One of the greatest adventures every traveller finds on the road is finding romance. At some point, almost everyone sees themselves falling head over heels for an exotic specimen from another country and culture. Before you know it, you've followed that certain someone halfway across a continent and shared some of the best moments of your life with them.

It's Like Nothing You Experienced Before

The relationships (if that's what you could call them) that you have while on the road are so unlike those you would have at home. They're fast, crazy, uncomplicated and can be over in an instant – just in time to start up another. No romance is the same, but falling in love on the road is a whole other experience in itself.

Whether you're kissing the sexy Spanish backpacker, who doesn't speak any English or following that beautiful Norwegian around like a lost puppy. Having a relationship while abroad is unlike anything else.

Within a few hours, you can go from spotting an attractive Austrian by the fire to walking hand in hand through the streets of . And the next day you find you're sharing a room and playing all sorts of exciting card games in your uncomfortable double bed.

Don't Expect Long-Term Relationships On Your Travels

If you've played your cards right (which you have because you're rad right?) that person, you spent last night with (you've forgotten their name – it's hard to pronounce, I won't judge you) is sharing breakfast with you the next morning. Maybe they like you enough to change their plans and stay a few more days, and just like that, you've upgraded to a private room with a double bed.

The traveller's romance has a very fast and hard timeline. What has been a week of travelling together feels like months? And you feel like you know them better than your best buds at home. You've become a team, navigating the foreign country together and putting all of your confidence and safety in each other.

And just like that, he or she has to head home, and you've just started your trip. You say your goodbyes, cry more than you thought you would have and move on to the next destination. You don't even have time to be lonely because there're so many new people in the next hostel.

Or maybe you don't say goodbye for good and eventually meet up with them on the other side of the world. They pick you up from the airport and feeling you're all nervous, childish and sunburnt; you pick up where you left off.

Finding Romance – An Essential Part Of Travelling

You Aren't The Only One Looking For A Little Fun

Believe me; I know how hard was it to approach a girl you don't know and see whether she is interested in a bit of fun. The point is to look for other travellers and to engage them, rather than approaching local girls.

Other travellers are also interested in one-night stands and having fun while you are in the same town. This relationship can last one night, and it can also last a week, all depending on whether you will be in the city for a longer time.

Some people view this kind of hook-up as cheap, but the reality is that we all want to enjoy our trip and this is just another way to do that. Just don't fall in love with a girl that will be gone in few days. I know people who learned that in a hard way as they couldn't come to the realization that most travellers are looking for some fun rather than lasting relationships.