Island Hopping In The South Pacific – What to Do and Where to Go

Island Hopping In The South Pacific – What to Do and Where to Go

The islands of the South Pacific Ocean can be some of the most beautiful places to visit, especially if you're looking for a tropical getaway. The geographical region of Oceania encompasses several countries that are a perfect escape if you want to do a bit of island exploration.

From soaking up the sun to family fun and getting in touch with nature and many different island cultures, there is something for everyone on this journey through the South Seas.

So join me as we discover the best parts of what the South Pacific has to offer and where best to head on your next trip.

New Zealand

Island Hopping In The South Pacific - New Zealand

Starting close to my continental home of and one of the blissful islands that surround Oceania, our lovely neighbours offer some warm Kiwi hospitality and a unique landscape that is filled with beauty and adventure.

Split into two main islands, this island nation is part of the tip of the countries that make up the ‘Polynesian triangle' section of Polynesia's islands in the South Pacific.

There is the beautiful Milford Sound (Piopiotahi in Māori) glacial fjord in the Southland region of the country's South Island. With luxury yachts for sale, this is a spot in which it is perfect for anyone to take a cruise, particularly in the spring of September to November when the weather is calm and fine.

There is also the majesty of the Remarkables and the Southern Alps mountain ranges, the latter of which encompasses the country's tallest mountain, Mt Cook/Aoraki.

New Zealand's North Island can be a great place if you are looking for a more tropical and sun-filled getaway, with many pleasant beaches and a long surf coast.

Easter Island

Island Hopping In The South Pacific - Easter Island

As we are speaking of island hopping, let us continue on to . While it is a beautiful island, this tropical paradise is not a place of secret chocolate egg stashes nor the location of the Easter bunny's summer holiday pad, as much as it could be a secret front and a joke.

Instead, the link behind the island's colonial name is actually a reference to its time of European discovery.

The Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, set foot on it on Easter Sunday (April 5th) in 1722. However, while the Dutch may have discovered it, the island is now a colony belonging to the South American nation of  .

The island, named Rapa Nui after the people in the indigenous language, is a remote island haven.

While you have the bliss of beach sunsets and snorkelling, there is no doubt that the most popular tourist attraction on the island is that of observing the Moai.

These are the indigenous names given to the famous and momentous statues that adorn a vast span of the island. Built to represent chieftains and as places of prayer, the statues were built out of stone prior to European settlement.

Stargazing on the beach is also a beautiful thing to do as, being one of the most remote islands in the Pacific, it has access to a pristine and glamorous view of the night sky.


Island Hopping In The South Pacific - Fiji

It's time to welcome “Bula” into your vocabulary and your heart as you enter the loving and welcoming borders of the island country of .

Much like I did, I think you'll find it hard not to welcome happiness, relaxation and the world of “Bula”, which literally refers to “life and good health” in the Fijian language, into your mind.

While, like many tropical islands, it is great for its beaches, sunsets and turquoise waters, some of the best things to do allow you to enrich yourself with the native culture.

These include those such as participating in activities such as a kava ceremony, observing traditional practices at the Fijian cultural village or going to the mud pools and hot springs.

For being a country that is popular with honeymooners and known for its tourism and kind hospitality, this island nation is believed to have some of the happiest inhabitants of any country.

I can say from experience that  the way many of the locals welcome you with friendly smiles, is a display of how it can definitely be felt upon arrival.


Island Hopping In The South Pacific - Tahiti

Located in the islands of French Polynesia, is often the jewel that is known alongside those such as Bora Bora. It is among the jewels in the South Pacific archipelago and a tropical paradise.

It can be a perfect spot for any nature lover, with the ideal tracks for guided hikes and viewing lush waterfalls.


So when it comes to what to do and where to go  in the South Pacific Archipelago, there is a great expanse from Oceania to the Americas, so go set off and take an expedit

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