Macau Attractions and Travel Guide – What To See, How To Get There

Macau Attractions and Travel Guide – What To See, How To Get There

is a fascinating city that boasts of a unique blend of cultural influences and architectural styles. Its rich Portuguese heritage is reflected in the neo-classical buildings that line the streets of the Historical Centre, while the towering casinos add a touch of modernity to the skyline. The pastel-coloured buildings, decorated with street art, are connected by pebbled paths and stone-tiled sidewalks, making it a delightful experience to explore the city on foot. The smaller old district roads around the Historical Centre offer a peaceful respite from traffic, adding to the charm of this magical city.

Macau is a city of contrasts, where the vibrant lights, bustling casinos, and the seedier side of the city converge with the romantic Historic Centre. As the only place in where casino gambling is legal, Macau has become a hub for gambling tourism, with 33 casinos generating the majority of the city's revenue. Most visitors to Macau are Chinese nationals from Mainland China and , who come specifically to gamble. In fact, Macau's gaming industry has thrived so much that in 2007, it surpassed the Las Vegas Strip in terms of gaming revenues.

How to get there?

Are you travelling from Hong Kong to Macau? The easiest and most popular mode of transportation is by ferry. The ferry ride takes approximately one hour and the cost depends on the company and class you choose. On the way to Macau, you can opt for first-class, which includes unlimited drinks and snacks. A ticket for this luxury experience costs $250HKD. On the return trip, you can choose the economy class, which costs $149HKD and does not include any additional amenities. Booking ahead is not necessary as there are frequent departures from both Hong Kong and Macau.

To get to Macau, you can catch a ferry from either Sheung Wan (accessible via MTR Sheung Wan Station, Exit D) or Tsim Sha Tsui (accessible via MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit A1). Depending on the ferry company you choose, the departure point may differ. However, the difference in travel experience between the two points is negligible.


Upon arrival in Macau, you may notice a barren landscape at the arrivals pier with no notable landmarks or scenery beside the surrounding sea and vacant land.


If you're considering travelling to this particular country, you may be pleased to know that the immigration process is generally hassle-free. For instance, citizens of and many other nations qualify for a complimentary 30-day visa exemption. Nevertheless, it's advisable to confirm the entry prerequisites for your specific nationality to ensure a seamless arrival experience.

Transport in Macau

Upon exiting the arrivals terminal, you will notice approximately 20 distinct and prominently branded coaches. These coaches offer complimentary transportation to various casinos, hotels, and shopping centres. It's worth noting that you don't need to have a reservation or intention of visiting any of these locations to utilize the free bus service as it can be used to travel into the town area. Additionally, if you prefer to take a taxi, they are readily available from the arrivals stand for easy access to the town center.

Macau's Historic Centre Top Attractions

Senado Square

Macau Attractions - Senado Square

If you're exploring the old town of Macau, your first stop is likely to be Senado Square. This vibrant square is encircled by stunning neo-classical buildings painted in lively colors. To get there from the main bus station area, simply walk straight past the Casino for two blocks and you'll arrive at the square.

Macau Attractions - Senado Square

The area is a busy hub of activity with a Mediterranean feel. If you don't feel like walking or are not already nearby, you can take the public bus, numbers 2, 5, 10, 18, 19, and 26A.

Ruins of St. Paul

Macau Attractions - Ruins of St. Paul

While exploring Macau's old town, you'll come across several signs directing you towards the Ruins of St. Paul – a popular attraction among tourists. The path leading to the ruins and the grounds surrounding it are usually bustling with visitors, making it one of the busiest spots on the island. If you're looking to experience the city's rich history and architecture, the Ruins of St. Paul is definitely worth a visit.

The site is a significant part of the Historic Centre of Macau, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It dates back to the 16th century and has had a tumultuous past, having been destroyed by both fire and typhoons throughout history.

Visitors can enjoy free entry to the site, which includes a small museum featuring a collection of ancient religious crucifixes and other artefacts.

If you don't feel like walking or are not already nearby, you can take the public bus, numbers 2, 5, 10, 18, 19, and 26A.

A-Ma Temple

Macau Attractions - A-Ma Temple

For those interested in exploring cultural landmarks in Macau, the A-Ma temple is a must-visit destination. The temple, built in 1488, is the oldest and most renowned temple in Macau and is dedicated to Matsu, the goddess of seafarers and fishermen. As a testament to its cultural significance, the temple is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and tradition of Taoism while admiring the temple's stunning architecture and intricate design.

If you visit the temple, you have the option to buy incense sticks which are commonly used in Southern China. Burning three incense sticks is a traditional practice where one stick is burned for the temple's protector, another for individuals who are feeling lonely, and the third one is dedicated to loved ones who have passed away.

To get there on the public bus you can take numbers 2, 5, 7, 10, 18 and 21.

Mount Fortress

Macau Attractions - Mount Fortress

If you're planning to visit the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau, you should definitely take the opportunity to visit the Mount Fortress as well. It's just a short distance away and can be reached by taking the steps up the mountain. From the top of the fortress, you'll be able to enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Macau. You'll be able to see both the old lower-level buildings and the brand new, towering casinos and hotels that are scattered throughout the city. It's an amazing experience that you won't want to miss!

The Mount Fortress in Macau has a rich history as the city's defense structure. This fortress is equipped with large cannons that are positioned strategically on all the walls, facing every direction. Along with the cannons, the walls, small barracks, and viewing platforms make for an intriguing sight. The cannons were only used once in a bid to defend the city against the Dutch army in 1622. The Mount Fortress also houses the Museum of Macau, which is located beneath the fortress itself.

When you visit the museum, you'll have the opportunity to explore the rich history of Macau spanning four centuries. The exhibits cover a range of cultural aspects, including festivals, customs, cuisine, and architecture that have shaped the city's unique identity. From the exhibits, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of the vibrant and diverse culture of Macau.

