need some preparation such as ensuring your pets are vaccinated. You should also always keep the required paperwork with you at all times just in case, to show hotels and other public places.

Pet-friendly Destinations - Miami

5. Toronto, Canada

Toronto just might be the most dog-friendly city in the world. There are plenty of parks for you to explore with your dog leash-less.

The city has other amazing resources of competitive pet care to take care of all your needs. also boasts a lot of communities where pet lovers can get together to meet. Nomads find this to be the easiest way to meet like-minded people.

Toronto is an amazing place for nomads as well even if it can be a concrete jungle at most times. There are always opportunities to work and earn well in Toronto if you are skilled enough. The people are supportive and kind as well which can be quite refreshing and refills your energy.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In , you can stroll into most locations without having to confirm whether the place is pet-friendly or not. Any location that might not want pets will have clear signs to show that. If there is no sign, you and your pets will be welcome.

Your dogs will be allowed on public transports which cannot be said for some other destinations in the list. Galleries, museums, and churches are some of the places where your pets will have to stay outside.

Pet-friendly Destinations - Dog Amsterdam

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