Things To Do In Brussels – Is It Worth Visiting On Your Euro Trip?

Things To Do In Brussels – Is It Worth Visiting On Your Euro Trip?

, the capital of , offers a captivating experience with its stunning historical centre and a wide range of architectural styles from different time periods. While it may not be commonly regarded as one of the top cities to visit in Europe, it is still worth considering for your next trip to Europe.

If you're considering a trip to the capital of Belgium, here is some valuable information and highlights that will assist you in making a decision.


Belgium is renowned for producing the finest chocolate in the world, with an abundance of chocolate shops lining the streets of Brussels. These shops are not only places to purchase chocolate, but also serve as captivating works of art with their stylish décor, chocolate sculptures, and luxurious packaging. It is no wonder that Belgium is considered the top destination for chocolate enthusiasts.

Discover a wide selection of premium, unadulterated chocolate made from carefully sourced beans from various corners of the globe. Indulge in exquisite packaging options, ranging from elegant tins to delightful boxes and captivating displays that are almost too gorgeous to devour. Experience the thrill of exploring distinct and seasonal flavours, such as spice-infused, mushroom-infused, pepper-infused, and refreshing natural mint chocolate.

Things To Do In Brussels - Brussels Chocolate

Brussels is a recommended destination for chocolate lovers due to its exceptional chocolate offerings.

Beer – unique blends, monks and chocolate flavour?

Belgium is renowned for its extensive beer culture, boasting an impressive collection of over 1150 different types of beer. When strolling through the main streets, particularly in the medieval centre, one will come across speciality beer stores where a wide variety of unique brews can be found. From fruit-infused beers to even chocolate-flavoured options, Belgium offers an array of distinctive and flavorful beer choices.

Belgium beers

Trappist beer, a renowned brew that has been crafted for over 800 years, is commonly known as monks' beer. Produced by monks located near Brussels, Belgium, it has garnered significant fame in the country.

To gain more knowledge about Trappist beer, you can visit the website

Fries – not your average hot potato chips

Belgium fries have gained popularity as a renowned snack across various cities in Europe. When visiting Brussels, you'll find numerous restaurants, stores, and snack food trucks dedicated to selling these delectable fries.

belgium fries

These fries, also known as hot potato chips, have a unique cooking process that sets them apart. Unlike regular fries, they are cooked twice and in animal fats instead of regular cooking oil. These delicious fries are typically served with mayonnaise. Although the combination may not be to everyone's taste, they have gained immense popularity, as evidenced by the number of people enjoying them on the streets.

Manneken Pis – The peeing boy

Brussels Travel Guide - Manneken Pis

The Manneken Pis is a highly sought-after tourist destination and a widely recognized symbol of Brussels. This charming bronze statue depicts a young boy urinating into a fountain, located in close proximity to the medieval center of the city. Visitors can witness a constant influx of tourists gathering around the fountain, capturing photographs and enjoying lighthearted moments.

Jeanneke Pis

Jeanneke Pis

In addition to the famous peeing boy fountain, the city is also home to a peeing girl statue known as Jeanneke Pis. This unique attraction can be found in a lively alleyway filled with bars.

Bars and pubs with religious symbols

In the medieval centre, as you stroll through the bustling bar-filled streets, you'll likely come across numerous traditional bars sporting religious statues or symbols above their doors. This practice was widespread due to the churches' authority over liquor sales, which prohibited selling alcohol outside of their premises.

Many bars choose to display religious symbols on their exteriors. Additionally, some bars are cleverly positioned down small alleyways, situated a considerable distance away from the main street. This strategic placement aims to conceal the fact that these establishments are, indeed, bars.

Medieval Centre

The gothic-style town hall and its surrounding medieval square are highly sought-after attractions in Brussels. Visitors are drawn to the well-preserved historical architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and pedestrian-only narrow streets and alleyways. It is a popular destination for tourists seeking a taste of Brussels' rich history and beauty.

Brussels Travel Guide - grand place Grote Markt

Exploring the Medieval centre of Brussels at night is a must-do experience, offering breathtaking beauty and a highlight of the city.

Antiques and collectables

When it comes to finding unique and elusive antiques, Brussels is the ideal destination. Whether you prefer browsing through the more affordable open-air weekend antique markets or exploring the specialized stores that offer a vast selection of high-end and rare items sourced globally, this city has it all.

Brussels is an ideal destination for individuals with a passion for antiques, collectables, and intriguing historical artefacts from different periods.

Walk around the city's diverse architecture

When exploring the city, make sure to take a stroll and observe the diverse range of architectural styles and structures. The Parliament building, churches, town hall, and museums each showcase distinct architectural designs. If you're interested, you can visit the cathedral and the first floor of the museum without any admission fees.

Free Brussels Expo

Things to do in Brussels - Brussels Expo

The Brussels Expo is the city's largest free museum that showcases the rich life and culture of Brussels.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Brussels by capturing a memorable photo on a large screen backdrop, which can be sent directly to your email. Additionally, explore a variety of information centres to deepen your understanding of the city's rich history and the daily lives of its residents. To further enhance your experience, create your own virtual version of the city.

During my time at the expo, I also gained knowledge about various aspects of Brussels.

If you are thinking about visiting Brussels or are curious about the city's highlights, this post aims to provide useful information. Despite its small size, Brussels offers a relaxing atmosphere. While there may not be a wide array of attractions, the city's renowned Belgium-brewed beers and world-famous chocolate are the main attractions for tourists.

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