The 43 Most Essential Digital Nomad Resources And Websites

The 43 Most Essential Digital Nomad Resources And Websites

Looking to cut through the noise when it comes to the best blogs, forums, gear websites and other cool resources? I’ve compiled a list of all the most useful Digital Nomad Resources for learning, finding what you need and connecting with other nomads below.

In this list you’ll find:

  • 24 of the best digital nomad blogs, covering personal travel stories, tips for working on the road detailed location guides and more
  • 4 of the best job websites and boards specifically for remote workers/digital nomads
  • 4 great hubs for hiring freelancers (or looking for work, if you are one)
  • 3 active digital nomad forums where you can ask and answer questions and meet like-minded people
  • 2 places to buy digital nomad gadgets and backpacks
  • 6 other cool resources, including nomad meetups, location directories, accommodation, and even an international cruise ship just for nomads


18 October 2021 – Some blogs are getting old and go offline, I have added some great new resources to help you with your digital nomad life.


1. – The 4-hour Workweek

This is the blog of Tim Ferriss, he is the author of the best selling book, the 4-hour workweek. This is one of the first books that explains in detail how to become a digital nomad. It focuses on entrepreneurship, life optimization and practical philosophy. His blog is one of the essential digital nomad resources.

Digital Nomad resources - The 4 hour work week


The blog of Pamela Slim, one of the world’s most popular writers on the topic of quitting your job to pursue a passion for business. The blog is getting a bit dated it has not being updated since 2014. The book is a great resource as well.

Digital Nomad resources - escape from cubicle nation


This site is the ultimate travel resource for Digital nomads on the move by Matt Kepnes. This is a blog that keeps going from the start in 2006 till now. This blog has evolved from a singular traveller to a team of travellers that provides useful and up to date content. It is one of the best digital nomad resources when it comes to the travel part.

Digital Nomad Resources - Nomadic Matt


Blog and community about creating your own location independent life. It has a great community aspect and it is all about meeting and learning from others in the community.

Digital Nomad resources - Location Indie


Cited in Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week, Potts is a travel writer and one of the inspirations for the idea of a stripped-down, ultra-simplified way of living built more around freedom of place than around owning things.

Digital Nomad Resources - Rolf Potts


The blog of James Clark – mostly focused on his personal experience and guides to various locations. Particularly insightful if you’re interested in digital nomad-ing in Southeast Asia. He also provides some great tips on long term travel, working on the road and the kind of gear you need to make working and travelling feasible in the long run.

Digital Nomad Resources - Nomadic Notes


The blog of Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, who have been on the road as a digital nomad couple since 2008. They have great location guides on their blog, and they also have an iPhone app called Trail Wallet which helps you track travel expenses.

Digital Nomad Resources - Never ending Voyage


Similar to the above – Thomas and Tony of Contemporary Nomad have been travelling continuously since 2007, blogging about their adventures as they go. Their blog is quite insightful when it comes to cultural experiences and it’s a good read if you’re a food lover.

Digital Nomad Resources - Contemporary Nomad


Johannes’s digital nomad location guide ebook (also called Web Work Travel) is one of my favourite travel guides and was largely responsible for inspiring me to take the plunge and do my first extended overseas trip after working from home for two years without moving.

Digital Nomad Resources - web work travel


One of the big names in the world of travel hacking and microbusiness creation, Chris is the author of The Art of Non-Conformity, The $100 Startup and a host of online course products aimed at helping digital nomads and other travel junkies. Check out all the books he has written.

Digital Nomad Resources - Chris Guillebeau


A travel blog by Matthew Karsten, with photography tips, travel gear tips and reviews and digital nomad tips.

Digital Nomad resources - expert vagabond


A business/marketing focused blog aimed at helping people launch their first online business. The blog is mostly based around interviews with other successful marketers.

Digital Nomad Resources - Screw the nine to five


Sean Ogle from LocationRebel runs a blog and Youtube channel with regular content built around the principles in Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week book. Lots of good advice on here about the actual business side of things, as opposed to location guides.

Digital Nomad Resources - Location Rebel


A travel blog by Lauren Juliff that has been going strong since 2011 till now. She was part of the first wave of digital nomads working whilst travelling to keep her travels going.

Digital Nomad resources - Never Ending Footsteps


A good blog for getting a bird’s eye view of everything involved in digital nomad living – ways to make money, social life, philosophy, and the downsides of the lifestyle (yes, they do exist).

Digital Nomad Resources - Become Nomad


Natalie Sisson runs a blog and podcast with regular interviews of other marketers aimed at helping readers/listeners start and grow a passion-based online business. Natalie’s stuff is particularly good if you want to learn the social media marketing side of things, and her book has some handy info on international banks accounts, taxes, company structures and so on.

