Travelling Solo as a Woman

Travelling Solo as a Woman

has of course always been an option, but it has gained significant traction since the end of the pandemic.

After travel opportunities reopened, its popularity steadily increased – especially among us women.

In fact, a staggering 85% of all solo travellers seem to be female. That's a lot of us. And the trend is on the rise!

Embarking on an adventure all by yourself can be one of the most enriching experiences if you're well-prepared.

Why should you go solo?

solo travel

A lot of people were asked that question and thanks to that we have a lovely statistic to look at.

Lots of really good reasons were named, and if you find yourself nodding along while reading through those, a solo vacation might just be what you need to find yourself and get some time for relaxation and personal development into your busy schedule.

The most popular reason to set off alone with almost 90% of all women agreeing is that you can simply do whatever it is that you want, whenever you want. No compromises.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with just hopping onto a plane for a last-minute holiday or embarking on a well-planned, lengthy continental tour with no one but yourself to entertain is without compare.

It's the fact, that you don't have to wait on anyone else but you. Whether it's planning the trip or during the holiday itself. No plans thwarted by others, no cancellations, no wasted time.

The second and third reasons connect seamlessly: getting away from routines and responsibilities to find time to relax and take care of yourself.

When travelling alone, the focus is always going to be solely on your own needs, emotions, and responsibilities.

It's an invaluable treasure trove of personal development and self-discovery.

How should you plan?

Well, planning should be similar to group travel, though there are a few changes I encourage.

Even though the focus should be on yourself, a good company shouldn't automatically be completely foregone.

And what better opportunities are there to meet new and exciting people than whilst out and about, travelling alone?

Opting to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel is excellent for this, if only for the fact that you'll meet many other solo travellers here. And chitchatting during means in communal areas can't be underestimated!

But for some more practical tips, try travel as light as you can. After all, you will have to carry everything yourself.

For extra mobility, depending on your destination, of course, I recommend trying to pack everything into a single large backpack instead of a suitcase. Why? Well, it's way easier to move around, is the simple answer.

This is a more general tip, but don't forget to pack a first-aid kit and your favourite toiletries.

You'd be surprised at how different countries can be in terms of what they provide.

And having a handful of tampons and sanitary pads, even though they take up a bit of your valuable space, is worth the peace of mind you get for it.

Where should you go?

Good question! And the answer? Wherever your heart desires, of course! If you are already well-travelled and feel confident diving into foreign cultures head first, well, then the world's your oyster.

If you've mostly explored locations closer to home, I also recommend starting your solo adventures that way with some neighbouring countries.

Cruises or all-inclusive programs can be wonderful alternatives to planning a journey completely from scratch, too.

Wherever it is you are choosing to go, though, I recommend getting maps of the area and downloading them ahead of time for offline use on Google Maps (or whichever equivalent app you'd like to use, of course).

Why? Because nothing can cause panic faster than getting lost in an unknown city's streets. Always carry the address of your accommodation with you as well!

Is travelling alone safe?

Ah, the big question, isn't it? We all know that, particularly as women, we unfortunately need to be a bit more concerned about our safety than seems fair.

And setting off on an adventure alone can seem fraught with risks – especially when planning your first time.

So, is it safe? The short answer is: Yes! Most women who travel alone return home with nothing but positive experiences.

However, I do recommend taking certain precautions to protect yourself as much as possible from assaults, abuse, or accidents regardless and your destination will naturally also play a huge part in this.

It is always best to be better safe than sorry no matter the circumstance.

Familiarise yourself with the region before you set off. That's a tip useful for anyone heading on holiday, by the way.

But don't shy away from speaking with locals once you're actually there, which can be incredibly beneficial.

Staff at or hotels, as well as in local supermarkets, are usually absolutely willing to share information on which areas are safe and which should be avoided.

The overwhelming majority will always respond kindly. And if there happens to be a bad apple? Always trust your guts and stick to never sharing and divulging into giving too much information.

Furthermore, the threshold for approaching women travelling alone is much lower than for those in a group.

A little secret from me is to wear a plain ring disguised as a wedding band – whether you are actually married or not. It's amazing what an effect that alone can have!

But enough talk for now. Go book something! Go wild!

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Emily Franceschini

I am a current nomad, former full-timer and lover of all things purple. I am currently pursuing my travel dreams while working for Our Crater. In the past I used to work as a marketing manager and spent my free time searching for the perfect cup of coffee. Now all of my time is free time and I am spending it exploring the world.

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