The Mount Fortress can be accessed for free, but if you want to visit the Museum of Macau, you need to purchase a ticket for 15MOP. Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays and the ticket booth closes daily at 5:30 pm, with the museum closing its doors at 6 pm.

The Moorish Barracks

Macau Attractions - Moorish Barracks


The building was initially constructed to house over 200 Indian regiment servicemen who were brought in from Goa to augment the local police force. However, today, the building functions as a government office building.

Guia Lighthouse

Macau Attractions - Guia Lighthouse

One of the must-visit attractions in Macau is the Guia Lighthouse, which sits atop a hill and offers breathtaking views of the city. Visitors have the option of taking a cable car or up to the lighthouse. The structure was originally built as a defence mechanism against sea invasions but has now been converted into an observation point. Standing tall at 90 meters, the lighthouse is surrounded by the Guia Fortress, which used to be a restricted military zone until 1976.

Macau Tower

Macau Attractions - Macau Tower

At nearly 340 meters tall, the Macau Tower is the 10th tallest freestanding tower globally, providing breathtaking views of both Macau and China, with the possibility of glimpsing Hong Kong on clear days. The tower features an outdoor observation deck and a revolving restaurant serving an international buffet lunch. Additionally, the Macau Tower is renowned for its adrenaline-pumping activities, including the world's highest bungee jump and skywalk.

Cotai– Macau

Cotai is a well-known region situated between Coloane and Taipa in Macau. It is a popular tourist destination famous for its luxurious hotels and casinos, earning the moniker “Cotai Strip.” Visitors can indulge in the glitzy entertainment and gaming options available in this vibrant area.

What exactly is in Cotai?

The area is home to several large hotels and casinos, including the Venetian Macau, Four Seasons Macau, Sands Cotai Central (which houses the Conrad Macau, Holiday Inn Macau, and Sheraton), Grand Waldo Hotel, the City of Dreams (which includes the Grand Hyatt Macau, Hard Rock Macau, and Crown Towers Hotels), and the Galaxy Macau Resort (where visitors can find the Galaxy Hotel, Hotel Okura, and the Banyan Tree Macau).

Venetian Macau

Macau Attractions - Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau is a highly sought-after entertainment complex in Asia, known for its extravagant features and record-breaking size as the world's largest casino. Its luxurious accommodations are a top choice for those seeking opulence in Macau, boasting 3000 spacious suites that span over 70 square meters each. Guests can indulge in high-end amenities such as imported marble tops, lavish bathrooms, and upscale furnishings.

In addition to street performances and a gondola ride, the complex boasts over 350 high-end international shops. Visitors can explore the base of the complex and its surroundings while enjoying the various attractions available.

Macau Attractions - Venetian Macau

If you're planning to stay at or visit the Venetian as your first stop, there's a convenient way to get there for free. You can take the complimentary Venetian shuttle bus from three different locations: the Macau International Airport, the Ferry Terminal, or the Gongbei border gate.

To obtain further details or book a stay at Venetian Macau, visit their official website at

City of Dreams

Macau Attractions - City of Dreams

During my visit to Macau, I made it a point to stop by the City of Dreams, which was the first location on my list of places to see. As soon as I spotted the shuttle bus, I knew that it was my cue to explore this iconic destination. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a lively flashmob of dancers from the Hard Rock Cafe, along with some talented DJs who were playing a selection of popular dance tunes.

The City of Dreams is a luxurious resort complex that offers a variety of exciting entertainment options, including a casino, designer brand shopping, and several accommodation choices. Some of the top hotels in the complex include the Grand Hyatt Macau, the Hard Rock Macau, and the Crown Towers Hotels.

Did you know that the city of dreams, Macau, boasts the impressive Dancing Water Theatre? This massive theatre features one of the largest commercial pools in the world and offers 270-degree views from its circular seating arrangement. Visitors can experience spectacular shows that combine acrobatics, audio, and video technology, all while incorporating elements such as water and fire. Keep in mind that shows are only held at 5 pm and 8 pm, so make sure to plan your visit accordingly. For more information and ticket prices see the companies website at

If you're planning to visit Macau, you'll be happy to know that free shuttle buses are available from all major points of entry. These include the Macau International Airport, the Macau Ferry Terminal, the Macau Lotus Bridge Checkpoint, and the Macau Barrier Gate Checkpoint. This means you can travel to your destination with ease and convenience, without having to worry about transportation costs.

Hotel Grand Lisboa and Casino Lisboa

Macau Attractions - Hotel Grand Lisboa

The Hotel Lisboa in Macau is a striking and exceptional building that stands out for its distinct design. It's a towering, shiny gold-coloured bubble structure that rises high above the neighbouring buildings, making it a unique landmark in the city.


If you're seeking a serene and tranquil destination or looking for a refreshing escape from the scorching summer weather, Coloane is an excellent choice. With its beautiful beaches and inviting waters, you can indulge in some peaceful downtime or enjoy an invigorating swim.

Cheoc Van Beach

Macau Attractions - Cheoc Van Beach

Cheoc Van Beach is a serene and pristine location where you can unwind and enjoy a refreshing swim or a peaceful picnic away from the crowds of tourists. The beach offers a gondola ride, an Italian restaurant, and a small café in close proximity. For those who prefer a pool, there is also one available.

Hac Sa Beach

Macau Attractions - Hac Sa Beach

If you're seeking a peaceful escape from the crowded city centre, consider visiting Hac Sa Beach in Coloane. The beach is distinctive for its black mineral sand, and it curves around the Westin Resort on a picturesque headland.

If you're planning to visit Macau, or are curious about what it has to offer, this post will provide you with helpful information.

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