Digital Nomad Resources - The Suitcase Entrepreneur


One of the biggest blogs and podcasts in the digital nomad arena, Dan and Ian offer some really high-level, insightful business advice. If you love the ideas in Four Hour Work Week and you’re looking for more details, this is a one of the better digital nomad resources out there.

Digital Nomad Resources - Tropical MBA


A very successful travel blog by Kiki that has stood the test of time, and targets female solo travellers. It also has some resources on how to make money whilst travelling.

Digital Nomad resources - the blonde abroad


Lots of good content here, and like some of the others mentioned it gives a much more realistic view of what long term travel and working on the road is like, offering solutions to some of the common challenges (like staying in shape when you’re on the move).

Digital Nomad Resources - Global Goose


Blog and podcast including interviews, questions from readers, and some cool tips on things you won’t find on other nomad blogs, like how to score housesitting gigs in countries you visit.

Digital Nomad Resources - Zero to travel


A blog covering a wide range of nomad-related topics, including goal-setting, socializing while you travel and personal life philosophy. This is not an active blog anymore but has a great archive.

Digital Nomad Resources - Making it Anywhere


Rob Lloyd is a travel blogger who is on the road for an indefinite time period. He has a video blog on his site and presents a lot of fun, personal content that provides a window into what perpetual travel is really like.

Digital Nomad Resources - SHABL


A blog focused primarily on the quit your job/start a business side of nomadism, as opposed to the travel side. Lots of good tips here for better financial management (something many wannabe nomads tend to overlook, much to their own peril) as well as increasing your income.

Digital Nomad Resources - untemplater


Hate planes? Me too. The Man in Seat 61 is a blog dedicated completely to overland and ferry travel, which I much prefer to flying and airports.

Digital Nomad Resources - seat61

Digital Nomad Job Sites


Doesn’t have job listings, but plenty of useful advice for finding different types of nomad jobs and where to look.

Digital Nomad resources - Freedom is everything


One of the biggest listing sites for remote jobs in a wide array of categories – design, development, IT, startup gigs and more.

Digital Nomad resources - remote OK


Job listing board with customer support, marketing, sales, programming, business executive jobs and more.

Digital Nomad resources - we work remotely


Similar to the above site – by far the largest category on is development roles.

Digital Nomad resources - working nomads

Outsourcing/Freelancing Websites


The merger between Odesk and Elance created Upwork, which is now my go-to resource for hiring outsourcers.

Digital Nomad resources - Upwork


The third-largest marketplace for finding freelancers. Rates tend to be slightly lower here than on Upwork.

Digital Nomad resources - Freelancer


Outsourcing site-specific to design gigs like logos, branding, clothing, packaging, etc.

Digital Nomad resources - 99designs


Get all sorts of small gigs done for $5 a piece.

Digital Nomad resources - fiverr

Nomad Forums

33. Facebook Groups

Some of the best forums for digital nomads have now moved to Facebook groups. You can find plenty of Digital nomad communities some are global and some are country or even city-specific. Connect and meet like minded people.

Digital Nomad resources - facebook

34. Reddit r/digitalnomad

Digital Nomad subreddit with over 20,000 subscribers – a great place to get no-BS answers and info from real-deal nomads.

Digital Nomad resources - reddit


Internations is a community more setup with expats in mind, but if you are more of a slow term traveller and like to stay in destinations long then this a very good resource.

Digital Nomad resources - Inter Nations

Digital Nomad Gear & Gadgets


Pack Hacker is the site with travel gear reviews for digital nomads. Pack Hacker uses its real-world experience and expertise to provide practical resources and honest opinions, help you towards smarter travel.

Digital Nomad resources - pack hacker

37. Tortuga Backpacks

Backpack of choice for many nomads – it was designed by other nomads so they know what the priorities are.

Digital Nomad resources - tortuga

Other Cool Websites


Details on how nomad-friendly cities around the world are, including info on Internet speed, safety, beach life, gay friendliness, air quality, the average cost of living, climate and many other metrics. Nomad List also includes an online forum.

Digital Nomad resources - nomad list


A meetup/group you can apply for in which you will spend a year with 75 other nomads, moving to a new city each month. (You must have your own work gig organized for this – that isn’t part of the application).

Digital Nomad resources - remote year


A paid learning forum with how-to content, run by Cody McKibben from


A cruise ship for digital nomads organized by the good people at WebWorkTravel. The 2016 cruise will last 13 days and run from to . There are speaking and learning events as well as regular parties.

Digital Nomad resources - nomadcruise


Handy site for finding free places to stay with locals as you travel.

Digital Nomad resources - couch surfing


Site for renting rooms and apartments directly from locals – very useful if you need a private, comfortable place to hole up and work.

Digital Nomad resources - airbnb

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