Tired of Paris? Visit These 4 Smaller French Cities

Tired of Paris? Visit These 4 Smaller French Cities

Is overrated? Some say yes, others the opposite, but the fact is that offers so many beautiful and underrated cities that you are simply missing out if you travel there just to see the capital.

Paris absolutely deserves its fame, and we believe that if you travel to France, it's an absolute must-see. But what about other places? France is not just Paris. The whole country offers so many beautiful and historically rich places that it's a shame we can't list them all in this short article.

However, we can list a few of them, so if you are planning a visit to France, check them out and see what France has to offer besides the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

4 French cities you should see besides Paris

1. Dijon

4 French cities you should see besides Paris - Dijon

Ever heard of mustard? It comes from no other place than the city of Dijon in Burgundy in eastern France, but of course, you shouldn't visit it just for its famous dressing. Dijon's historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers countless historic streets in which you can get lost.

We recommend visiting the Notre Dame church (not to be confused with the more famous Notre Dame de Paris cathedral) and touching the owl carved into its side with your left hand, which is said to bring good luck.

Dijon was home to the Dukes of Burgundy, whose palace is now Dijon's most famous monument. Also, once in Dijon, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts—one of France's most important museums—is a must. And if you're a wine lover, Dijon is the perfect starting point for a tour of the region's most famous vineyards.

2. Toulouse

4 French cities you should see besides Paris - Toulouse

is the fourth-largest French city, located in southern France, in the region of Occitania, on the banks of the Garonne River. It's a city of color thanks to its pinkish brick facades. Toulouse perfectly combines modernity with tradition—it's the capital of Europe's aerospace industry, but it also has an ancient heart that can captivate for hours.

The most famous monument is the Place du Capitole, which you must see in person for its magnificent neoclassical facade. And while you're here, you must see the beautiful Saint-Sernin Basilica and relax on the banks of the Garonne River with the locals.

The city of Toulouse offers museums for everyone, from art lovers to technology enthusiasts. Visit the Museum of Natural History, Aeroscopia, and Cité de l'Espace if you're fascinated by various discoveries, or head to the Augustins Museum to see the finest of Fine Arts.

3. Strasbourg

4 French cities you should see besides Paris - Strasbourg

The city of Strasbourg confuses some tourists because of its German-sounding name, but it's actually located in eastern France. The confusion is understandable—Germany and France have taken over the city so many times throughout history that both countries have left their unique marks on it. Today, some call it “the German city in France.” Strasbourg is so close to that you can hop across the border to another country.

What to see in Strasbourg? We definitely recommend walking through the beautiful historic streets and soaking up the city. And while you're walking, be sure to see Strasbourg's magnificent Gothic cathedral. You should have no trouble finding it—its spire towers over the city.

If you want to see the city from the inside, you can also take a boat trip through the city's canals. And if you wish to see some postcard-worthy sights, head to La Petite France, the most touristy part of Strasbourg, famous for its charming timbered houses.

4. Annecy

4 French cities you should see besides Paris - Annecy

is definitely one of the most breathtaking cities in France. A lakeside city nestled among the French Alps—it's guaranteed to offer unforgettable views. While in Annecy, take a stroll through the old town and appreciate its canals. Don't forget to see the Annecy castle located on a hill above the city.

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of this place is its location. After you're done sightseeing and buying fresh local goods at the local markets, jump out of town and go in the Alps. Sunbathe near the lake. Or, if you know how go on a horseback adventure through the stunning mountain scenery under the bright blue sky!

Some safety tips

Before you set out, don't forget to take care of your safety. Scammers love unsuspecting and naïve travelers, so choose a safe and secure place to stay, don't keep all your money in one place, don't wander empty alleys after dark, and don't forget that online security is also security. Pay attention to the networks you connect to—public hotspots in airports and hotels aren't always secure, which means they're easy targets for eavesdropping hackers.

We recommend installing a VPN before you travel and turning it on when you have no choice but to use a public network. VPNs encrypt data, so it's harder for hackers to read. They also provide additional features.

Some VPNs come with a Dark Web Monitor, a special feature that alerts you if your personal data (such as credentials) is found on the dark web—a place where hackers and cybercriminals trade stolen data.

By feeling safe and confident with your choice of city to visit, you will be able to fully immerse in the adventure that awaits you.

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